Health Care Reform Nears Evening House Vote: Links, Updates

 road  Washington Post health care FAQ: What time is the vote (sometime after 8 pm), what are the potential stumbling blocks still left, other questions…

Hcr  road  A protester from the House gallery shouted "kill the bill" to applause from the GOP this afternoon.

 road  Following slurs hurled at Congressmen by teabaggers yesterday, Capitol police moved protesters away from the House steps: "Police moved protestors away from the steps of the House side of the Capitol, where House members will enter at 1 p.m. today to vote. By 11 a.m., a crowd of about 100 had gathered, singing patriotic songs and chanting 'kill the bill.'

But when police told them they had to move back from the House steps, most moved to the front of the Capitol, with a few stragglers parking out on the grass several hundred feet away."

 road  NYT live blog here.

 road  Rep. Bart Stupak is a yes: "The Michigan Democrat, in citing the president’s executive order further outlining prohibitions against the use of federal funds for abortion, announces that he will vote for the legislation. 'The real victory here or the real winners here are the American people,' Mr. Stupak concludes, noting that 31 million more people would receive health-care coverage.

On the president’s executive order, colleague Sheryl Stolberg notes: 'The White House, sounding a note of confidence about the passage of the health care bill, has just announced that after its passage, Mr. Obama will sign an executive order that will reaffirm the measure’s ‘’consistency with longstanding restrictions on the use of federal funds for abortion.'" Stupak press conference HERE.

 road  Some Republicans chose to distance themselves from the slurs used by teabaggers:

"On CNN's 'State of the Union,' Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) denounced the use of such slurs 'in the strongest terms.'

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), said on NBC's 'Meet the Press' that the 'isolated incidents' were 'reprehensible.'

Later on the same program, Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee's first black chairman, agreed that the incidents were 'reprehensible,' and added, 'we do not support that.'

'What you had out there yesterday were a handful of people who just got stupid and said some ignorant things,' Steele said."

 road  Below, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) defends racist and homophobic slurs against lawmakers. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) denounces them.


  1. John says

    Pelosi has between 217 to 223 “yes” votes – New York Times, MSNBC, Huffington Post.

    DailyKos is being very cautious, so they haven’t declared victory quite yet.

    However, all indications are the House will pass this tonight.

  2. says

    I am sorry folks but this wretched bill is not reform in any way. All this bill does is force 31 million Americans to purchase private, overpriced, uncontrolled, health insurance with IRS fines and imprisonment for those who don’t.

    There are no price controls. There are yearly caps on what insurance companies have to pay. No limits on what the insurance companies can charge people with preexisting conditions…even though it mandates that you must purchase the coverage.

    Terrible terrible bill that does nothing for the American people. This is a complete sellout to the insurance industry.

    True reform was simple and it is why I voted for Obama. Let everyone buy into Medicare and leave the insurance companies alone. Real simple.

    HRC is not reform and those of you thinking that this is a starting place…look back in 10 years. The only changes we will see are lower government subsidies and higher rates. The government will never touch this issue again in my lifetime.

    The Democratic Party and President Obama sold us out to the insurance companies.

  3. says

    Alex, Rep. Nunes was not defending the use of those “words.” It was the other guy on just prior to him. This video was edited and it switches over to Nunes after whoever was on before justified it. If you start from the beginning, you’ll it’s an entirely different person.

  4. Zach says

    “HRC is not reform and those of you thinking that this is a starting place…look back in 10 years. The only changes we will see are lower government subsidies and higher rates. The government will never touch this issue again in my lifetime.”

    Congress will be forced to return to this in your lifetime, unless you plan on dying sometime in the next ten years. They’ll have no choice. Current reform puts the country on the right collision course with being forced to come to harder and better choices. They should have gone much further, but then, they should always go much further.

    You can either accept this bill for what it is, or you can wait for the Republicans to become the majority again, in which case nothing at all will ever happen.

    “The Democratic Party and President Obama sold us out to the insurance companies.”

    That would imply that corporations didn’t already exercise significant sway in shaping policy. You are extraordinarily naive if you ever thought that would change in two years. In the real world, people can only push so far so fast.

  5. JT says

    I still like Obama, overall, but do NOT like this bill. Nor the sneaky way they’d attempted to push it through (before wisely dropping THAT idea).

  6. Drew says

    People against this bill have really little understanding of how profound it is, *especially* when they prefer no bill…

    Imagine taxes. Once issued, they are never removed. A health care bill is the same; it will never be dissolved and can now only be improved. No ‘first-gen’ bill is great, but now it can ONLY get better as they work to improve it.

  7. says

    Typical to form, Obama is a cowardly liar who struck a last minute deal to sell out the reproductive health of all women in this country. This executive order, which will further consolidate the so called Hyde amendment, is the biggest setback for the pro choice movement in decades and is a dream come true for right wing extremists who want to control women’s bodies. Remember when the obama fanatics told us that he just couldn’t sign an executive order to end DADT? It would be an abuse of power they said. It was congress’ job to make policy they said. Bullshit. Lies lies and more lies from this no good rotten liar of a president and his cronies in the Democratic party. Apparently when it comes to restricting the access to health care for millions of women he all of a sudden has no problem with Executive Orders. Obama is a lying sack of shit. Period.

  8. says

    it’s not a tantrum. it’s called righteous indignation, and if you think this is about Hillary you’re an idiot. It’s about the health and well being of my (and your) mother and my sister my nieces. If you care more about cheerleading a lying coward than standing up for them you’re as bad as the right wing nutjobs who supported Bush to the bitter end. And if that’s the case, you’re not worth another second of my time.

  9. 24play says


    You need to stop reading mindless blogs on the loony left.

    The executive order on abortion agreed to today doesn’t do a fucking thing except help Stupak and the rest of his anti-choice cronies save face.

    They caved and agreed to vote for the bill while getting nothing. The executive order essentially says federal law under the Hyde amendment continues unchanged. It doesn’t “consolidate” a damn thing.

  10. John says

    While I would have preferred the British system, it is clear that America isn’t ready for that. One look at the “Mongolian Horde” of violent tea baggers camped outside the U.S. Capitol today will confirm that. This is a country of right-wing lunatic rednecks. And it is amazing the Democrats have gotten this far.

    As health care reform this legislation is solely lacking. However, as health insurance reform it is actually pretty good. For the first time in history, the U.S. federal government will regulate the health insurance industry. There will be subsidies for the unemployed and self-employed to buy insurance. The Medicare prescription drug gap has been closed. And those under 26 can continue to receive coverage under their parents’ plan.

    Kudos to Nancy Pelosi for bluffing Bart Stupak BTW.

    All weekend she was signaling to Stupak that she could do it without him. It is now clear that was a lie. She was at 213 and needed Stupak’s people. And if he had stuck to his guns, he could have gotten much more than the executive order. But he blinked first and folded. An executive order lasts for as long as Obama wants it to. This is basically a face-saving measure and nothing more.

  11. says

    So what happens now? A lot of our Democrat friends will not be around in the future because this bill was voted through; at both the national and state level there will be a response. It’s already started. Will more and more states turn out like Virginia, with socially conservative Republicans who want to restrict gay rights?

    The Tea Partiers have been socially liberal, but very pragmatic. I think now they’ll hold their noses and support socially conservative politicians. I know I’m voting straight (!) Republican for the foreseeable future from now on. It’s a money issue.

  12. says

    24play, loony left? I thought I was a republican ratfucker. Oh well, at least it’s an improvement. Anyway, you’re totally wrong. First of all Yglesias is bought and paid for by the White House, so I would take anything he says with a grain of salt. Secondly, Obama made promises to pro choice groups like NOW and NARAL (are they the loony left now too??) to get rid of the “Hyde amendment” which many believe is contrary to the ruling of Roe v. Wade. This executive order gives a great deal of weight and legitamacy to the Hyde language–and by a fucking Democratic president no less. If that doesn’t make Obama a sell out and a liar, than I don’t know what does. And any pro choice Democrat who supports Obama (or anyone else who supported this bill) is either a fool or completely lacking any principles.

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