Kiss Cut in Kathy Griffin Episode of Law & Order: SVU

Griffin Kathy's Griffin's anticipated appearance on Law & Order SVU aired on NBC last night. In it, the funny lady guest starred as a lesbian activist, a role which was apparently written specifically for her.

A scene in which Griffin leans in and kisses series regular Mariska Hargitay was filmed but did not make the final cut. Instead, in thebroadcast version, Griffin's character makes an attempt to kiss her, but Hargitay pulls back before their lips make contact and informs her that she's straight.

What didn't get cut was this comment which Hargitay makes to a female character about to enter the room and find herself alone with Griffin:"If I were you, I'd stay outside."

Watch the a clip of the final scene after the jump.

Posted March 4, 2010 at 10:24am ETC by Steve Pep
in Julie Bindel