Lipstick-Slashed Gay Activists Protest Monserrate at Debate


At a debate on Thursday night in Queens between anti-gay former state senator Hiram Monserrate and the challenger for his seat, Jose Peralta, several gay activists slashed their faces with lipstick, referencing Monserrate's broken glass attack on his girlfriend's face.

The NYDN has another report on the debate and protest.

Monserrate is currently the target of a recently-former political action committee, Fight Back NY, targeting state senators who voted against last year's marriage equality bill. Actress Cynthia Nixon recorded a spot for the group earlier this week. Watch it here.

(image via natasha dillon)


  1. jamal49 says

    Well, I hope so, but if anyone who reads this lives in Monserrate’s district (like me) PLEASE go and vote against that asshole and send him into the electoral toilet where he belongs.

  2. Gregoire says

    Hiram was both convicted and acquited:

    “On March 23, 2009, a grand jury indicted Monserrate on three felony and three misdemeanor charges, in connection with a December 19, 2008 injury to his girlfriend.[4] He was convicted on October 15, 2009 of one count of misdemeanor assault, and acquitted of two counts of felony assault and one other count of misdemeanor assault”

  3. says

    I am proud of these members from Queer Rising for reminding the public that Monserrate is violent and not fit to be Senator. Jose Peralta is a fantastic candidate for many reasons. He is an ally of the LGBT commuity – an advocate which this Queens district (not to mention our entire state) badly needs.

  4. walter says

    if this ass wipe is reelected it goes to prove that the electerate are stupid and get what they deserve. but it does prove one thing being a politician is profitable and worth fighting for. this will be another step backward for the nys senate already a laughing stock.

  5. alguien says

    if this asswipe is elected it will be complete disservice to his district as there are very few in the state senate who would want to have anything to do with him.

  6. 24play says

    Monserrate was only found guilty of MISDEMEANOR assault, for recklessly causing injury to his girlfriend when he dragged her through the building’s elevator and hallways, as seen on surveillance video.

    He was acquitted on all 3 felony accounts, which were actually related to the slashing of his girlfriend’s face, to which there were no witnesses.

    If he had been found guilty of any of the felonies, Monserrate would have automatically lost his Senate seat.

    I know I shouldn’t expect journalism on Towleroad, but if a Freeper site were falsely claiming some gay man or lesbian was convicted of a felony, I imagine this site would be up in arms.

  7. walter says

    the only reason he wasn’t convicted is because he took a judge instead of a jury. i wonder why? could the judge be a member of the old boys club? he didn’t want a jury of peers felt more scure throwing himself on the “mercy” of the court

  8. Bayley says

    It’s not enough for you to just go out and vote against this THUG…MONSTER…beast….you have to get on the phone and inform ALLLLL your friends, coworkers and family to go out and vote against him as well! Please get active, don’t just wait for hope, make hope happen, and get on twitter, emails, facebook and inform ALL your friends and family to vote for Jose Peral and AGAINST Monserrate!

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