1. stevetalbert says

    All it takes is a phone call to all of our allies who have been having openly gay people serve for years. That takes about a week, assuming some people might be on vacation on at lunch.

  2. jesse james says

    It has nothing to do with the military. That’s just a smoke screen.

    It has to do with getting re-elected. The politicians want some reassurance that it is safe to vote for gays in the military.

  3. Nick says

    Any change in policy will happen when political collateral damage is minimal. No politician makes any decision unless they weigh the political ramifications. They are incapable of doing the right and honorable thing anymore for they have no souls and decency, irrespective of parties. At least with the Republicans —-they don’t try to dupe folks-we know where they stand. Democrats are want to believe things would (will) change-but unfortunately that will not happen. They have completely sold out as well. The rest of the world just shakes its head when they see us labor over the right thing to do with DADT, It isn’t even an issue. America continues to limp backwards.

  4. Richard says

    Have a little respect, fellas. I don’t have a problem with his response or with the process. This guy is very smart, while Colin Powell was a puppet. With a balanced review this will pass in Congress, and will be put in place as an effective and lasting policy.

    I think it’s terrific that this is even on the table for discussion and I predict a favorable outcome for gays and lesbians in the military. At this point it’s a non-issue for most, and that will come out (no pun) with Congressional hearings.

    Many of us get impatient, and seem to think you can switch a channel by remote to effect change. It’s just not the way it’s done in the real world — when was the last time any of you dealt with our American courts?

    The time spent right now is great for building consensus, based on facts rather than hyperbole. Once that consensus is established it will be the platform for revisiting gay marriages and same sex civil unions.

  5. says

    Sorry, Richard. Your faulty analysis begins with your describing Colin Powell as a “puppet.” Make that “volunteer puppet for President Cheney & VP Bush [sic] to go to war” and I’d agree with you. But we must never forget nor can we ever forgive that Powell was the one, along with Sam Nunn, PULLING Clinton’s strings in 1993. He should have been fired for insubordination for publicly and privately leading a virtual mutiny against Clinton’s effort to lift the ban.

    As for being “impatient,” WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE IN THIS CASE. The consensus is that the only realistic chance for DADT repeal is through the 2011 defense authorization bill. That bill typically MUST be voted on and signed by the end of October. That’s only 8 months. [Technically the 2010 budget ends October 1st.]

    We do not have the luxury of patience because if we miss that chance, the second time bomb goes off Nov. 2nd with midterm elections when the minimal consensus is that the Dems will lose several seats in the House and Senate which will almost certainly kill the chances for repeal next year or the year after that or the year after that.

    Cut the red wire or the green wire to stop being blown up? I don’t know what color the wires are but I do know this:


  6. Hue-Man says

    Besides basic human rights, DADT should be repealed ASAP to reduce the number of rapes – straight men assaulting straight women with the threat that the man will out the woman as a lesbian.

  7. C says

    Whether you care for the fact or not, the military has a highly structured and stratified environment. From the perspective of those who value this structure and its benefits, adjustments like this DO need to go through a lot of planning due to the many program elements that will or may be affected.

    If they’re willing to to come to the table, it is probably not constructive to shout them away cause you want them to approach differently. Anger or resentment may be perfectly valid, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to help things. MHO: Stay vocal, but don’t cut down newly budding support.

    This is good news.

  8. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    Gen PETRAUS is an a**hole.He should have been courted marshaled a few years back for his work in destroying Iraq and for the death of so many USA soldiers there.He only cares for his reputation and to him is obvious that the lives of the USA soldiers are no concern to him at all.He really is Gen BETRAUS as he was once called.

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