NY State Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr: ‘Where is the Gay Community Now That the Governor Needs Them?’

DiazsrHomophobic NY State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. issued a press release yesterday suggesting that Governor David Paterson is in trouble because he supported marriage equality, and painting the gay community as fair weather friend.

Said Diaz: "I remember back on Sunday May 17, 2009, I organized a demonstration of
tens of thousands people in front of Governor David Paterson’s Manhattan
office to protest his staunch support for gay marriage and the Governor
stood by the gay community and didn’t waver.

… The Governor went out on a limb for the gay community in his efforts to
support marriage equality and to bring that bill to the Senate floor, even
though he knew it did not have sufficient votes to pass and that thousands
of people in New York State did not want it and will not support him for
election because of that issue. Where is the gay
community now that the Governor needs them?"

Paterson officially announced his longshot election bid on Saturday.