1. MCnNYC says

    Andy instead of being a HRC whiner and kvetcher why not provide your readers with the phone number or email to the White House and have them call or write….if you and your swarm are “activists”.
    And I doubt Choi had anything to do for it.

    He should have not worn his uniform.
    remember St. Patricks Cathedral…sure it cathartic but … it’s PR.

  2. says

    Actually, the Socarides comments were in response to the heinous Obama DOJ brief defending DOMA last year, but it still fits perfectly in this case, too.

    And let’s clean up some other confusion, too. Obama is the master of mesmerizing with empty rhetoric those desperate for a pat on the head. So good that he ties them in knots arguing with themselves over their delusions of what he said. No one can hold him accountable for saying he was for repeal this year then not fighting for it because he NEVER said it. Too few after the SOTU got that the ONLY timeframe he committed to was about Congress NOT repeal. He said:

    “THIS YEAR, I will WORK WITH CONGRESS and our military to finally repeal the law ….”

    NOT: “I will work with Congress and our military to finally repeal the law THIS YEAR.”

    One doesn’t even have to remember that he’d long since betrayed his promise during the primary campaign to start “that work” the day he took office [i.e., 14 months ago] to see the intentional sentence structure trick above.

    He waved another shiny thing in the form of
    more CAREFULLY parsed words and gays started speaking in tongues AGAIN! How many times does this guy have to bitch fool slap us for people to WAKE UP?

    Jessica H. Christ! Gays are still asking questions about the “meaning” of The Study rather than what they should have done two months ago: CONDEMN IT ENTIRELY because, regardless of what the Gates et al say it’s about, it is the actual weapon they’re using to delay read KILL repeal.

    In short, while more are realizing just how thoroughly we’re being played, others continue to see only a part of it because they’re unable to admit to themselves just how TOTAL a phony our self-anointed “fierce advocate” has been. To use a legal analogy, Obama Inc., isn’t simply guilty of “negligent homicide,” of allowing repeal to die. They’re guilty of “premeditated murder.”

    This is [at least] the THIRD pro DADT Obama DOJ brief attempts to poison overturning the ban.

    His SECDEF Gates is in charge of the death squad trying to smother repeal until it runs out of oxygen Nov. 2nd.

    And anyone who doesn’t believe it’s all being orchestrated by the namesake of the Obama Nostra because he’s convinced he/the DNC will lose more votes by repeal than they’ll lose by killing it is a voluntary fool!

    If he won’t freeze discharges that he’s declared are both unjust and weaken national security, freeze the GAYTM!

    Out of the blogs and into the streets!

  3. taodon says

    On no! We might not be able to afford our new suit – quick – do something that makes it look like we care about gays!

  4. says

    Stuff thyself, MCN.

    Dan Choi wearing his uniform was PR PERFECT! He IS a soldier. He was protesting the MILITARY’s gay hatred. That’s why they call it civil disobedience.

    He risked federal prison for violating the UCMJ. You? Oh, yeh. A snarky post without revealing your actual name and a phone call.

    Thanks for your sacrifice!

  5. James says

    Oh No! What is the HRC thinking? They’ll never be invited to the fancy parties in D.C. now!

  6. Andrew Chapin says

    Shame on you again Towleroad for thinking you know everything that’s going on behind the scenes and criticizing HRC because they aren’t affecting the change how you think it should be affected. How counterproductive it would be for Obama to repeal DADT without the sufficient support in place behind him to keep him politically powerful. He’s building that…give him the chance to do it. Its not like this is the only item on his or our or the country’s agenda. I LOVE your blog but sometimes you’re so infantile and simplistic about politics. HRC is our best LGBT organization for national issues and you just keep attacking them instead of supporting them. Shame on you!

  7. Mike says

    To be fair the cocktail party schedule was a little too full to write anything until now.

  8. JusticeontheRocks says

    Andrew, are you off your meds? Criticizing Andy because he doesn’t know what’s going on “behind the scenes?” That’s about as lame as Nixon’s secret plan to end the war. The fact is that Obama has done nothing but give lip service to LGBT concerns and your beloved HRC doesn’t have the balls to call him on it.

    Sit down some night and make a list of everything HRC has ever accomplished. You won’t be pleased. They sat on their fat asses and let DOMA and DADT become law under the previous Democrat “savior.” Ten years later we have a different Democrat but the same ass kissing and once again, zero results.

    I don’t know Andy but I suspect he understands better than you the need for some organization to undertake HRC’s mission. He only wants it done with a minimu of competence.

  9. Norm D PLume says

    This just proves the point that REAL lgbt activists have been making for years. If we want equality, WE MUST CUT ALL TIES TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, PERIOD, END OF DEBATE. So long as we chain ourselves to this homophobic gay-bashing party, we will always be compromised.