1. TANK says

    I like these installments (the best by far has been the ted olson david boies interview), but I just wonder why corey johnson has to wear such tight fitting clothes. It looks uncomfortable.

  2. depraved uchicago student says

    It’s really cool you all were able to get this interview! More please!

  3. jason says

    Giannoulias reminds me of Obama. All talk, no action.

    The Democratic Party as a whole are frauds. They’re good at issuing gay-friendly statements when they need our votes but turn their backs on us once they’re in power.

    I would sooner get a more gay-friendly statement from a snotty ball of Kleenex.

  4. ChicagoMike says

    His family bank is struggling to stay afloat, like too many American banks these days. They made loans I am sure they regret. His opponent, Mark Kirk, is a closet case, weak, typical republican who would sell us down the river for this seat and a contribution. This was President Obama’s Senate seat and the whole of the American gay community should rally to retain this seat in Democratic and progressive hands.

  5. Jack says


    Why, so they can continue dicking us over? Both parties are full of crap. It’s time to start voting independents in. It’s time for people without large bank accounts to run. The internet age is wonderful in that it lets people like this make a splash, and probably scare the crap out of both parties, even if they don’t end up winning.

    Start with a small following, and in years, maybe there will be enough steam to get one of those independents in a seat. It’s not like what we’ve been doing has been working…

  6. John says

    After the primary, Giannoulias was down by 7 percentage points.

    He’s now up by 6.

    Given the terrible environment for Democrats this year and the fact that his opponent – Mark Kirk – is a fairly moderate GOPer, the shift suggests he has some political skills at least. Whether those skills will translate into good governance is another question altogether.

  7. John says

    And for those who are keeping an eye on the New York state senate race in Queens

    Homophobic Sen. Hiram Monserrate has been defeated by a pro-marriage equality candidate. With around half of the vote counted, Monserrate has only 35% of the vote and can no longer make up the margin.

    One DINO down, five to go.

  8. Drew says

    I do agree that all of us complain about Repubs/Dems, but most of us — thinking we’re superior to the typical Republican — are afraid and will just vote Democrat like the opposition votes Republican. Perhaps we’ll collectively have the balls to vote Independent simply to make our point.

  9. James says

    Tank, that comment about Corey’s clothes is douchy.

    I think he looks dreamy, and he can actually hold a conversation so he’s the complete package in my book ūüėČ

  10. John says


    Three percent of the electorate don’t get to “make a point.” Unless the third party in question is already running even with the Democrats and Republicans among heterosexual voters, then there’s no other game in town. Telling LGBT voters – whose meager numbers are barely able to nudge a razor’s edge election as it is – to abandon the major parties is both naive and futile.

    Do you realize that most of the time the LGBT vote does not matter, like, at all?

    Even if each and every queer in, say, San Francisco votes for the Libertarian candidate in a mayoral election — the Democrats’ anointed one will still wake up tomorrow as Mayor-Elect. Because the Democratic Party have the straight voters behind their guy. And they will kick the gays’ ass every time. That’s the demographics of democracy.

  11. TANK says

    You gotta stop drinking coolaid, john. The only way that lgbt rights will advance is if the fear of republican victory goes away. Your generation’s strategy failed. step aside.

    And your book’s pretty fuckin’ thin, james. STFU! I’m trying to be helpful with constructive criticism.

  12. lark says

    I agree with Tank. Corey needs to buy the right shirt size for himself. I have friends who are thin who end up with shirts where the buttons are hanging on for dear life because they got something too small. So I don’t think Tank’s comment is a dig on Corey’s weight but instead buying the right size.

  13. TANK says

    Exactly, it wasn’t about corey’s weight (he’s pretty average in that dept). It’s that those aren’t flattering clothes. If he were too thin and wore larger sizes that hung off of his body, it wouldn’t be flattering, either.

    Ya know, barney frank buys clothes that are way too small for him…shirts in particular. He’s always been overweight, though, and says that he buys them because that’s what he wants to weigh…and never reaches it, apparently. And he looks terrible in those shirts–but his schlubby appearance is quite intentional.

  14. John says


    What do you propose we replace grape and orange drink with exactly?

    See, this is precisely the kind of godless extremism I cannot endorse.

  15. Brad says

    I really like Corey’s interviews! It’s great to hear from people who we don’t get to see in the mainstream media who are the movers and shakers in the trenches. I agree also that Corey is very hot and needs to buy clothes that fit. It distracts from the interview because it looks uncomfortable.

  16. darrell says

    Just gonna comment on Corey, Woof!
    We Canucks. Brits, Aussies and Kiwis all find the US Political system a tad arcane So living under a Parliamentary system I’ll just comment on Corey! could you post a pic of him standing up and turning around? LOL

  17. Norm D PLume says

    Yawn. He can say all the wonderful pretty things he wants to, but he is a Democrat and THAT’s the problem. If he wins and gets into office, he will be told to shut his mouth and tow the party line. We can not make change through the Democratic Party. Millions of good people, many better than this guy, have tried and failed for more than a hundred years. Making change through the Democratic Party is like expecting a dog turd to magically transform into a chocolate cake. It sounds fun if it really happens, but it’s really not likely and you look like an idiot waiting for it to happen.

  18. LincolnLounger says

    Between looting his family bank (the family took out $100+ million in “dividends”), numerous loans to notorious organized crime figures on his watch at the bank, the fact that he acknowledges that the bank is likely to be seized by the Feds, and that the Bright Start college funds lost millions on his watch at State Treasurer means that Alexi may not even by the Dem nominee come this fall. I hope he is so that Illinois will be in the GOP column along with so many other states this Nov.

  19. Dean says

    Are you serious about gays should be voting libertarian? You do know that librtarians are DEAD against the Hate Crimes Bill and ENDA. They believe that businesses should NOT be regulated to discriminate against gays working for them or as their customer base. As for the Hate Crimes Bill they see that as “thought” control and more government intervention. They are basically a cult that DOESN’T believe in Democracy. Their ultinate goal is to “convince” just enough people to legislate their philosophy into law for everyone (irnocally USING the Democratic platform they are so in principle against) and to FUCK with anyone who doesn’t like the new order. ASSHOLES!

  20. Norm D PLume says

    Great. Yet another Democrat runs for office saying “I’ll do you queers good” and other wonderful sounding promises. When do us fags ever learn? It doesn’t matter how wonderful any particular Democratic politicians is, when push comes to shove, the Democrats ALWAYS sell us out. Look at Kucinich’s dropping single payer health care voting for Obama’s corporate welfare program. Winning lgbt equality does not equal supporting the Democrats. God, I hope it doesn’t take us another 50 years to learn this fact.