1. Mark says

    @Name. Seriously??? The only thing you can do is make snarky comments about the two people who are helping this mother and son realize how much they mean to each other? This is a situation most GLBT people would love to expereince. GROW UP!

  2. JohnnyP says

    Ah, this made me tear up. With so much negative news all the time this was a sweet, refreshing and positive story! It gives me hope for our struggle for equality. Pretty soon all the “old men” will be gone and it will be people like this young man and his tolerant peers who will be running our government.

  3. David says

    Mike is cool, but he’s still playing a media game. He’s championing bisexuality for attention but in private he’s telling his friends that he is gay. Mike is gay, not bisexual. It’s actually a great move on his part because there is nothing to get caught up in, lots of guys take the slow train through bisexual to gayville. Quote this post a year from now.

  4. Hollywood, CA says

    I’m so uncomfortable watching this, I can’t even get through it. I just can’t imagine being his age and talking so freely about gay issues. I didin’t come out until I was 28, and it was not a great experience with my family. And even though I am out now, this still brings abck closeted memories and makes me squirm.

    I can only imagine how straight republicans feel about gay issues. Maybe some empathy towards those feelings would help bridge the gap and create some education and understanding, instead of assuming people should be okay with gay issues.

  5. pistolpetey says

    Not to diminish the “moment,” but his brother is hot too. At least I assume it was his brother.

    Great mom. Love her.

  6. Brad says

    Wow! This is nice. I’m disappointed in HRC lately, but it’s nice to see they have passionate young people like this working for them. This is not really about HRC but about the true coming-out of this man and his family. It’s amazing to see the light go on in his mothers eyes when she finally gets it. Americans need to see more stories like this, if the media will only do it.

  7. says

    I don’t know. It’s a good episode and a good message but I don’t like the guy. He is clearly attention needy–bisexual but only at bars with crowds watching? It’s pretty easy to see that he’s gay because after he makes out with a girl, his roommates ask what his boyfriend back home will think and he doesn’t seem to be a big deal. If he was truly bisexual, wouldn’t that be cheating since there is the potential to have true feelings for a woman?

    Also, his brother seemed to get defensive and say “he’s not gay, he’s just bisexual” like being bi is not as bad.

    I don’t know. I feel like they could have found someone who was more intelligent. There are tons of politically active gay kids out there with stories just as, and even more gripping than Mike’s. We’ve seen the preppy confused jock angle several times already on the Real World.

  8. Shilo says

    @Hollywood, CA

    Guess what,we are the new generation of gays.I came out to my parents and friends at 14.I am now 23 and living happily and securely in my own skin.And I dont have to marry some chick to hide my true self.One of the things BOTH of my parents taught me is to live life for myself,not other people and to lead my own path,not follow others.Obviously there is a generation gap here,because I dont see how a gay man of ANY age could be uncomfortable with what took place in that clip.Sorry,I just dont.Unless its a personal issue.

  9. Shilo says

    And for the record I HATE the “Real World”.There is nothing real about this crappy show.Just drama queens and homophobic frat boys.Not my scene,sorry!

  10. Ralphie says

    I don’t actually feel his sincerity or passion to do advocacy work. In one of the early episode while he was interviewing to actually get the internship at HRC he showed up wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers. Maybe that’s a small detail but I think it says a lot.

    Then in this episode he stated he didn’t even know who is congressman was. That’s embarrassing. I knew who mine were before I could even vote.

  11. David says

    Wes. AfterElton has an interview up right now where he is touting that he is bisexual. He’s actually gay. I swear to you that Mike is not a bad guy, he’s just still going through the coming out process. Wash (above) gives a good example of the pressure he is under and the opinion that people around him hold of gay people. It’s not easy for him to admit he’s gay. In a year he’ll be more comfortable and the AfterElton article will look silly, especially with it’s confrontational headline “Deal with it”

  12. TANK says

    “Wow… a privileged, white frat boy + the HRC? Shocking.”

    ha ha. And, apparently, some people here find him attractive. Kinda sorta explains the “tearing up,” yeah? It’s all sales.

  13. Kerry says

    Great post for the day. It brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. Compassion, acceptance, understanding are good things.

    I have to keep those things in mind as I read some of the bitter, negative comments posted here.

  14. gr8guyca says

    So, this is like a reverse, “Jersey Shore.” Here’s a guy who is nice, well-mannered, sweet, and is coming to terms with his sexual identity. Good for him. And good for his mother for being so supportive.

    But why are there so many snarky people on here? Give the guy some credit. It’s hard to come out. And even harder to do it on national TV.

  15. says


    You can’t dismiss all the negatives comments as just bitter ramblings, because they’re not. His story is so played out and at this point, almost offensive. “I’m so confused, I have feelings for men but I don’t want to be a sissy, I still want to be the macho guy I’ve always been”

    Yeah, it’s okay to be a macho gay guy but you don’t have to keep reminding us how macho you are. It’s so dismissive of gay culture because he essentially wants to be like every other frat guy yet be some great advocate. He talks about being religious with pride and then is so smug and equally as proud describing all his sexual escapades.

  16. John says


    “He talks about being religious with pride and then is so smug and equally as proud describing all his sexual escapades.”

    Which is, as you say, pretty typical. We have seen this story many times before. Indeed, we have seen this story on MTV many times before. The perfect life of an upper-class fraternity brother being interrupted by his conflicted – possibly homosexual – feelings for other men. That’s pretty standard Real World fare by now.

    Davis from the Denver season.

    Chris from the Chicago season.

    Danny from the New Orleans season.

    They are pretty much the same as Mike here, no?

  17. Bryan says

    The real world is precisely what The Real World is not.

    I live in a society where a description of what happens on a TV show is widely regarded as journalism.

    Woo hoo. Anyone else ready to flee Planet Stupid?

  18. Aaron says

    I think he’s kind of vapid and immature from what I’ve seen of the show. Regardless of whether he’s gay or bi, he seems to enjoy getting attention from both men and women.