1. voet says

    This ad is offensive. Sometimes shock can be used to get a point across. However, imagine the outrage that would ensue if someone shot a spot where the character used the “n” word to combat racism, or the “c” word to counter misogyny? Also, the FA needs to realize that it will take more than one spot to change a culture that routinely uses such language with impunity.

  2. TANK says

    Um, have any of you ever attended a football game? You probably understand it as soccer…but have you? Those claiming it’s offensive, or whatnot? Um…get an education by attending one. “get aids and die, fag” is a pretty tame harrangue coming from a fan.

  3. terry says

    The ad is superbly done. It is supposed to be offensive, as is homophobic behavior. We’re looking into a different culture with British football, lots of parallels with the U.S. situation here; but unless we’ve lived there or are students of the U.K., we won’t get the important nuances. Their fans are sometimes rabidly out of control, to the point where people get killed. Show the commercial soon.

  4. Chitown Kev says


    Yes, I have been to many sporting events…

    With this ad, at a professional game you would have to show it very, very early before folks get drunk, otherwise it would be more liable to incite the drunk hooligans at an English OR an American football game. And, yeah, it can get pretty nasty.

    And all of that is assuming that they aren’t already drunk when they arrive at the game.

  5. Mort says

    At first I thought it a bit over the top. Then I understood: It needed to be in order to make that man look as ridiculous to those who’d behave that way as overt bigots appear to everyone else. Well done.

  6. terry says

    Show this on the public television airwaves, not at the sporting stadiums–for all the reasons already articulated. Let it be discussed in the homes and schools and churches–so that real transformation can have a chance to happen.

  7. Jason says

    I draw a parallel to Autralian HIV/AIDS ads where they were the first nation to successfully get men to wear rubbers! Those ads are scary, in your face and to the point. You can’t sidle up to some English queer hater and gently tug his heart strings to get him to stop being a prick. You tell him firmly to shut the F*¢* up! Society in general needs to get messages in many ways. Some ways are easy to hear and others are difficult.

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