Pink Hoax Flyers Advertise Florida Mayoral Hopeful’s ‘Gay Agenda’


Gainesville, Florida mayoral Candidate Craig Lowe is the target of a set of hoax flyers that were circulated last week touting his "gay agenda", the Gainesville Sun reports:

"The pink fliers sarcastically suggest Lowe, who is openly gay, will work to get: 'Gays in Women’s Restrooms,' 'Gay Marriage,' 'Gay Public Sex Education,' 'Gay Oriented Churches,' 'Gay Communities,' 'Gay Civil Rights' and 'Gay Parades.'

“Please help to make this town more like San Francisco, CA,” the flier reads. “Don’t let Traditional Value Activists use scare tactics against you!”

Lowe, a city commissioner, said in an interview that he was told the fliers had been put on cars at a Baptist church Sunday and some had been placed on cars along Main Street. It was not clear who was distributing them."

A good guess would be the 'Citizens for Good Public Policy', who were behind last year's fear-mongering ad (which failed) designed to scare voters from an LGBT anti-discrimination measure by saying that transgender predators would be using bathrooms at a child's playground. The anti-gays in Gainesville have a vivid and frightening imagination.

(via the victory fund)

Posted March 15, 2010 at 8:35pm ETC by Andy Towle
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