1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Shaved and oiled bodies! Oh man I want to wear underwear but then what would I try to blow up when I fly?

  2. jamal49 says

    Mehcad Brooks! I always wanted to see him in his underwear. Sigh. He’s got to be the most beautiful man in the world right now!

  3. says

    Did you guys see how on TMZ they cropped Brooks out of the Fashion Week shot that was posted here yesterday and then asked their readers to vote on “who would you”? It was really tacky and implied that a Black actor/man couldn’t possibly be in the same desirability category as a white actor/man. It was so blatant that my stomach turned.

    AND they left that use ta be Jared Leto in!

  4. G says

    I totally agree. When I saw it I was appalled that they Blatantly cropped him out of the shoot. And had the gall to use Jared Leto who wasn’t part of the campaign.

  5. G says

    In addition to that, they remove the Asian football player and the Latin tennis player as well focus on these four guys. Kinda like Vanity fair Magazine March cover shoot.

  6. says

    Hi, Derek. It’s funny. All four of these guys are ‘ethnic’ instead of WASP white. But if names weren’t attached…. I try not to go to TMZ after their shameless cheerleading for Paris Hilton before during and after her jail sentence. If some gossipy jew wants to crop out an outright schwarz in order to play a petty sex game with his mainstream white (and seekers of mainstream white) audience, assume the gossipy jew knows where the money is. And so does the photographer of these ads.

    Still, you’re right. He should not have been cropped out.

    For myself, I wish none of these guys had had to have their crotches artificially stuffed. It doesn’t look right on women; it looks worse on men.

  7. says

    .. i went to TMZ. I didn’t see what you were tslking about, but I did see the article on Tyrese having to fight a felony warrant claiming he fled the scene of an accident… and TMZ is puffed up because they had a photo proving not only was Tyrese there but he was cooperating with the cops.

    What I want to know is: how the heck could a prosecutor have claimed someone as well known as Tyrese fled the scene of a crime? what happened to the police report, which would have proved he was there and cooperating? did it disappear? did the cops lie in their report? why did Tyrese have to hire two attorneys to fight this?

    and what if Tyrese were regular joe blow Tyrese from down the street instead of superstar? These prosecutors are out of hand. Did the other party in the accident have any pull in trying to screw up Tyrese’ life through saying he fled? or is there another explantion for this?

    Unbelieveable. Miami needs help.

  8. says

    G, that Vanity Fair cover issue was horrible (and horribly bland) in this day and age. What I would have liked to have heard from was the young women who were in it and their thoughts on it.

    Whenever these things happen, we’re hardly ever allowed to hear from the young white women: whether they’re apathetic, whether they thought it was strange, whether they think it’s perfectly fine. Where are their voices?

    It’s like Holly Robinson-Peete being expected to talk about race, this past week; versus Jessica Simpson getting her hand held while proclaiming only ‘interesting’ then proceeding to talk about her boxing 2 a days.

    Do they really have nothing to say, these young white women? Or is it better we not hear from them?

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “I wish none of these guys had had to have their crotches artificially stuffed.”


    why do you believe these boys’ jockey drawahs have been “stuffed”? The meat looks real to me–you can even make out the “head” on Mechad’s (no disrespect Mechad…you hunk of delicious brown suguh, you).

    Don’t say that, Zeta, it’s being cruel…to me.

  10. DR says

    I watched this and said “meh”. Obnoxious straight guys (for ad purposes, anyway), suggesting I want to see their stuff? Not all that hot.