Two Men in Austin, Texas Targeted in Anti-Gay Hate Crime


Two gay men in Austin, Texas suspect they were targeted in an anti-gay assault because they were wearing the jerseys of their all-gay softball team:

"Matt Morgan and Emmanuel Winston say they've filed a complaint with A-P-D after a group of men beat them down, yelling slurs, late Friday night They were walking near Austin City Hall. 'I'm not gonna go through this and action be taken. This is a walk that I've made, that probably everyone on this field has made numerous times and felt safe,' said victim Matthew Morgan. Morgan hit a home run during game one of Sunday's Softball Austin doubleheader....Both men say their attackers seemed surprised that the softball players fought back. 'We want people to know that its not ok to do this and we're taking a stand because we don't want people to live in fear,' said victim Emmanuel Winston."

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