Sarah Silverman Sticks to Gay Rights Marriage Vow


Sarah Silverman tells The Advocate that she's sticking to a vow she made in 2007 to not get married because gays can't.

Says Silverman: "Not only that, but lately I’ve been really annoyed by any liberal person
getting married who says they stand for gay rights. How can anyone in
good conscience get married right now? How is that different than
joining a country club that doesn’t allow Jews or blacks?"


  1. Mona says

    I’m glad she feels that way, but I still think “The Sarah Silverman Show” was the worst thing I’ve ever seen on television.

  2. stephen says

    It often takes a comic to get people to view from a different perspective…

    She’s absolutely right.

  3. freddy says

    It’s an easy vow to stick with considering she was linked to that pig Kimmel for years. Celebrities get tons of ink by proclaiming their resistance to wed is somehow pro-gay protest. But I guess we’ll take what we can get!

  4. Strepsi says

    @FREDDY — it’s actually a brave and thought-provoking comment as it attacks the majority of armchair liberal straight folks!

    Damn right we’ll take what we can get — why piss on our allies? So as for you and the other one with random insults, kindly stifle it.

  5. Thomasina says

    On the one hand, her heart is clearly in the right place (at least on this one issue). On the other hand, she and others who take this stand make it that much harder for gay-rights groups to counteract the (usually ridiculous) far-right position that the trend toward marriage equality is hurting straight marriage. This sort of declaration is, in fact, the only way I can think of that the gay marriage movement *has* had a negative (though negligible) effect on straight marriage rates.

  6. rick says

    maybe the republicans will sanctify marriage through outlawing divorce (especially since so many of them have never divorced)

  7. Sam says

    I truly appreciate her convictions and willingness to stand up for gays. But…I don’t think she should reprimand other gay-loving straight liberals for getting married. If she does, then she also has to reprimand GAYS living in Iowa, California, Massachusetts, etc, for getting married when gays living in other states can not.

  8. Trasker says

    Straight marriage equality supporters get married for the same reason we want to. They want the legal benefits and recognition. You can stand on principle, or you can put your spouse on your medical plan and life insurance, ensure they are protected in the event of death, etc. Sure, the rich like Silverman can get by easily enough without the rights but most cannot. Which just goes to show you how important the rights are.

    Wait a minute. Does somebody actually want to marry her?

  9. Miss P says

    @ Thomasina: Actually, it’s the opposite. Statements like Sarah Silverman’s show that BANS on same-sex marriage — not same-sex marriage or the movement to allow it — hurt straight marriage. She says she would get married if the bans were lifted. Thus marriage equality => more straight marriage (however negligible the effect).

  10. David T says

    Sam, I couldn’t disagree with you more. One is a marriage between same sex individuals to further the cause, because it raises legal issues that frustrate the enforcement of discriminatory laws already on the books.

    The other is a statement that sends a message to others that it’s wrong to take advantage of laws that don’t apply equally to everyone.

    As for refusing to marry hurting marriage, that’s just silly. Divorce is what hurts marriage, and if straight people don’t get married, they can’t get divorced. They won’t be contributing to the 55% failure rate.

    Kudos to this woman. Shame on you, Mona, for completely missing the point.

  11. GregV says

    I just saw Sarah on The View telling the ladies (including Megan McCain today) that if she were to get married when there is no equal marriage available to same-sex couples, it would be the same as a white person joining an exclusive country club that won’t let in blacks or Jews.
    I would love to see more straight people speaking out about this issue.

  12. TANK says

    Oh christ, don’t any of you get it? She’s dating that ugly piggy jimmy kimmel… She doesn’t want to marry him because then she’d be stuck with his bad hygiene and fred flintstone face forever! THis is an elaborate ruse, and kimmel believes it.

    NOw here’s the deal. Non-bigoted pro marriage equality heterosexuals should get married, but as a wedding gift make sure that their guests donate to a gay positive charity (and no, not the HIV positive positive…okay?)…perhaps one fighting for marriage equality. Also, maybe they should make some kind of announcement about it at their wedding…clue everyone in that though they can get married, it’s wrong that loving same sex couples can’t. Another thing, make sure to abide by the color code, you slutty tramps. NO pure white for you!

  13. Gianpiero says

    @David T: I agree with you in seeing a distinction, but disagree somewhat with your reasoning. The gay couples who marry in the states where it’s legal are not doing so “to further the cause”–that’s a very real and important side effect, of course, because it gradually proves that all the evil consequences that our opponents predict are all just lies. Nonetheless, those effects are a byproduct of being married and are not the reason we marry in the first place: i.e., the public legal and lifelong commitment to the person we love. Marriage equality is a community issue; marriage itself is a personal one.

    Sarah Silverman’s commitment to the cause is unquestionable and her stance is admirable, but if she were to meet the man of her dreams, I would never hold it against her (or anyone else) for putting her commitment to that relationship before her obvious and real support for the rest of us.

  14. Sam says

    @ DavidT – In your own post, you say it’s “wrong to take advantage of laws that don’t apply equally to everyone.” In this case, why should that only apply to straight people?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that some gay people have the legal right to get married and I would never suggest they shouldn’t do so. But saying that straight people shouldn’t get married to prove a point is…pointless, in my opinion. It only hurts them if they don’t get married and, while noble, really doesn’t help OUR cause. People against gay marriage aren’t going to say, “Oh my god! Straight people have stopped getting married. Maybe we should let the gays get married!” Rather, I think the attitude would more likely be, “F*ck those gay-loving Liberals! Don’t get married! Don’t have kids, either…please!”

    If this is a cause Sarah believes in and this is how she wants to show her support, good for her! But she shouldn’t criticize other people for not having HER convictions. It would be like saying, “No one should eat again until every person on Earth has three square meals a day” or “We should all be homeless until everyone has a home.”

  15. ED2 says

    I was wondering if anyone still shared this viewpoint.

    Remember Phil Ochs, “Love me love me, love me, I’m a liberal…”

  16. Rodney says

    Edit: I should make clear I’m speaking of the Glenn Close character “Jenny Fields” and not the real life photographer.

  17. Hank says

    LOVE THIS BITCH! She and Sacha Baron Cohen are the funniest most genuinely provocative comics working today, and both tackle homophobia head on and make it central to their material in a way that straight entertainers of earlier generations never have. ROCK ON. (Also love the 40’s look in that photo…)

  18. Rey says

    Tank, you’re just an idiot. Sarah hasn’t been dating Kimmel for months now.

    And even if she were, you’re still contemptible.

  19. Peter says

    Yes, she hasn’t been dating Jimmy Kimmel for many months. It’s well documented. She even discussed it on The View – where she also repeated these sentiments in Advocate. It’s a good interview.