Report: NCAA Supporting Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Evangelical Group Focus on the Family

Sports blogger, author, and UMass professor emerita Pat Griffin reports that the NCAA's website is running ads (current ad pictured here) for anti-gay, anti-choice evangelical organization Focus on the Family, and has approved airtime for them on CBS during the upcoming tournament.

Writes GriffinFotf "Ok, we endured the Focus on the Family…Tebow anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl (along with a lot of other ads demeaning women). But now,, is also carrying a banner ad for Focus on the Family. I hear that CBS, the network that brought us the Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad, is also covering the Men’s NCAA Tournament, and plan to air these ads throughout the tournament with the complete complicity, consent and support of the NCAA."

The ad deal is not confirmed, but the report is troubling, considering, as Griffin also notes, "The NCAA is the most prominent national governing body for intercollegiate athletics for women and men. The NCAA constitutional principles include an explicit prohibition on discrimination based on sexual orientation."

Call NCAA Public Relations – 317 917 6762
Call NCAA Main Number – 317 917 6222
Email NCAA Public Relations –

A Facebook group has been started by Sean Chapin urging the NCAA to drop its relationship with FoF. Join it here.

(via outsports)


  1. says

    1. Are you sure that isn’t a NAMBLA ad?

    2. I’m a huge basketball fan and this is super-disappointing. I’m writing to the coach of my college team in addition to the NCAA.

  2. christian says

    In the meantime, go to the website and click on the ad a few times and cost FOF a few quarters?

  3. Nick says

    This is not surprising in the least.
    The NCAA and college athletic departments are full of fundamentalist Christians and the fundamentalist groups who hold sway over large portions of University teams is alarming. Solid Rock, Focus on the Family,
    Athletes in Action, etc. all have solid foundations on college campus -sanctioned by many coaches and their players participation in these religious groups are strongly encouraged-witness the proliferation of group prayers at the middle of the football field after every game. It is alarming and the tactics employed by these self-proclaimed soldiers of god are coercive, heavy-handed and threatening to any free-thinking member of the team. After every touchdown it isn’t uncommon to see players lift their fingers in the air to praise “their maker” and they are encouraged to attend only certain church services and wrap it in a nice package and call it service to the community. Some teams have been called on it and have backed down-but most do it with implicit backing of university administration. They couch such behavior in saying they are making good future citizens with strong “family” values-and
    contributing to the maturation process of young men and women-in practice it is forced
    and intimidating to anyone who may not believe in this fundamentalist drivel.

  4. Matt says

    Ted Tebow? I think the blog Andy copied this from needs to do a little more research on who appeared in the ad. Ha. Ha.

    Also, when did we start calling anti-abortion anti-choice? Anti-choice is so broad anyone could construe this as being anti-choice on anything.

  5. Vince says

    “Also, when did we start calling anti-abortion anti-choice? Anti-choice is so broad anyone could construe this as being anti-choice on anything. ”

    The phrase has been used for years and it perfectly describes these kind of people. You WILL abide by their religious beliefs and there will NO CHOICE about it if they have their way.

  6. Wy says

    I went to and all I’m seeing in 2 different browsers (with a fresh cache) in multiple hits are ads for NCAA, Lowes, Mazda, GMC, Coke and Wendy’s. Perhaps after they were called on it, they took action.

  7. Sean says

    Ok… someone please tell me what is offensive, anti-gay or anti-choice about the ad that is pictured? Or are you just so anti-FOF that anything they do bothers you?