1. Marcito says

    Palin just put a “notch” in her Pyre post…

    FYI, To all the “Situations” out there
    Pyre: wood heaped for burning a dead body as a funeral rite.

  2. Name says

    He might be a friend, but he’s an embarrassment and an idiot. I’m glad there are no Kennedys in office. Their reign is over.

  3. Leo Shaver says

    It is time for a congress with no Kennedys. Ted is dead and Pats packing up. It is a new era. We need the fresh air!

  4. Sharon says

    So this drug addict and alcoholic is a ‘friend’ of the gay community???????????? The best thing about his resignation is that there will be NO MORE Kennedy’s in power! Oh happy day! No more Princess Caroline either! Yippee!