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    This ad sucks my balls. It says absolutely nothing. It has no message. No information. No arguments. Nothing that shows why the pro-life side is wrong.

    This is why liberals get steamrolled all the time. We have all the facts on our side, but we’re too scared to state them. Oh noes, that might offend someone.

    A fetus is not a fucking person. The vast majority of abortions occur well into the first trimester when the fetus has not even developed a nervous system, let alone has the ability to process thoughts or emotions.

    Nobody is “pro abortion”. Pro-choice people simply recognize that a woman and those closest to her must make this kind of decision; not the government and not some fucking religious lunatics who fight really hard to make sure every fetus comes to term, but don’t give a flying fuck what happens to them after they’re born. And these same psychotic idiots oppose all manner of things that would actually reduce the rate of abortion, from comprehensive sex ed to gay parents adopting.

    I’m so sick of wishy-washy, pussy liberal bullshit.

  2. Chris says

    Why Eshto because some beautiful white guys aren’t up there? Maybe we should put a bunch if queens up there and lets see what happens!!!

    The only wishy-washy, pussy liberal bullshit is YOU BITCH!!!

  3. TANK says

    You’re so young, chris. I hope you outgrow this six degrees of kevin bacon’s a racist bullshit that’s in most of your comments. You’ll never be taken seriously that way.

    This wasn’t bad. You forget, eshto, arguments annoy people…they don’t get them. Thinking hurts the average person, and should be avoided at all costs when advancing a position.

  4. says

    @Chris: You have issues. Seek help.

    @Tank: Nice attitude. Not condescending at all.


    While you’re busy NOT making an argument, the pro-life side is busy making lots of them. Their arguments are factually wrong to be sure, but they are still arguments, and they are specious enough to convince a lot of people, including people who are otherwise not as stupid as you apparently think all people are.

    Like, they go around wearing little feet on necklaces and claim they represent the exact size and shape of the feet of a fetus that gets aborted. Implication: it has feet, it’s a baby, you are murdering a baby. Or they go around with pictures of post-abortion fetal tissue from a very late term abortion – which basically looks like a cut-up dead baby. Implication: this is representative of abortion in America. When in fact, it is not. They are lying. But who is going to tell the public they are lying?

    The pro-life side knows how to play the game. They control the message, the narrative and all the buzzwords and terminology, and they know how to pull on the heartstrings as well.

    If it’s not going to carry a single concise argument to counter all the misinformation the pro-life movement spends millions of dollars pumping into our culture every goddamn year, then at the least the Planned Parenthood ad could have been insidious and emotionally manipulative, as the FOTF ad will most certainly be.

  5. TANK says

    But you see, these aren’t “arguments”; they’re opinions…or beliefs. The opinion is that abortion is wrong…because of faith. Sometimes you’ll get an argument about “personhood” in which a blastocyst is entitled to the same respect and human dignity as a four year old and 34 year old, undermining the value they place on human life to make such an equivalence. Most of the time, it’s noncognitive…and that’s what wins the day. Noncognitive rhetoric that subdues the intellect and stirs the passions. The kind you hear in politics and that religionists invoke. Showing fetus feet implies that fetuses do have feet. So do non-human animals and non-human fetuses. Look, people are as stupid as I think they are. This isn’t debatable. You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the great unwashed masses that constitute the american public.

    I think talking about restricting a woman’s right to choose while at the same time pointing out that tebow’s broodmare had that right (trading on the lie they’re submitting, as it’s highly unlikely that she was even offered the choice of abortion in the philippines, where it is illegal) is a safe bet.

    Abortion will never be illegal in the united states again, though. It is a loser issue, and most people look at the extremists on the other end and shake their heads in disgust…because those pictures sicken them, and those arguments are unpersuasive. And we should still be vigilant, but not at the expense of managing the message and keeping the majority on our side (the majority of americans are pro choice)…and you don’t do that by making people think. Thinking is always going to be the least favorable thing to do for the majority of people. Most will go their entire lives without thinking, and happily.

    But the reality is that if it were to become illegal again, setting us back several decades in women’s rights…we’d see domestic terrorism on a scale never before fathomed by the religious right. That’s another incentive to keep it legal.

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