News: RuPaul, Hawaii, Rush Limbaugh, Super Bowl, Mel Gibson

 roadAmerican Evangelical pastor Andrew Wommack wants to kill you.

Beckscomic  road Football's most famous face gets a comic.

 roadMel Gibson to reporter: "Asshole."

 roadCreating Change LGBT activist summit to kick off in Dallas.

 roadConservative Canadian cabinet ministerJohn Baird outed.

 roadU.S. Tax Court rules that treatment for gender identity disorder is tax deductible.

 roadRuPaul to
work it at NYC Borders

plea over City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs catastrophic
budget and staff cuts

 roadACLU and Lambda Legal preparing lawsuit against Hawaii over civil unions: “Enough is enough. Infinite patience in the face of discrimination is irresponsible. Our clients suffer every day from unfair taxes and denial of basic legal protections that every family in Hawai`i needs. Although same-sex couples can’t hope today for the full equality of marriage, Hawai`i’s constitution still guarantees equal rights and responsibilities to everyone, gay and heterosexual alike. Because the Legislature has ducked its responsibility multiple sessions in a row, we have no choice now but to bring our clients’ legal claims to court.”

 roadRush Limbaugh loves the women's movement — "especially when walking behind it."

Gaypancakes  roadGay breakfast?

 roadFilipino boxer says gay taunts led him to the sport: "Those who called me gay before are now my closest friends and they now show me some respect. What I want now is to get the respect of our countrymen and I hope to achieve that in my next fight."

 roadAlcohol use, adultery, fraternization, and body art are among Senator Saxby Chambliss' 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' concerns.

 roadChuck Schumer to exclude gays and lesbians from immigration reform bill?

 roadRyan Gosling opens

 roadBetty White sends Rue McClanahan a
'hurry up and die" card

 roadMichael Luongo holds gay book reading in Cairo, Egypt: "In just a few days, the event is set, with a date, some publicity and a
Facebook page with 2,000 people invited. About 70 RSVP, with plenty of
maybe's. I had been told this could never happen in Egypt, and I am
still warned the government could shut down the event. To the contrary,
the day arrives, and I have a turn out of 30-40 people, many of whom
came early."

 roadVIDEO: Rihanna on her upcoming tour.

 road70's heartthrob Leif Garrett busted.

Spared  roadSpared!

 roadAnimal rights group claims discrimination by Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade committee: "The animal rights charity – which first marched in the annual queer parade fourteen years ago – was denied a place for its ‘Sydney Queers for Animal Rights’ float, ALNSW communications manager Lynda Stoner told SX.

The organisation, whose 2006 entry was nominated 'Most Creative Float' in that year’s Mardi Gras Parade Awards, was deemed 'not queer enough' by NMG authorities, said Stoner."

 roadOutsports: Super
Bowl guide for the clueless

 roadMiami Beach Winter Party benefit organizers furious with DJ Peter Rauhofer: "Dozens of gay South Florida civic leaders are furious that a Grammy-winning DJ and a major Miami Beach nightclub group have again scheduled a dance party at Mansion that they fear will lure gay tourists — and their money — from a Winter Party Festival fundraiser on March 7."


  1. says

    BoingBoing also followed the Daily Mail post about the cheetas… unfortunately, it looks like the Daily Mail fabricated the “happily ever after” part of the story; the cheetahs ate the impala.

    Check the photos at the bottom of the page:

    “After playing with the young Impala, Cheetah brothers have killed it and eaten.”

  2. Clay says

    re: John Baird, the “outed” Canadian cabinet minister. To be outed, I think your homosexuality has to be a secret. I’m Canadian and I’ve known for years without ever meeting the man or even lived in the same part of the country.

  3. Chris says

    Agreed Clay, while Baird has avoided questions about his sexuality he hasn’t gone to any lengths to hide it either. I think it is a mark of how far we have come in Canada that the media here have generally treated this as a non-story.

  4. Craig says

    Baird was an example of a politician who was in what I’ve come to call “the glass closet”. He certainly wasn’t hiding anything in his personal life — he wasn’t hiding behind an opposite-sex marriage or anything, and most people who know him personally or are tuned in about politics were already well aware — but he avoided actually talking about it on the record.

    So he certainly wasn’t “closeted” in the “Larry Craig” sense of the word, but he wasn’t “out” in the public sense of that word, either.

    To be fair, I don’t think Pamela Taylor was intending to cause trouble for him — because he is out in his personal life, she almost certainly didn’t think she was saying anything extraordinary.

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