CA State Senator Arrested After Leaving Gay Club

Ashburn California State Senator Roy Ashburn, who has "a history of opposing gay rights," was arrested in Sacramento early Wednesday morning for driving under the influence after a CHP officer spotted his SUV weaving in and out of traffic. According to the local CBS affiliate, Ashburn, a divorced father with four daughters, was with an unidentified male passenger. It's also being reported that he had just left Faces, a gay club in the Sacramento.

Ashburn issued this boilerplate apology:

"I am deeply sorry for my actions and offer no excuse for my poor
judgment. I accept complete responsibility for my conduct and am
prepared to accept the consequences for what I did. I am also truly
sorry for the impact this incident will have on those who support and
trust me – my family, my constituents, my friends, and my colleagues in
the Senate."

We'll have to wait and see if he'll talk about this on his local radio talk show this weekend.


  1. says

    Tee. Hee.

    Bastard got busted, serves him right. Now let’s see if he asks God for forgiveness or explains that he just was trying to talk his “passenger into becoming an Ex-Gay and had to drink to make being a Gay bar a little easier to deal with while he counseled this fellow.”

  2. MikeInSanJose says

    Whoa! SHOCKER!!!

    “Ashburn, a father of four, is a Republican Senator representing parts of Kern, Tulare and San Bernardino Counties with a history of opposing gay rights.”

  3. anon says

    While it isn’t shown that he was at Faces, merely alleged, the fact he had a male passenger was telling. He also seems overly apologetic about DUI, which isn’t quite up there with murder, though it’s often fatal to careers. Was he at Faces to conduct ‘research’ for his show??? Probably yes and no.

  4. L.J. says

    Kudos to the California Highway Patrol for having the balls and integrity to arrest a state senator driving a state vehicle.

    In some places a person in this position would be given a “courtesy warning” or some such bullshit.

  5. FunMe says

    From now on, EVERY homophobe should be asked, especially the politicians:

    “Are you gay? I ask because every politician who hates gays is closeted himself. I give you a few examples … So I close by asking you in a better way, why do you show so much hate toward gays when you yourself are gay?”

  6. walter says

    another closet self hating homophobe cums out so to speak. isn’t it amazing how many gay republicans there really is. next comment is ” i didn’t know it was a gay club and the passenger will be his aide. lying, god wouldn’t like that

  7. E says

    This is so frustrating! Yet it’s typical.
    These MoFo’s holier than thou Republicans that want to limit the equal rights of others yet they are the first ones to be doing their dirty work behind closed doors! That’s probably why they keep things as illegal and immoral because if more people accepted the normalcy of Homosexuality it would force them to live in the light of day and own up to who they really are. There wouldn’t be any place for them in an open and equal society. They would no longer have dark corners to hide in and so they wouldn’t be able to continue to get their “Kicks” in secret. All homosexuals would be living equally (not that there arent millions already doing so) and that would make it harder for them to find willing participants in their rendezvous. Also I really hope that his wife doesn’t stick by him because I’m so tired of these Wives of Politicians standing by thier corupt and immoral husbands! I mean what kind of message does that sent to women?

  8. Zach says

    I hope he is scorned by all his fellow Repulicans.
    There are two types of homophobes… self-loathers and people who just plain hate us and want us dead.
    This guy belongs to the former and even if he did apologize and came out.. too little too late. It won’t undo all the damage you help to create due to your self-hatred

  9. ohplease says

    I had to go to the news article itself to find out this guy is a Republican. I took it for granted he was, of course, but this information should be confirmed within the first few words of your post, if not in the title. Arguably, it’s the single most important point of the entire piece.

  10. Ryan says

    His wife isn’t sticking by him – The gay hating closet case is already divorced…

    I place bets the wife had already caught him taking it up the ass (while wearing her cocktail gown and good pearls) and she decided to get out with a fat settlement package and closed lips about the subject… because she hates gays as much as he does.
    Finding out your married to a Mo hating Mo can be very tough on a relationship like theirs.

  11. WilDGuy says

    to Crispy: not the music….

    Roy A: “I was in there for a game of Pool. I was looking for the table everywhere. I was even on my knees … (!) … Hands and Knees looking for it…”

  12. says

    He’s not gay, don’t be silly! Gay people want to marry other gay people and all that other craaaaaazy equality stuff. He just wants cock in a fag bar toilet stall, a trick for the night, and self-loathing in the morning.

  13. Augustus says

    Is it true he went inside to use the men’s room and not to check the scenery or hook up with anybody? True or not, please give him a break. He’s just being himself after office hours. But seriously, I’m for freedom and equal rights. It is a crime to attack any group because they are different. It is a worse crime when the attacker is a member of that group. Traitors are not only ridiculed. They are also hanged.

  14. REYnoldo says

    This asshole is from my hometown. My step-dad is cracking up of this. He said this guy is your typical bible thumping anti-gay ass.


  15. Killbilly says

    Story like this are just sad – I feel sorry for his family, I feel sorry for him that he has to deny who he really is because other people’s bias…one still has to ask the question why they always turn out to be republicans!

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