1. elcamino says

    It’s absolutely FUCKING REPREHENSIBLE that so many people still feel so enabled by this culture to blatantly discriminate against the transgendered.

    I’m glad CNN is broadcasting this story. Maybe it will open a few eyes to the total bullshit that trans folk have to deal with daily.

  2. TampaZeke says

    Stanton was very homophobic as a city manager and treated gay employees horribly. He was another Roy Ashburn, just on a lower level and smaller scale.

    In spite of knowing this I, with a delegation from my church, went to the hearing and presented a resolution against firing him based on his gender identity.

    There were many good reasons that he should have been fired; his gender identity wasn’t one of them.

    I hope Susan has found peace within herself, and happiness in her new life and

    I hope we soon see the day when people struggling with internal conflicts over their orientation/identity will stop finding ways to hurt, and make life more difficult for, others who have their own struggles to deal with.

  3. says

    I can’t understand how someone can be with you everyday and then you find out something about them that doesn’t hurt anyone else, and you decide he/she must be fired.

    Whatever happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

    Isn’t that the American Dream?

  4. says

    a few years back one of our engineers revealed through an office memo from our general manager that she was making the transition and unlike a lot of people who have the courage to confront this life changing event, was choosing to stay with the company rather than leave and start somewhere fresh, while she went through the process of living as a woman and then eventually undertaking the surgery to complete her journey. the letter encouraged everyone to support her and offered not only her being available for discussions about it, but also the general managers offer to discuss it with anyone who should feel they need to know more or had issues they wished to raise, there were also links to articles online that explained everything…no one had any isssues, in fact it brought the entire company of around 200+ people closer and made us feel like a big family who were privelaged to share in her journey…end result she still works with us, we still love her like we always did and we feel lucky that she had enough faith and trust in us to share the reality of her decisions and life with all of us….why shouldn’t everyone be given that sort of respect???

  5. James says

    Why the gay media keep saying “he” when talking about a transgender woman, while at the same time denouncing discrimination is the most ironical manifestation of hypocrisy ever.

    Apparently, discrimination, mcokery and lack of respect are only wrong when they concern gay people. The rest of the time it’s justified because you know, these people, they’re fucking freaks (not like us. at least since 1973)

    ps: Im a gay man

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