1. damon says

    The kiss really wasn’t needed. It wasn’t remotely integral to the plot of what was going on. The comment that Marishka’s character made had to do more with just the kiss. Kathy’s character was a handful. People really need to get over it. If you want to see a lesbian kiss, watch greys or any of those whore reality shows on VH1.

  2. kujhawker says

    Yet when Kathy’s character kissed Stabler at the end that was really needed either, wondering why that kiss made it and the other kiss did not.

  3. Marc says

    I’m done with NBC, after their terrible coverage of the Owelympics and now this.


  4. Marco says

    Odd. I thought the edit was weird but didn’t know they actually cut out an actual kiss. How embarrassing for NBC. I hope this show is cancelled after Meloni leaves.

  5. Carol Demech says

    Absolutely, the worst episode of SVU. Homophobic writers – of course the dyke kisses the man instead of the woman. NBC I’m done with you and SVU!!

  6. UWSGUY says

    brought to us by NBC, the network that happily showed over and over again video of a luger hitting a beam head-on at 90mph and dying from severe head trauma.

  7. William says

    I love Kathy Griffin. And I’m always drawn into L&O SVU; however, that episode was like a cartoon. The “lesbian pack” were like Ellen Jamesians from the World According to Garp. With every positive comment, there was a stereotypical cartoon of the “lesbian-type” and, then, of course, the proverbial censored kiss. And the burgler on the firescape touch — very “Columbo” or “Hart to Hart.”

  8. Chris says

    Nice way to perpetuate a stereotype.

    I think I’m over watching television anymore.

  9. D.B.. says

    I love Kathy Griffin — I have seen her live performance, and I never miss her Bravo show. But, last night was a disappointment — let’s just say that Kathy’s acting skills are not in the same league as the rest of the “SVU” cast.

    The scenes between Mariska and Kathy were just painful to watch — you could almost see Mariska desperately trying to get anything approximating a performance out of Kathy, and it just wasn’t happening.

  10. chuck says

    This lesbian killer episode made no sense, like most of their plots, but really should have gotten some attention was an episode shortly before the Olympic break about a straight guy with HIV who was purposefully infecting women, thru rape. Chris Meloni actually pronounced HIV a “death sentence” even as they depicted one of his victims as dying because she “couldn’t afford the meds”—this in New York City in 2010. It was all creepy and retro and shamefully uninformed. I was disappointed in the once gay-friendly Meloni (who surely knows better), and the show, which once prided itself on medical and social accuracy. They’ve been on too long I guess, and are phoning it in. Greed, like misinformation, kills.

  11. says

    Get. Over. It. With or without the kiss, the line that Olivia says at the end of the scene was the same. If you think about it, the kiss makes no sense. Kathy’s Character, Babs, was came our of the closet as bisexual. Babs was in a relationship with a man…the guy who got shot in the ass. She was happy (but in the closet) with him so why would she have kissed Olivia? To test her? It makes no sense. Quit being such drama queens and stop saying that you’re never going to watch tv ever again because you’re so hurt. You know your ass will be watching something else tonight, you’re not fooling anyone.

  12. Vince B. says

    The writers didn’t edit out a kiss. The character Olivia is straight. Having her accept a kiss from a crazy person she’s protecting would go entirely against the existing character developed for her. 2 big points go out to William for the Ellen Jamesians reference!

  13. BobN says

    L&O SVU is the weakest of the L&O franchises and often has trite story lines that try to cram too much into one episode, reducing everything to caricature (the original series, Plain Old L&O, is heading down that road, too).

    But last night’s episode was a real stinker! On so many levels, not the least of which was the lesbian stereotyping, it was just WRONG. For a brief moment, at the very end, I thought I sensed a we’re-doing-this-as-a-camp-episode vibe, but then I realized that was just wishful thinking on my part.


  14. art says

    I think they lost a lot of gay views especially the lesbian kind, the line; If I were you, I’d stay outside… really not needed… It play to the worst stereotype…gay people as predators unable to control themselves…

  15. says

    As a lesbian, I’m more perturbed that the writers explicitly made Det. Benson straight than I am at the shoddy storyline. At least when they left her sexuality ambiguous we could fill in the blanks however we wanted. (By pairing Alex and Olivia together, natch).

  16. Mary says

    Script sucked. The kiss was not missed. Why would someone in a relationship, with someone out to kill her, think about kissing a cop protecting her?!?!??!

    The crazy lumberjack-looking girlfriend and the crazy yelling “everyone is against me” Kathy character burns my butt. booo

    I can still have fantasies about Det. Benson, but did I already say this episope sucked? It SUCKED!

  17. says

    JKM, are you serious? She didn’t have anything to do with the kiss being cut. If you are going to dismiss her over something she had no control over then you have some serious issues.

  18. TANK says

    Are you joking? Kathy was overheard screaming at the producers to cut the scene because she wasn’t “going to be made to look like one of those goddamned people!”

    Kathy griffin’s as funny as a urinary tract infection!

  19. Sam O'Brien says

    Wow, Benson too? I felt bad enough for Meloni having to kiss that…thing. But Hargitay too? Poor people.

  20. Sean says

    FANNIE, what are you talking about? They have always made Olivia straight. There are NUMEROUS episodes about her dating life with men.

  21. Sean says

    I have to say that it was the weakest night of television for SVU in years. Both hours were boring and they need to stop having guest stars because they are writing for the Guest Stars and not the actual show. Having the stupid copy man be the culprit didn’t make sense since we saw him ONCE and forgot who he was!

    There wasn’t any need for Kathy’s character to “come out of the closet” at the end. It didn’t make any sense at all! It didn’t help catch anyone because the guy was always there.

    The second hour with Lee Tergesen was boring as all hell. It was nice they tried to give us an old feel of Beecher and Keller back together again…but it was boring and didn’t hold my attention. Now why couldn’t he have been gay and kiss Meloni and Kathy a wingnut prostitute hating nun?

  22. says

    Ok…the kiss wasn’t really needed, but the kiss between Kathy Griffin and Stabler was needed? I don’t think so.
    From the countless lesbian stereo-types to the cut kiss, there were so many things wrong with this episode.
    I’m a 22 year old lesbian and watching this episode was one of those moments for me…the kind that make you want to take a step back in the closet again for a little bit because for some reason I should be ashamed of who I am. I haven’t felt like that in a very long time.

    And if anyone watched the actual clip of the kiss, Olivia does not accept the kiss from Babs, she completely rejects her.

  23. Aaron says

    I really don’t see this as a loss for the lesbian community. I LOVE L&O:SVU, but the producer of the show knows how to sell sex appeal to the masses (he did the same thing with selling homoerotic content in Oz on HBO). This kiss wasn’t about promoting gay/lesbian awareness. It was about a bunch of straight male fans that are obsessed with seeing Mariska and Kathy kiss.

  24. Aaron says

    @Chuck: I fail to see how that paints HIV carriers in a negative light at all. The truth is, way to many men sleep around and spread HIV while they do so. HIV is a death sentence (sure, you can prolong it with meds, but it will eventually contribute to your cause of death). Even worse, its a LIFE sentence. It condemns a person to living a life that no one would ever willingly chose to live.