1. FixItAgainTony says

    While PETA has pulled some bone-headed pranks, I’d have to agree that adopting an animal from a shelter is probably a better idea for almost all of us.
    A “mutt” will probably have enough variation in its ancestry to reduce some of the afflictions that “purebred” animals have (watch “Dogs 101″ or “Cats 101″ on Animal Planet for some idea of the problems). AND it minimizes the “puppy farms” that churn out overbred, defective animals.
    A friend bought a purebred dog which has had problems from the first week, whereas our (unknown breed-mix) pets are nearly 15 years old, yet never required a visit to the vet. Ours were not bought, but obtained from a shelter or found.

  2. David in Houston says

    I’m not sure how showing baby seals being slaughtered relates to adopting a pet at an animal shelter. The second I saw that, I stopped watching the video. That’s what happens when you jerk around your audience like that.

  3. says

    FixItAgainTony, you are absolutely correct about “pure” vs. mixed breed dogs. The touting of pure bloodlines is a sham being perptuated by the American Kennel Club in cahoots with puppy mills and pet stores – particularly PetLand.

    There is an excellent book called Saving Gracie which I urge everyone who is considering getting a dog to read. It goes into detail about the puppy industry in the USA, how these dogs are kept in the most miserable conditions imaginable, and the efforts being made toward reform.

  4. crispy says

    The AKC is not in cahoots with puppy mills. Give me a break. It’s hyperbolic bullshit like that that muddles an otherwise positive message here.

    Yes, people should rescue abandoned and homeless dogs rather than buying purebred pups. There are far too many neglected dogs in the world because, let’s face it, most people are assholes.

    But potential pet owners should also be aware that rescued pets have typically been mistreated, malnourished, moved around, and in many cases abused. They come with numerous behavioral problems.

    Bottom line: Buying a pet should never be taken lightly no matter what the latest hot celebrity suggests.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Peta is against any testing of animals for cures to cancer, AIDS or any other diseases. Fuck the bunny rabbit, I want a cure. How about all the homeless? Peta has their head up their ass.

  6. Bayley says

    You wouldn’t buy your friends, so why would you pay to buy your dog?

    Breeders keep breeding dogs for the dirty $

    But a doh in a shelter with little to no hope left to live who has never known happiness will love you SO MUCH MORE as they truly *do* realize you gave them a second chance at life.

    If you can seriously walk in to a shelter and walk out and go to a fru fru “dog boutique” pet shop and buy a $2,000 pet to look cute…well, give me a barf bag and go look for a soul.

    (when you go to a shelter and get a loving friend for a DONATION of $50-100, that donation is used to shelter another doggie hoping to be as lucky as your new family member.)

    God bless this actor for doing this!I saw him on Ellen discussing his story with this dog and it was so moving. Turns out he got to the dog just an hour before she was euthanized and it was in the same time in his life where he had nothing and no reason to live. They both saved each others lives.

  7. Bayley says

    Crispy, all shelters now test the behavior of dogs extensively before allowing them to be adopted. It’s not just a matter of finding a dog, putting it for adoption and giving it out to the first person that walks in the door. An animal goes through a guideline to be sure it can adapt with all the right types of people. Shelters are not and can not (law suit anyone?!) be flippant when it comes to that. That is a WEAK ass excuse used by breeders and Paris Hilton dog boutiques to get you to fork over money in their ugly industry. Shelter dogs, from my experience, are FARRRRRRRR more loving than those lap dogs that cost a fortune and are nothing more than an accesory to show off for insecure people. PERIOD.

  8. Bayley says

    Patrick- you and your ilk have your head up YOUR rears. You hate animals so much you enjoy to see their suffering and get defensive over anyone going to their aid (which raises eyebrows, and I wouldn’t have a goldfish in someone like yours presence)

    Stop bringing up Haiti, and homeless, and starving children of Africa and cancer everytime animal abuse and animal rights is discussed. Damn! Just stop bringing those Miss America cliches in every damn topic PERIOD. There’s enough people fighting for those causes and there is no limit to how many charitiable alliances one can invest their time to. Why does it have to be we allll have to fight for the same cause?
    I’m not passionate about some issues as I am about others. People CAN fend for themselves, thanks to people like yourself, animals can’t. That’s where people like myself step in. Don’t like it? tough titty. Keep screaming Mother Terea quotes (who was also an animal rights activist)

    I always find it VERY suspect when people get defensive when other people rescue, help, shelter, feed and donate their heart to animals. It says a lot about the character of that person (or lack thereof)

    And f8ck people! They ruined this planet and I’ll take an animal over some lazy persosn looking for a free handout and a chip on their shoulder ANY day.

  9. Alexander says

    Freaking PETA, man. I was expecting a hot dude to talk about cute puppies, and then you knock out all the happiness and joy with graphic seal killing?! That’s like going to a new church because you hear they have a free breakfast buffet and then the pastor shows a powerpoint of aborted fetuses. Ain’t no one wanna see that! Man, false advertisement.

  10. Jason R. says

    why is it anytime someone does good for animals, a person has to opener their trap and say “why are you not helping humans?”
    maybe cause humans can help themselves, and animals, unlike humans, are capable of displaying unconditional love.
    I’ll never have guilt over loving my animals more than most people in my life. they’ve been good to me and I pity anyone who has a disconnect with animals. usually always a self fish self revolved person.

  11. TANK says

    It’s not either or (either help humans or animals of different species). Now, if you want to talk about “the pain that they go through,” you should talk about factory farms…pigs are by far smarter than dogs…and yet, they’re tortured in factory farms. So sure, it’s good adopt dogs from shelters, but c’mon…stop eating meat. I won’t, but you should because you’re really supporting genocide by doing it.

  12. Dan says

    >And f8ck people! They ruined this planet and I’ll take an animal over some lazy persosn looking for a free handout and a chip on their shoulder ANY day.

    And thus sums up the pathetically simplistic viewpoint of any PETA freak.

  13. says

    Crispy, AKC has had a nudge nudge, wink wink, relationship with puppy mills and stores that sell mill pups going back decades. They have lobbied against legislation to restrict puppy mills as is documented in the book I previously mentioned and elsewhere

    I am not a member of PETA and am not an activist. I simply find the documented conditions in these mills repellant, such as:

    * 24/7 confinement in small wire cages, which are stacked 4-high – the feces from the dogs in the higher cages literally dropping on other dogs and getting caught in the mesh flooring;

    * no ventilation in the room, leading to unbearable odors;

    * dogs forced to breed non-stop until they were spent.

    Some 2.5 million dogs are pumped out of puppy mills every year, and 4 million shelter dogs are euthanized each year. Do the math.

    And your comments about shelter dogs are totally untrue.

  14. Kevin Dalton says

    Dan, not every animal lover is a Peta member. Peta bashing is the defense mechanism for people who simply don’t care for animals and don’t care for people who do. “Crazy animal loving Peta. I’m goin’ huntin’ and shootin’ me some moose for din din. I’ll show em’ all those fanatic Peta loonies” what’s more simplistic in thought is not realizing there’s something fundementally wrong with opposing people who fight for the betterment and humane treatment of animals. How is that wrong? does that threaten you and your livelihood? someone going out of their way to help rescue abused and tortured animals makes you “crazy non Peta fanatics” be dismayed and bothered? If so, you need to ask yourself why that is and do some soul searching.

  15. crispy says

    Bayley, I was going to ignore your first comment because, for starters, we’re on the same side here, but also because it doesn’t seem like you’ve actually been to an animal shelter. I have. I’ve been to several. I’ve fostered 3 dogs in the past year… 2 of which were pitbulls that are notoriously challenging to adopt out. And my rescued mutt is sitting at my feet as I type this.

    Rescue shelters’ sole purpose is to get dogs adopted. There’s no “extensive testing” other than spending time with them to observe their temperament. And your suggestion that you don’t pay to adopt a rescue animal is at best a lie. They charge. Sometimes a lot. Neutering and spaying ain’t cheap, and every animal that goes thru the rescue system is fixed. They also want new owners to understand that pet ownership is a commitment, so they aren’t just handing out free puppies.

    Your passion is admirable. But a little practicality goes a long way.

  16. Sademusic4life says

    Count on gay people to turn a perfectly positive campaign and message and turn it in to an overly dramatic “woe is me, feel sorry for me, no attention for dogs. Me, me me! gay rights are the only thing that ever matter ever in this entire world. Wahhh. Wahhh.”
    I know being overly dramatic is in the make up of every gay person, but even this is surprising me.
    A great story here that shouldn’t have started a counter argument from detractors full of negativity. I don’t even understand how there could be detractors from this story. But then again, we’re on a gay blog. Quick, let’s get some naked crotch shots of hetros followed by straight bashing. Now there’s posts well received on here.

  17. Eris_loves_us_All says

    What a bunch of selfish twats. I want, I want, I want (the very definition of selfishness). Look past your own noses, this is about suffering. But oh no, you want hot guys with no opinions, or bad science. Thalidomide was fully animal-tested, see how that worked out! You blame PETA just so you can refuse to listen.

  18. crispy says

    Yes, Hank, puppy mills are abhorrent. But AKC is absolutely 100% committed to fighting puppy mills. And anything you might have read that says otherwise is just an extremist view that does little to resolve the bigger problem.

  19. Glenn says

    Look, you don’t need to see breeders as evil people (I don’t think most are) or the AKC as being in some grand conspiracy to nevertheless appreciate the basic point: Where there are so many shelter dogs who need a good home, deliberately breeding new dogs to satisfy demand makes no sense. It makes no sense economically, and it makes no sense from the standpoint of the welfare of the animals themselves. And while I think to be realistic the only way to really combat this problem is through legislation that would place limits on breeding activities, you can nevertheless do some small part by rescuing your animals rather than buying them. I have 2 rescued cats, and I never even considered doing anything else.

    And the foregoing is true regardless of what you think of PETA and regardless of how hot Kellan Lutz is.

  20. says

    Glenn, there are plenty of breeders who are ethical and not in business just to make money. And you can tell because ethical breeders will REQUIRE a visit by the prospective owner, and there is an involved application process that usually begins before the pup is even borne.

    Crispy, as far as the American Kennel Club is concerned, you’re just wrong.

    The AKC makes money from puppy mills, which comprise 80% of the AKC’s business. In 2003, the AKC registered 917,247 puppies at the cost of approximately $25.00 per puppy. Thus, it’s no surprise that the AKC has lobbied extensively against reform legislation.

    The AKC does not inspect kennels, and a certificate from the AKC is not a guarantee of health or quality. AKC registered simply means the puppy had two parents of the same breed. The AKC registers dogs and gives them papers which help to sell them in pet shops or at breeders kennels.

    The AKC is driven by one motivator: money. Ironically, they are listed as a non-profit, which points out the need for reform legislation dealing with the definition of “for profit” and “non-profit.”

  21. crispy says

    Hank, here’s a lil’ tip free of charge: When you need to spit out some questionable numbers, don’t copy/paste from the first Google hit. Go down a page or two. You see, the rest of us know how to Google too. And it just sorta makes it look like you haven’t thought about it much for yourself.

    I’m not really interested in arguing further because I learned long ago that arguing with extremists on any issue — abortion, the death penalty, Madonna vs. Mariah — is fruitless. The world ain’t black and white, baby!

    And plus I got a lovin’ mutt with minor behavioral issues who’s demanding a walk.

  22. Tabias says

    I find it quite offensive that many of you believe all breeders are money hungry dog torturers. Yes puppy mills exist and should be stopped especially those run by the Amish in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. My family breeds pure breed dogs and each litter is loved and cared for beyond measure. Currently I am playing with the three yorkie puppies that we have. All of the breeders I know, which is over 100, only have 1-3 litters a year due to the time needed to care for them. The breeders that are only in it for the money are the ones you should worry about and are the ones running the puppy mills. They over breed their dogs and intertwine family pedigrees causing many of the conditions that were mentioned in a post above. My family as also adopted many animals from shelters over the years. In the end I don’t think we shouldn’t cast such a hateful view towards owners of pure breeds or mutts, all of these dogs need a loving home and that’s what we as humans should provide.

  23. TANK says

    Yeah…don’t paint with a broad brush just because most puppy mills are misery warehouses…there are some that are quite good…how dare you! LOL! Not all nazis hated jews! How dare you call nazism antisemitic! It’s evil…and no better than the homophobes…

  24. TANK says

    And nazis and hitler need mention in every blog post on towleroad. We will never forget! Okay? Each and every one…so stop with your accusations of it being overboard to compare puppy mills to auschwitz and whatnot because the holocaust was bad…and bad things like that…well…it was bad. And if you have a problem with me comparing anyone who disagrees to hitler and the nazis, why you’re not better than hitler. Hitler.

  25. Tabias says

    @ Tank

    I don’t believe I ever once in my post defended puppy mills. My statement was that not all breeders run puppy mills. In addition, many breeders take very good care of their dogs. Just because you breed dogs doesn,t make you a puppy mill, and all puppy mills should be shut down.

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