Pelosi, Frank Questioned on Timelines for DADT Repeal

Nancy Pelosi was asked in her weekly press conference if the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal would happen this year, Politico reports:

2_dadt “We’ve done a heavy lift, and I don’t know,” Pelosi told reporters.
“I’ll have to examine it. We’ll take a look. We’ll sit down together and
see. What is the advantage of going first with legislation? Or would
the legislation more aptly reflect what is in the review? Or is it a two

According to DC Agenda, "Pelosi said her preference is 'to go first with the legislation,' but
added, 'we’ll have to examine and see what the model is for what the
review is.'"


  1. Never Voting Democrat Again says

    If these two assholes are the best Democrats we can find to fight for our rights, we are FUCKED. Botox Pelosi and Elmer Fudd Frank had not problem grabbing their ankles when it comes to war or bailing out banks, but when it comes to equality, they are missing in action. FUCK THE DEMOCRATS. LET THEM LOSE IN 2010 SO WE CAN START OVER WITH A REAL DEMOCRACY!

  2. says

    If Obama and Congress were actually intent on ending DADT, then, during the process, they could stop discharging soldiers, sailors and marines for being gay. An Executive order could end the discharges today. Again, we seem to be getting talk and no action.

    @never voting democrat again – if you do that, and the theocrat, bigoted Republican’s grab hold again, you can throw out any chance of equality for gays whatsoever. On any and all gay issues, which party continues to block legislation for gays, and which party continues, like in the Wash DC case, to produce legislation to deny gay rights? The REPUBLICAN’s. Can you find one instance which the REPUBLICAN’s have backed anything gay related?

    If you look back in recent history, Republicans were against the Civil Rights Act signed by LBJ (which is why the South went from Democrat to Republican), they whooped and hollered when Truman integrated the military, they were against inter-racial marriage, they supported McCarthyism asking you to turn in your neighbor for be a Communist (Joseph McCarthy was a Republican), they stalled the Matthew Shepard Act and the list could go on. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS SOUNDLY AGAINST EQUALITY, and history shows that!!!

    Although the Democrats are not coming through as we would like, at least we are getting SOME support rather than NO support. Eventually, as they have done with Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s (which you will not see one Republican marching with Dr. King), the Republican’s will try to spin it that they did support civil rights of gays, which we know, here and now, it is the complete opposite. Gays need to UNITE and support candidates that support us.

  3. Ken says

    This vote must happen this year because, in 2011, Speaker of the House Boehner won’t allow it to come to a vote. The Democrats need to wake up to this reality, our window of opportunity is closing!

  4. Perry says

    Immediate freeze on all DADT actions. Then, remove funding for any activity related to DADT in next Defense Appropriations legislation, place a 1-year deadline for the military to end DADT and allow gay/lesbian service members. There! Done.

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