1. Charles Lemos says

    In Oakton, Virginia of all places.

    The golf course is the Penderbrook Golf course and the school was the Waples Mill Elementary School at 11509 Waples Mill Road, Oakton, VA 22124-2107.

    Nice to see rich white boys have some fun. Certainly daring straight boys to wear speedos in those necks of the woods.

  2. Dieter says

    Say what you will, but these hotties can come bob all over my place. I really enjoyed this. What a great bit of fun and they were enjoying it. These little types of things are what make life a pleasure. Thanks speedo boys for giving me a lift!

  3. Den says

    I can’t see why anyone would object to this. As Brad says, it’s just 3 guys having some harmless fun and sharing it with us. It’s not art John, it’s just playing around. I enjoyed it. It brought a smile to my face and others too. What’s wrong with that ?

  4. James says

    That is just SO suburban Virginia; the neighborhood community association pool, the cul-de-sac, the red brick homes, the mall; three easy-livin’ college guys home on summer break at Mom and Dad’s. But it’s funny and cute; and I have to agree, any guy wearing a speedo in Virginia is BRAVE!

  5. Hiten says

    Haha, portions of that video were shot at two of my hangouts in Fairfax, Va. — the Fairfax Corner 14 cinemas and the Fair Oaks Mall. Damn, I wish I could see men in speedos as hot as them when I go there.

    And pfft, who says they are straight. Well, maybe the one in green is. Dude doesn’t known how to vibe. :)

  6. Kyle Sullivan says

    I don’t get the snarky comments some posters have made against this video. It’s just a fun, goofy moment of ease meant to do nothing more than bring a smile to your face. If you can’t enjoy that for what it is, that’s sad.

  7. Beef and Fur says

    I just hope the bearish/cubbish one in the green speedo is old enough to lust after. You boys can have the hairless twink and jock for yourselves. lol

  8. Jedi says

    You know, some of these comments, assuming these guys are straight — because they “look” straight; because they’re “dudes” and jocks; because they have no rhythm — are clueless.

    Any one of these “dudes” could be gay, you know, despite their questionable taste in music.

  9. Contrarian says

    The speedo suits look too lived in and not something purchased simply to make a video. I’m guessing they are either current or former college water polo or swim team members and/or lifeguards. Back in the day (70’s and early 80’s) that would make them likely homophobic heteros, but having met today’s generation of swimmers, anything is possible on sexuality these days.

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