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Senator Evan Bayh to Retire

 Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh  will not seek reelection, he said Monday:

Bayh  "In prepared remarks, Bayh, 54, cited excessive partisanship that makes progress on public policy difficult to achieve as the motivation for his decision. 'After all these years, my passion for service to my fellow citizens is undiminished, but my desire to do so in Congress has waned,' he said. 'My decision was not motivated by political concern,' he added. 'Even in the current challenging environment, I am confident in my prospects for re-election.' Bayh had never lost an election, from his first win in 1986 as secretary of state, his wins for governor in 1988 and 1992 and his election to the U.S. Senate in 1998 and 2004. 'But running for the sake of winning an election, just to remain in public office, is not good enough,' Bayh said. 'And it has never been what motivates me. At this time I simply believe I can best contribute to society in another way: creating jobs by helping grow a business, helping guide an institution of higher learning or helping run a worthy charitable endeavor.'"

Statement called "total bullshit".

Politico: "Senate Democratic leaders, including Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and DSCC Chairman Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) were not informed of Bayh's decision until Monday morning, according to several Democratic insiders. Bayh was even scheduled to appear on a CNN Sunday show, but canceled his appearance, said Democratic sources. Attention immediately turned to a pair of moderate House Democrats, Baron Hill and Brad Ellsworth, as potential prospects to fill the seat. Aside from Coats, the favored candidate of the national GOP, former Rep. John Hostettler and a handful of lesser-known candidates were already vying for the Republican nomination."

In the dust: Primary filing deadline tomorrow?

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  1. "bipartisanship" is a myth, a moronic oxymoron. Two opposing ideologies cannot, by definition, simultaneously be "partisan" and work together.

    The absurd word, and the charades it generates, should be banned.

    The appropriate single word is "compromise," but given that most Repugs would rather the government fail than help Dems that, too, is an impossible goal.

    In fact, as a recent book documents, making government look bad per se has been the prime directive of the Republican Party for decades.

    Posted by: Michael @ | Feb 15, 2010 10:16:38 PM

  2. Ok Michael, we compromised the shit out of healthcare reform to the point that the Senate's legislation looks like a Republican bill and nothing resembling the will of the people. Clearly, the lesson here is that if you want to control the agenda in the US Senate, it is better to be the minority party.

    Posted by: jimmy | Feb 15, 2010 10:49:22 PM

  3. Michael @ is a mindless tail-wagging shill for any and all Democrat bigots. That's true no matterhow many aliases he uses.

    GLBT folks don't care about Bedwell's Democrats any more than hey 'care' about us. Only a few fossils and DNC tail waggers like you Bedwell don't get it.

    Voting for another Democrat is repeating the same blunder as voting for Clinton or Obama. You Democrats voted for candidates like Clinton and his Congressional supporters and were the jackass that DADT and DOMA rode in on.

    Democrats inflicted DOMA and DADT on us They also forced passage of other garbage laws like Clintons Republican 1993 NAFTA and 1999 deregulation which created the current recession wannabe depression. That's Clintons legacy of bigotry and union busting. The the vast majority of both parties In Congress voted for them. (DADT was a bit of an exception. Some Republicans voted against it because it didn't openly call for firing squads when faggots were denounced by the religious rightwing of McCarthyite bigots.)

    The Democrats who voted for Obama got us a White House in bed with McClurkin, the DNC's bigot team of Daughtry and Kaine, Biden, Josh Dubois and Rick Warren. And inaction on ENDA and DADT. So far Obama's only action about DOMA is to defend Clintons vile bigotry with some of his own, referring in court to the 'fact' that we're child molesters. And he did all he could to sabotage the fight to preserve SSM in California. Obama looks to be at least as bad as Clinton and Bush, although nowhere nearly as bad as venomous racists claim.

    The only real difference between Demorats and their Rethug cousins is that, while both parties are dominated by bigots or bigot panderers, the right centrist Democrat Party is camouflaged and the candidly right centrist Republican Party just doesn't give a damn if we vote for them or not. They both push us under the bus. Quietly sniggering if they're 'liberal' and loudly chortling if they're Republican, but in both cases smiling all the way to the bank. They'll do it for influence, power or money because that what Republicans openly do and Democrats pretend not to do.

    It's lose, lose for us as long as a significant part of our movement kowtows to Democrats. All that bowing and scraping is a total misuse of time and effort and worse, ultimately demoralizing as we get betrayed over and over.

    After each betrayal Barney "Quisling' Frank chimes in and whines that we're not active enough and undeserving of all his efforts on our behalf. And the shills begin to spin.

    Instead of listening to thier advice to lick the boot that kicks us under the bus we should get into unions and demand that RL Trumka, newly elected AFL-CIO President unleash their Labor Party on their enemies and ours, the Democrats and Republicans.

    Posted by: Bill Perdue | Feb 16, 2010 2:31:33 AM

  4. Bill, Bill, Bill! MY aliases? That's a laugh! Why did you stop signing your lunatic fringe screeds, "Rainbow Red"? Perhaps because people began to catch on to the fact that your endless, incoherent, throw a thousand unrelated buzz words together into one continuous psychotic drool that "Dems are Republicans in drag" and "dump them all and vote LABOR!" is the same kind of divide and conquer slimy socialist propaganda that Americans have rejected for decades.

    What do you serve at your periodic potlucks with other geriatric leftovers from the SDS and Socialist Workers Party? Cheap vodka and canned borscht?

    I believe there are many benefits to pure socialism but you're nothing but a ruthless, pathologically lying ideologue who doesn't genuinely give a flying fuck about gay rights any more than the Communists cared about black civil rights...if you're in fact gay at all.

    You're nothing but the lunatic left mirror image of the tea baggers.

    Posted by: Michael @ | Feb 16, 2010 2:48:03 AM

  5. If Mikey hates me that much (the same way and using the same venom as his mentor Roy Cohn) then I know I'm doing good.

    Posted by: Bill Perdue | Feb 16, 2010 3:39:25 AM

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