1. robert says

    Cool! Be fun to see him do something besides the twilight movies. Lord knows the boy aint hard to look at!

  2. Matt says

    Apparently I’m the only one who thinks this guy has just an average face, from the front.
    His profile is a different story. I’ve seen better profiles on cro-magnon sketches.

  3. Rodney says

    I’ve been in love with Cavill since he appeared in “The Count of Monte Cristo”. He was scrumpcious (sp.) at 18.

  4. says

    He should spend more time on his craft than at the gym. Maybe being an underwear model is a more appropriate career choice.

  5. Scott says

    I guess his body is sort of hot, but why is be so veiny in that photo? It’s really weird.

  6. Tyler says

    Out of curiosity, is he gay? He seems to get a lot of press on here. Not that I mind, but just wondering if it’s because he’s on our team.

  7. Drew says

    Kellan is like Paul Walker’s younger, slightly less attactive brother.

    I find both hot, but so uncharismatic versus let’s say, Chris Evans or someone sexaaaaaay like that. Not sure why.