1. Derrick from Philly says

    “Wearing underwear on your head is an underrated pleasure”

    Oh, Crispy, that aint nothin’. Ever had the ecstacy of a football player’s jock strap strapped to your face? (you tie the straps around your ears to get the full fit of the cup).

    Oh, and I know you prefer soccer to football, and their cups have just as strong a fragrance, I guess (just a little foreign flavor maybe). Soccer boys do wear protection, don’t they?

    And the British guy in the video is cute….pretty eyes.

  2. crispy says

    LOL, D! I’ll have to try that jock strap trick. :)

    And soccer boys do NOT wear protection! That’s why you see them clutching their jewels whenever David Beckham is about fire off a free kick.

  3. Dego says

    @Tank: He’s clearly having a Down-Low relationship with “Mr Glove with an ass for a face”

    That and my reaction to his video make this video on point enough for the homosexuality.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, DEGO (I don’t like saying that. I’ll say, Mister Dego). I stand corrected–he aint British.

    I think the Commonwealth guy is cute, ok?

  5. James says

    It really wasn’t that funny when his work mates had to get tested for TB all because he stupidly didn’t do the common sense thing and get immunised before travelling.

    Yeah Andy. Hot and hilarious.

  6. Bob R says

    @James: The immunization for TB (BCG) is not always effective, especially when risking exposure in heavily infected areas such as South America. An airborne bacillus, TB is spread when exposed to droplets from someone coughing in you close proximity. Teh “hole in the lung” and “coughing up blood” lines indicate a serious exposure and infection, perhaps even drug resistant. Once inoculated with BCG you will produce a positive TB skin test regardless of actual exposure to the bacillus. I think that is one reason BCG is not used in the US, but many countries do immunize with it. So, it is highly possible he got immunized and still got infected. Any way, he is very cute in this video and clever with his rap. Sadly, he also appears to be straight.

  7. James says


    No. He didn’t immunize. I know him. I know the situation.

    If you find his rapping cute, might I suggest the works of Puff Daddy and Vanilla Ice? You might enjoy these too. And the films of Michale Bay and Joel Schumacher.

  8. crispy says

    But, James, that’s the difference someone like him and you… he took an awful situation and turned it into something fun. You took a bad situation and, well, you just remained a douche.

    And I’m sure that PPD tuberculin skin test, which is frequently described as feeling like a paper cut, was a horrible inconvenience for you.

  9. niles says

    Where do you hideous trolls stay when you’re not spewing filth on humanity? It must be a very dark and cold place. And no, decent people do not blame the victim for their disease.

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