Towleroad Guide to the Tube #603

SARAH PALIN: Suggests Obama could win reelection if he plays 'the war card' and attacks Iran.

IPAD: David Carr of the NYT, Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch, and Walt Mossberg of the WSJ discuss the implications of the new device.

SNOWPOCALYPSE: Baltimore weatherman freaks out.

OLD SPICE: The man your man could smell like.

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  1. says

    The “Baltimore” weatherman is actually an weatherman who’s VERY well-known in meteorological circles for his, erm, unique weather forcasts.

    He’s not freaking out, as you put it. He’s simply delivering the weather in his own style.

    It’s something he’s been doing for years to shamelessly attract attention to his company’s services.

    And I admire him for it.

  2. Bart says

    Sarah Palin is the dimmest human being in national politics today. Seriously, insanely, jaw-droppingly dumb. She couldn’t make a cogent statement if she bet her entire book profits. And I have to be the second dumbest because I can’t help but listen to her. I must like being angry because that’s all stupid people do to me and she is the queen. I need an intervention and she needs to retire to Nome.

  3. Paul R says

    Phew! Palin read her hand scribbles correctly this time. I was worried she was going to advise Obama to play the “bar code.”

    I’m sure the Obama will give a lot of thoughtful, serious consideration to entering a third war, particularly when advised by such an international heavyweight as Palin.

  4. Rick says

    “It would have been even better if he were riding the centaur featured in the other old spice ads.”

    Or better yet, if the centaur were riding him 😉

    The original Old Spice commercials from the 70’s, featuring a handsome older sailor (played by Matthew Perry’s dad) being followed around by an admiring younger sailor had some pretty obvious gay overtones themselves.

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