1. Derrick from Philly says

    Fucking RACISM strikes Towleroad again! If this were some blond haired, blue-eyed husky gay bear there wouldn’t be any fucking problem; but because it’s a husky sexy, big black gay bear–oh, no! what’s he doing in our fucking neighborhood? RACISM–pure and simple.

    …actually, the big gay bear could be brown rather than black, but I don’t believe in intra-racial skin color conflicts–it’s still RACISM!

  2. J says

    I am also going to misinterpret the comments posted above and take them not as satire but as hateful homophobic comments from within our own community!! Then I’m going to say something way off the rails about the intellect of the above posters and end with a non-sequeter comment about Madonna.

  3. Garst says

    I don’t really watch the news (or the onion) because bull shit like this isn’t important (or entertaining). The only time I might watch the news is when I go to sleep I watch World News Now, but it’s mostly for the banter between Jeremy and Vinita. Or if there’s something that’s suppose to be on the news I’ll record it, then fast forward to what I want to see. That’s a great way not to put up with the bull shit.

  4. dan says

    Hilarious and SO TRUE. I’ve basically stopeed watching CNN b/c they sensationalize everthing and every other story is “Breaking News”. Michael Jackson is NOT BREAKING NEWS! He’s DEAD!

  5. Rodney says

    Unrelated bullshit here about my attraction to some random guy. Drifting thoughts …

  6. Darrell says

    Michael Jackson is not dead, I saw him at the gold medal Hockey Game in Vancouver “he was the dude that dropped the puck.