Army Leaders Oppose Moratorium on Gay Military Discharges

At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing this morning, Senator Carl Levin asked Army Secretary John McHugh and Army Chief of Staff George Casey if they would object to putting a moratorium on discharges under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" while the Department of Defense completes its review. The two Army leaders expressed opposition.

CaseySaid Casey: "Anything that complicates [implementation of the repeal] more, I would oppose that."

McHugh initially said he'd be okay with such a moratorium. When Casey objected, saying it would complicate the study process, McHugh clarified his remarks, saying that his "personal choice" would not be to enact one, but that the Army would do so under Congressional direction.

Casey expressed serious concerns about the impact of the repeal while engaged in two wars but says he supports Gates plan and will offer his observations to the review process.

John McCain criticized a proposal to attach the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal to a Defense Dept. authorization bill, saying he was greatly concerned and citing last year's hate crimes bill (which was also attached to a Defense Dept. authorizaiton bill), saying "precedent was shattered" by the majority.

Senator Jack Reed asked Casey whether any problems had been seen in other country's integration of gays in its armed forces, specifically the UK and Canada. Casey said he had heard nothing about any conflicts.

Note: Aside from confirmed info via link at top of article, this post has been gleaned via Tweets from @kerryeleveld, @metroweekly, @leoshane, and others.

UPDATE: A fuller report from Chris Geidner at Metro Weekly.


  1. says

    Well, OF COURSE, they support Gates’ plan…because every day that passes demonstrates what so many feared from the start: shucking off the pretty words paper it was wrapped in his call for at least a year of reasking questions that have already been repeatedly answered…plus an unprecedented new one—”Troops, what d’y’all want Papa to do?”—just translates as “DIVE! DIVE!”…”STALL!”…run out the clock until after midterm when the Dems will have lost even the weak-kneed majority they have torpedoing and sinking repeal for YEARS!

  2. ravewulf says

    “John McCain criticized a proposal to attach the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal to a Defense Dept. authorization bill, saying he was greatly concerned and citing last year’s hate crimes bill (which was also attached to a Defense Dept. authorizaiton bill), saying “precedent was shattered” by the majority.”

    I can’t take McCain seriously on anything. Every statement he makes like this is a blatent lie and he knows it. All sorts of stuff (good and bad) has been pushed through using the defense authorization bill for decades!

  3. Timzilla says

    Since Casey is against “anything that complicates implementation of the repeal more” then he should certainly be against this kangaroo review and his own pathetic stalling tactics. What could be more complicating than dragging this all out? Why isn’t anyone on that Senate committee calling him on the obvious contradiction in his illogical statement?

    Maybe the reason we are having so many issues in two wars is because this moron is in charge of the Army.

  4. AndrewW says

    This was exactly as expected. Study until after the mid-terms and then abandon it.

    Obama knew there wasn’t enough support for repeal in the US Senate, so he made it LOOK like a real EFFORT. It wasn’t.

    During the last year HRC, SLDN and many others have wasted millions LOBBYING the White House and Congress. This is further evidence that lobbying on LGBT-issues does not work. It has NEVER worked. The only ones who claim it is effective are lobbyists.

    We need a real movement based on a strategy to actually win, not struggle or fight.

    It is time to stop supporting old ideas and do-nothing non-profits. It is time to figure out HOW and WHEN we will achieve our full equality and then put all our resources in that direction.

  5. John says

    The problem with Obama is that he ran as if he were Franklin Roosevelt. And he has governed like Jimmy Carter.

    That’s a huge gap between the high flying rhetoric and the mediocre, compromising policies his administration advocates. As with heatlh care, the president has squandered his opportunities with DADT by cowering under his desk – and letting other people do the heavy lifting – rather than leading.

    As president, it is important for Obama to get the generals in line. And if they don’t go along, he can and should find ways to fire them without directly linking it to this particular issue. When the generals told Bush invading Iraq was a bad idea, he found new generals. This isn’t war hero Colin Powell we’re talking about here. Half of America has never heard of George Casey and John McHugh.

    They won’t be missed.

  6. jason says

    This is all Obama’s ploy to make us gays think that he’s doing something for us. The operative word is “think”. Obama has no more interest in repealing DADT than Oliver North.

  7. TANK says

    “Anything that complicates [implementation of the repeal] more, I would oppose that.”

    How could suspending gay military discharges complicate repeal of DADT more? If no satisfactory answer is provided…there’s really no conclusion one can draw but that he’s stalling because he’s against repeal, and pretty badly.

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