1. Rob says

    Speaking as someone discharged under DADT, I can say this is great news to hear. Everyone bitching and moaning that this is not enough is just not being realistic. The fact that the top 2 military personnel have come out in support of repeal means it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. All we need now is the chicken-hawks in congress to stfu and listen to the military leaders.

  2. Rodney says

    It’s fucked up that our nations’ highest ranking military man says it’s time to let gays serve openly and Congress doesn’t have the votes to repeal DADT.

    What the hell kind of justification for the delay is “because we are fighting two wars”?

  3. nick says

    it’s never the “right time” to do anything. Those who have true courage make change and history tells us it was the right thing to do.

  4. Tyler says

    Very well spoken indeed. It’s obviously not going to be an overnight policy, but I’m really glad that the ball is most certainly rolling.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Anytime I get pissed at Obama I’m going to shut my trap and think about who bad things would be right now if Old Man McDouche Bag and Palin got elected instead.

  6. TANK says

    I’m glad everyone feels so hopeful and appeased. Complacence is the attitude that gets things done! Just keep in mind…nothing has happened except talk.

  7. RICHL says

    Now we know WHO taped Senator McCains Wife’s mouth in her latest NOon8 Photo shoot. MAC himself.

    McCain’s statements today on DADT was his effort to tape shut the Joint Chiefs recommendation.

    WHY are we STILL listening to the Mancerian Candidate????

  8. says

    Unlike some, I didn’t wake up channeling Sally Field this morning so I don’t give a flying fuck that Gates and Mullen like us any more than Obama being “our friend” means anything in the absence of ACTION.

    The Sallys may think Valentine’s Day came early this year, but all I heard was TALK about another year of TALKING after which they MAY actually DO something.

    Did uniformed Mullen correct Gates’ insistence that they need to decide how to deal with issues of “fraternization and misconduct” that is both absurd and an insult as it effectively posits that there WOULD BE more of such problems with gays and that they have to consider some new Super Sized version of the Uniform Code of Military Justice because out gay servicemembers will be otherwise uncontrollably sex-crazed?

    And what’s to prevent this report from coming back with any ifferent “conclusions” than the six-month Military Working Group that Clinton set up? What if Gates’ already demonstrably ignorant or dishonest General Counsel claims a year from now: “We talked to everybody and the sky WILL fall if we end DADT”? Gates and Mullen have already empowered the tail to wag the dog. What then, Sallys?


  9. Griff says

    I’m not sure it is going to make that much difference. The Republicans are already saying the most vile things about us on television. Senator Gillebrand was on CNN sticking up for us but some awful person called Duncan Hunter was just saying the most disgusting things.

  10. GregV says

    Okay, I liked how this guy began, but how in the world could he not know “how we would make such a policy change in a time of two wars?”
    It’s simple. You just remove the policy and maintain the same language for expectations of members of the military no matter what their orientation. And if some army nurse comes under review (by some higher-up who doesn’t watch the news) simply because of rumors that she has a wife waiting for her back home in Des Moines, you treat her the same as you would a heterosexual and say “So what?” and then tell them what the policy is now. What’s so hard about that?

    “Legal, social, and infrastructure changes?” What kind of infrastructure changes? No one is asking for special mes halls to be built for gay soldiers; they just want to stop having a threat held over them forcing them to lie. There’s no new infrastructure needed whatsoever.

  11. John says

    A part of the hearing many missed was when Lieberman asked whether they needed 60 votes to repeal DADT. Levin replied that that they could use reconciliation because enforcing DADT is part of the DOD budget.

    That’s the ticket, folks.

    That’s the most important thing that happened today.

  12. says

    McCain’s past statement is quite an interesting one, and very much at odds with his words earlier today about how this was Congress’s role to solely decide, not his.

    “Fortunately, it is an act of Congress, and it requires the agreement of Congress in order to repeal it”

    Jeff Sessions (of my home state, alas) took it even further, “I just hope that, as we discuss it, you’ll recognize, first, that Congress has made the decision – it’s not yours to make, and we’ll have to change it if we do change it; and second, you shouldn’t use your power to in any way influence a discussion or evaluation of the issue.”

  13. BreckRoy says

    Everyone needs to hear Duncan Hunter’s assinine comments on NPR today. He honestly started going on about transgender and hermaphrodites in the military now that this position was being taken by Mullen and Gates. The NPR reporter had the best “okayyyyyyy…backing away from the crazy” tone I’ve ever heard in her follow up, which was simply, “Transgender? Hermaphrodites? “

  14. GrabbinNewscum says

    Michael@LelandHairyOldTrollovitch is just upset because it was his Big Daddy Bill Clinton who signed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into law in the first place.

    Keep suckin’ that southern fried dick Leland!

  15. says

    Grabbi! Grabbi! Grabbi! Have you taken that shopping cart back to Safeway yet? Their amnesty offer will only last so long.

    Poor thing. You been out there on the cold mean streets of San Francisco so long that you forget that gays were being kicked out of the military for 60 years before your Monica drag failed to fool Bill when he passed through town. [Remember, Hon, it’s “Tuck ‘n tape; Nair the hair!”]

    And for Goddess’s sake! Stop mixing your anti-psychotic meds with Kool Aid and Ripple.

  16. says

    Once a douche bag, always a douche bag…and John McCain is living example of this statement.

    Can you imaging the crap this country would be in if he had won the election?!

    I’ve always had an intense dislike for John McCain and today it just one example of why I had my misgivings.

    Maverick, my black tuchass…..when again is he due for a fatal heart attack?

  17. says

    I have no idea what to think anymore. Some of the military guys say ok, some no. I’ve never served ,but, I am an American and I’m treated like 3/4 of a person, which as a Black man, just doesn’t gel for me.

    Somedays I get really sick of this. How dare someone rise up awake everyday and go looking for someone to fuck with? McCain used to be a hero to me because he held up under torture. Now, I’m, shaking my head that he doesn’t think I deserve everything he does.

    I could deal with all of this if it was racism for some reason. I’m really getting bummed about reading this crap everyday. We are Americans and deserve to be treated as such. Any immigrant with a Green card has more rights than I do. That’s wrong.

    I have no point other than I’m over it.

  18. says

    And, again, we agree Derek. A younger gay friend who was always a little confused by my “take no prisoners” anger said one day, “I finally get it. You’ve been dealing with these excuses for so much longer than I have.”

    But, gay or straight, no white person can feel the depths of treatment as an “other” that POC cut their teeth on.

    McShame, the one who posthumously thanked gay 9/11 hero Mark Bingham for possibly saving his life, really earned his nickname today. The only time I remember seeing a racist [in a suit and tie anyway vs. a white hood or redneck blue collar drag] display such hot hatred when someone disagreed with him [versus coldblooded disdain like Strom Thurmond specialized in] was Gov. George Wallace biting each word of, “In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!”

    Mr. Military virtually called Gates and Mullen liars.

    What they are is incapable of resolving their “personal beliefs” about equality and integrity with the ignominy of their continuing discharges.

    No excuses. No delays!

  19. Toto says

    Hasn’t it been pointed out multiple times on this site how many studies of the possible effects and possible ways to implement open integration would go??? Another study is just another stall tactic for the military to keep their tired and archaic culture just a little bit longer. There is nothing to study if you tell your young men and women to follow their professionalism, discipline and promise to serve the country as they should be. All of this hinges on the same old viewpoint… we are completely different from them.

  20. C says

    I see Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mullen on TV a lot. I also grew up in a military environment. To see someone like him say this is a big deal to me.

    I am not one who sees the “deliberation as delay,” as Senator Levin (I believe) described.


  21. ChrisM says

    Certainly no one should be surprised by Sen. McCain’s statement and the stand of the entire Republican party – if Obama (and the Dems) are for it they the party of NO must oppose it. With DADT, as with everything else in DC it’s politics as usual. I don’t think the Dems are perfect or have done enough but I know they’ve done more than the Republicans when it comes to gays.

    Gays are now, have always been and will always be members of the military. We have served proudly with distinction and honor. All the while, in most cases, having to protect our true identity.

    When I served in Viet Nam virtually no one was discharged for homosexuality (section 8) because they needed soldiers so badly and believe me there were plenty of gays. Now the military is accepting gang member and convicted felons as well as lowering standards in order to make monthly enlistment quotas and a bunch of jerk Senators, most who never served a day in the military (except McCain), are crying that it will hurt morale if some straight soldier has to take a shower beside a gay guy. Get over it folks, we’ve been showering next to you for years.

    If the military REALLY wants to address matters of sexuality they should take some serious steps to stop all of the sexual harassment and rape that has been going on for years. Up until now they’ve simply been paying lip service to those problems.