Lt. Dan Choi and Cpt. Jim Pietrangelo Plead ‘Not Guilty’ in Court, Opt for April 26 Trial Over $100 Fine


Reports from the D.C. arraignment of Lt. Dan Choi and Cpt. Jim Pietrangelo are coming in.

Pietrangelo has pleaded "not guilty" and is opting for a trial over a fine of $100. Choi has pleaded "not guilty, not ashamed, and not finished" and wants a trial over a fine.

They have been released from custody, to come back for a trial on April 26.

Top photo, Choi and Pietrangelo after the trial, tweeted by MetroWeekly.


  1. says

    Heroes. Plain and simple. I can’t even express how proud I am of these 2 men.

    This week has shown us pathetic ‘men’ that belittled a disabled men with Parkinsons at a Teabagger rally, and these two REAL MEN that are fighting with their entire souls for our gay freedom.

  2. bading says

    Just got a mailer from that merely asks for a pledge to work for equality. A huge difference from what I always get from HRC, nothing but pleas for more money! So I wrote a reply asking Robin and Kip how I can give THEM money.

  3. FunMe says

    These guys are amazing! They are fight for EQUALITY for all of us. And they’ve had enough. I am so proud of what they are doing.

    As I read somewhere, these guys are our ROSA PARKS.

  4. Rann says

    I agree with the above comments and refuse to find a way to attack them for what they did.(like so many others did) It took guts and courage and I am proud of them! I brought up Rosa Parks yesterday in regards to them because that is what this reminded me of and because I think it is true.

  5. Chitown Kev says

    Rosa Parks or Alice Paul…either one would work (it was Alice Paul that Choi and Pietrangelo were emulating yesterday).

    Whether they will be remembered as civil rights activists in the Paul/Parks category depends on what we do as a community to back them up.

  6. David says

    I have become really cautious of any action that has the HRC tied to it. Their slow attitude, and one issue at a time stance tells me this is for show, and nothing more. Although, anything brining attention to our cause is welcome.

  7. Career says

    Choi is a joke. The only reason he got as far as he did is because he’s telegenic, and because his constituency (friendly TV interviewers and gay activists) don’t know anything about the military, and don’t care.

    He trades on his West Point credentials and five years active duty and one year reserve. Well let’s have a closer look. When Choi left as a consequence of DADT, he had been in for six years. The captain track usually takes four years, but the war has caused a shortage of captains and majors so now capt. takes 3-1/2 years.

    A block of wood can make captain. It’s virtually automatic. But Choi never did, and he didn’t declare he was gay until he’d been in for six years. Not only that, be he came out of the Point. Translation: Long before he ever made his splash with Rachel Maddow, the “hero” LT was a problem child that the Army didn’t want. And don’t tell me that don’t want any gays. There are plenty of gay field officers (MAJ through COL), and some gay flag (general) officers.

    Unless Choi comes clean with an interviewer who’s ever been within 50 miles of a military installation, we’ll never hear about what kept him this Pointer from clearing a hurdle that EVERYONE clears unless they’re a real fuckup on the job.

    But it does help explain why Choi decided that he’d attend a political protest in uniform; purposely get himself arrested there; chain himself to his commander-in-chief’s fence; and generally make a ridiculous spectacle of himself on national television. He’s a loose screw, and if some other commentary I read elsewhere is correct, also a fame whore and all-around egomaniac, not to mention a member in good standing of the Overgrown High School Drama Club ‘n Amateur Theatre.

    Other people can be as impressed as they want to by this half-wit, but I ain’t. Anybody who thinks Choi is helping gay people in military service had better think again. Someone needs to swap him for a new poster boy. How about someone who was wounded in Iraq and who won’t take it upon himself to piss all over everything the military is about?

    All these people bending over to kiss that guy’s ass, I have a question: Do you actually give a shit about gay people in the military, or are you just in this for this week’s shits ‘n giggles? Wait, better not answer that.

  8. Aaron says

    @Career I’m a Pointer and totally agree with you. As long as you’re breathing you can make Captain easily in 3.5 years. He doesn’t speak for me. The Family is NOT happy about this one.

  9. Career says

    Thanks for the backup, Aaron. I am convinced that this joker was never really checked out by anyone in gay organizations or the media because in their group do very many people have respect for, or familiarity with, anything having to do with the military.

    That guy being a lieutenant after 5 years active plus 1 in the NG is like someone flipping burgers at McDonald’s at the age of 28. Would someone put such a person on display as their spokesman? Nope. But a LT six years on? No problem.

  10. Hank says

    @Career – Good to have a sanity check man. All the civvies out there want to back this guy cause he puts on a good show and they know NOTHING about the political hurdles involved in making deals within the military community. Change doesn’t come from pissing all over your chain-of-command. Civilians think they can scream like the tea party idiots and make enough noise and that will work. It didn’t work for Vietnam, it won’t work for DADT.

    I hope to god someone wakes up soon… more knuckleheads are following suit and damaging years of work by calm, cool allies who have worked one-on-one with retired leaders and military institutions, including the Point, to get our point of view across and open some hearts and minds.

    Choi is overzealous and clearly doesn’t respect the military as an institution.

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