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Watch: Three Dudes in Speedos with a Head Bob


For your entertainment, basically. This was posted sometime last summer but seems to have been rediscovered since they relabeled it Super Bowl 2010. 


(via queerclick - site nsfw)

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  1. I really wanted to like it, but could they have chosen a more tired song?

    Posted by: Rodney | Feb 12, 2010 9:02:59 PM

  2. Oh come on, you can't do the head bob to any other song. LOL


    Posted by: Steve | Feb 12, 2010 9:10:09 PM

  3. Funny and well-done. Apparently some straight boys can dance, sort of.

    Cheers for their creativity and self-esteem.

    Posted by: Charles Lemos | Feb 12, 2010 9:10:42 PM

  4. these guys not look like they were born in the 80"s? but there dam good looking. I didnt need a flash back from the era...

    Posted by: xman | Feb 12, 2010 9:19:00 PM

  5. In Oakton, Virginia of all places.

    The golf course is the Penderbrook Golf course and the school was the Waples Mill Elementary School at 11509 Waples Mill Road, Oakton, VA 22124-2107.

    Nice to see rich white boys have some fun. Certainly daring straight boys to wear speedos in those necks of the woods.

    Posted by: Charles Lemos | Feb 12, 2010 9:50:12 PM

  6. Adorable -- especially the slim-Jim in the dark Speedo. Ping.

    Posted by: Kyle Sullivan | Feb 12, 2010 9:54:52 PM

  7. @Steve: Sure you can. Just choose any eastern European discotheque ditty.

    Posted by: Rodney | Feb 12, 2010 10:05:41 PM

  8. Say what you will, but these hotties can come bob all over my place. I really enjoyed this. What a great bit of fun and they were enjoying it. These little types of things are what make life a pleasure. Thanks speedo boys for giving me a lift!

    Posted by: Dieter | Feb 12, 2010 10:29:45 PM

  9. 1:32 is all i could handle.

    Posted by: frank | Feb 12, 2010 10:55:45 PM

  10. straight? i think at least one of them has to play for our team...

    Posted by: Rob | Feb 12, 2010 11:06:23 PM

  11. Hot guys, fun and they can wear Speedo's.
    It's a keeper...........

    Posted by: Rob West | Feb 13, 2010 12:10:28 AM

  12. Ha! I used to live right near there at Penderbrook! I thought I detected Virginia Tech license plates on the SUV they were driving.

    Posted by: Seth | Feb 13, 2010 12:41:31 AM

  13. interesting that so many posters assume these guys are straight.

    Posted by: MrAiredale | Feb 13, 2010 1:26:24 AM

  14. I don't get it.

    Posted by: DEREK WASHINGTON | Feb 13, 2010 3:30:26 AM

  15. I hate that driver's haircut...the straight line across the back of the neck....should be faded in ! Otherwise he's a great looking dude. They got to be gay......

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Feb 13, 2010 5:45:51 AM

  16. very cool. I and it was clever to show that they were doing it without music each time. I hope they aren't pulling a Taylor Lautner on us though.

    Posted by: Tom A. | Feb 13, 2010 7:31:17 AM

  17. Brought a huge smile to my face. It's refreshing to see people truly enjoying themselves and taking a moment to have fun. Kudos to them!

    Posted by: Brad | Feb 13, 2010 9:04:47 AM

  18. !

    Posted by: Sartorialist | Feb 13, 2010 9:34:15 AM

  19. Pretty stupid! 3 guys in banana hammocks shaking their heads, what a state the arts and entertainment in America have sunk to.

    Posted by: John | Feb 13, 2010 9:43:27 AM

  20. I can't see why anyone would object to this. As Brad says, it's just 3 guys having some harmless fun and sharing it with us. It's not art John, it's just playing around. I enjoyed it. It brought a smile to my face and others too. What's wrong with that ?

    Posted by: Den | Feb 13, 2010 9:57:26 AM

  21. this is the only time my willful ignorance of "Night at the Roxbury" and its subsidiaries has failed me in life :-/

    Posted by: steve | Feb 13, 2010 10:18:10 AM

  22. Goofy, cute, fun: I like it!

    Posted by: Scott | Feb 13, 2010 10:26:33 AM

  23. That is just SO suburban Virginia; the neighborhood community association pool, the cul-de-sac, the red brick homes, the mall; three easy-livin' college guys home on summer break at Mom and Dad's. But it's funny and cute; and I have to agree, any guy wearing a speedo in Virginia is BRAVE!

    Posted by: James | Feb 13, 2010 10:34:06 AM

  24. Haha, portions of that video were shot at two of my hangouts in Fairfax, Va. -- the Fairfax Corner 14 cinemas and the Fair Oaks Mall. Damn, I wish I could see men in speedos as hot as them when I go there.

    And pfft, who says they are straight. Well, maybe the one in green is. Dude doesn't known how to vibe. :)

    Posted by: Hiten | Feb 13, 2010 11:25:08 AM

  25. The boys have no rhythm at all, but I'm prepared to forgive them. Especially blondie.

    Posted by: Andrew W | Feb 13, 2010 11:57:19 AM

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