Ricky Martin: ‘I am Proud to Say I am a Fortunate Homosexual Man’


Ricky Martin has come out of the closet in a statement on his official website:

 A few months ago I decided to write my memoirs, a project I knew was going to bring me closer to an amazing turning point in my life. From the moment I wrote the first phrase I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying within me for a long time. Things that were too heavy for me to keep inside. Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And thisis something worth celebrating.

For many years, there has been only one place where I am in touch with my emotions fearlessly and that's the stage. Being on stage fills my soul in many ways, almost completely. It's my vice. The music, the lights and the roar of the audience are elements that make me feel capable of anything. This rush of adrenaline is incredibly addictive. I don't ever want to stop feeling these emotions. But it is serenity that brings me to where I'm at right now. An amazing emotional place of comprehension, reflection and enlightenment. At this moment I'm feeling the same freedom I usually feel only on stage, without a doubt, I need to share.

Many people told me: "Ricky it's not important", "it's not worth it", "all the years you've worked and everything you've built will collapse", "many people in the world are not ready to accept your truth, your reality, your nature". Because all this advice came from people who I love dearly, I decided to move on with my life not sharing with the world my entire truth. Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage. Today I take full responsibility for my decisions and my actions.

If someone asked me today, "Ricky, what are you afraid of?" I would answer "the blood that runs through the streets of countries at war…child slavery, terrorism…the cynicism of some people in positions of power, the misinterpretation of faith." But fear of my truth? Not at all! On the contrary, It fills me with strength and courage. This is just what I need especially now that I am the father of two beautiful boys that are so full of light and who with their outlook teach me new things every day. To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where born with. Enough is enough. This has to change. This was not supposed to happen 5 or 10 years ago, it is supposed to happen now. Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment.

These years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn't even know existed.

What will happen from now on? It doesn't matter. I can only focus on what's happening to me in this moment. The word "happiness" takes on a new meaning for me as of today. It has been a very intense process. Every word that I write in this letter is born out of love, acceptance, detachment and real contentment. Writing this is a solid step towards my inner peace and vital part of my evolution.

I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.

Congratulations Ricky. The truth will set you free.


  1. Harrison says

    I just wanted one nice comment on here before all the jaded assholes come out of the woodwork. Good on you, Ricky.

  2. Liam says

    Make that two. We each come out at our own pace, when it’s right for us. Congrats and happiness, Ricky.

  3. Derek in Madison says

    You’ll continue to do wonderful things for the world, Ricky, and I’m not sure you’ll ever know the importance your coming out will have for the lives of many.

    Thank you.

    (Cue the bitter fug-ass queens…)

  4. canddieinnc says

    Good on him. It is probably a bit more difficult being latino coming out, and having the machismo baggage with a career to protect. Now if he will ask to be forgiven for singing at the Bush inaugural…

  5. Dan Cobb says

    Ricky, I give you huge props for being the guy you are. You’re a very good looking guy, and you make great music (especially your Spanish ballads), but what impresses me most about you is your behavior. You’ve acted with integrity and decency throughout your career. You never denied being gay, and you were always respectful to those who tried to inquire into your personal life, and you never made denigrating remarks about gays… like some closeted celebrities. My hat’s off to you. Your integrity is what makes you shine even more than all the other great attributes and talents you have.
    Good luck to you, hope to see lots of you in the future.
    Dan in Baltimore

  6. Casper says

    Good for you, Ricky…..You are a Hero for a lot of people who want to come out…..Congratulations!!!!!

  7. Craig Mingus says

    Anyone that criticizes Ricky for coming out the way he did should stand in the mirror and answer themselves if they would do the same thing if in his shoes. It’s not up to us to decide when someone wants to tell the world, it’s up to that person to let everyone know. I’m glad Ricky came to accepting himself on his own terms. Like Oprah says, “The Truth will set you free!”

  8. Richard says

    Congratulations Ricky! Coming out was the best thing I ever did…for me and my children! It is your time and the truth will set you free!

  9. SeaMonster says

    Ricky is pretty amazing and I know a few gay guys who could learn a thing or two from him.
    Best of luck Ricky!

  10. Reggie says

    Congratulations, Ricky. And only the Best wishes for you and your Family/Friends. Thank you.

  11. Cajiva says

    Even though I feel he didn’t have to come out to the world, I’m so happy that he did. I have never felt such a warm spot in my heart for someone to come out. I love you Ricky and I hope people will still embrace him.

  12. says

    Way to Go! You did the right thing and we are all better for your bravery. One day in the future we will all be free. A man’s reputation and heart are so much more important that is sexual orientation. It’s all about one’s character and humanity not their sexuality.

  13. Ketan says

    We were all just waiting for the truth and I for one am glad that have reached a stage where you can be honest to your fans about yourself, if anything people will respect you more for it.

  14. says

    I just want to say ‘Congrats Ricky’. Hopefully you’ll get more good than bad as I think its a great thing you’ve done.

  15. crispy says

    We can comment again? Woot!

    Do you realize how much work I got done today? My boss probably thinks I’m on speed.

    And yay, Ricky. Insert “Living La Vida Hombre” joke here.

  16. Rudy says

    Boy, this makes the recent Sean Hayes coming out story really lame. Hey Sean, this is how you come out with real will and grace!

  17. Mark says

    As a gay man who has 2 children, I feel I share some of Ricky’s feelings. I had to come out to teach my children that in spite of the hardships, we have to live our lives honestly. Thank you Ricky. You are a man of dignity and inner light and I am sure your children will grow into beautiful human beings.

  18. MarkDC says

    The lengthy seven paragraph response betrays his ongoing shame and self-loathing.

    A simple “I’m Gay” or “I like guys” would have sufficed.

  19. says

    He’s been inching toward this place of openness for a long time. I’m glad he finally got there. There are far too few closeted male celebrities with enough guts to take the plunge. As an out Gay man (I wonder if by “Gay” he means “bisexual” as so many people seem to do nowadays?), let’s hope he presents himself with the same kind of dignity he always has, and not do a “George Michael” on us. His kids should keep him centered and sane.

  20. jack says

    “When it would have shown real strength of character to say this early in my career, I stayed silent and safe. I built my career while holding the hands of women in public to continue the charade. Now that I have my millions and can do whatever I want, I take the ‘brave’ step to make this announcement.”

    The words brave, strong or role-model do not have anything to do with Ricky Martin. He denied and dissembled, perpetuating the message about gays & lesbians that we all want to be something of the past. He played into the hands of the DADT crowd, that we’re less than and should remain hidden. Sure, everyone at their own pace in their own time yadda yadda. He proved himself to be yet another coward who puts career and fame about all else, reinforcing it’s better to not be gay or lesbian.

    Because I express what I really think and don’t drink the rainbow cool-aid, I expect jaded responses to come my way.

  21. peterparker says

    Yay!!!!!!!! Congratulations on coming out, Ricky!!! (p.s.–I’m free this Saturday if you are.)

  22. Blaz says

    How wonderful for you Ricky. I cannot imagine the relief you are feeling at being able to be open about yourself. It even makes me feel good that can now be your true self.

  23. crissy says

    Just out of curiosity where was all this compassion and understanding for Clay Aiken when he came out? I saw a lot of insults and cynical comments about his motives, but very few words of congratulations or understanding about why Clay waited as long as he did. Oh and MarkDC, I don’t see any ongoing shame or self loathing in Ricky’s statement.

  24. Jonathan Wallach says

    Anybody who has a nasty word to say about RIcky Martin’s beautiful and heartfelt blog post is really a miserable individual. All I feel for the few people who had negative things to say is pity. It really must suck to be you.

  25. patrick nyc says

    Thanks JACK for turning a beautiful statement into something petty. I guess not everyone can live up to your high standards.

    I paid a heavy price for coming out 30 years ago to a very religious Irish Catholic family. I knew it was the right thing to do, but most of my peers did not have the strength or desire to do so. I can not imagine the pressure Martin felt to stay closeted, I only have to look at Travolta and Cruise to see how strong it is still today.

    Props to you Ricky. Have always loved your music and now I admire you even more.

  26. HawaiiBill says

    Nice to see the welcome tone and encouragement on here other than the expected few who think their judgement counts or that their expectations should govern someone else’s actions. His posting to his fans on his website was honest and obviously heartfelt. You don’t like it, don’t buy his music. But you might want to consider getting over yourselves until you actually become perfect in your own life.

  27. jack says

    Anyone who loves the closet, defends the closet, supports the point of view of bigots who keep gays in the closet, and cannot tolerate any points of view that differ even the slightest from theirs – the fruits of your acquiescence continue to flourish. You’re unaware or refuse to see this, and can only react by dismissing other points of view as miserable, bitter, or with other suppressive words. Sad, really, in 2010.

  28. Martin says

    What a big piece of MIERDA!

    Finally he is out, big deal, big fu..ing deal. Finally he is honest to himself and perhaps there will be a “sorry I lied to you”… even that everybody knew he was the biggest queer from Puerto Rico except him.

  29. guywithaclue says

    I’m so proud of you, Ricky! OMG! Yeah! Now I need to go rediscover your music…music that I haven’t paid attention to since I was 12. Yay! I’m expecting good things from u, Ricky. U best be deliverin.

  30. David T says

    GOOD FOR HIM! This is a king, thoughtful person. He’s done great humanitarian work, and I applaud him for finally coming full circle.

  31. Rob says

    I’m glad he’s out. Maybe he can find someone to share the rest of his life with easily now eh? Here’s hoping.

  32. HawaiiBill says

    Nice try Jack. In your world he’s damned by staying in the closet or you damn him for coming out too late. Kind of hard for anybody to live to that standard, isn’t it? Do you want him to stand in the town square so every self-righteous queen can pelt him with rotten tomatoes?

    I agree with you that the closet is a prison, but everyone has to find their own path. When you and others react this way when someone does finally come out, do you think YOUR strategy helps anyone else make that decision any more easily? How do they EVER satisfy your judgement?

    And for the record, tolerating an opinion and agreeing with it are two different things.

  33. jack says

    In case you missed it, having a point of view that differs from the orthodoxy will result in much love & good words coming your way, such as:

    – jaded assholes

    – (Cue the bitter fug-ass queens…)

    – Anybody who has a nasty word to say…is really a miserable individual.

    – Thanks JACK for turning a beautiful statement into something petty

    – the expected few who think their judgement counts or that their expectations should govern someone else’s actions.

    – Jack you’re not a public figure just an awful blogger

    Don’t be a thinking person; you will be dismissed as being judgmental. No wonder DADT has lasted so long, instead of being tossed in the trash where it belongs. It’s all related. Hopefully, my original post will be read for what I intended, by some on here.


    (p.s. I’m not a blogger.)

  34. NYSmike says

    Everyone must be allowed to do it in their own time (as long as it is not affected anyone else).

    Congrats Ricky!

  35. FunMe says

    Por fin!

    BEAUTIFUL … simply beautiful. The fact that he is coming out while still young and succesfull is a great thing. And to boot, imagine all the education the latino community will get when they finally see someone they like open up to his sexuality. BRAVO RICKY!

  36. dave02657 says

    1. Incredible. Two pages and hardly even a handful of the bitter old queens have the balls to make fools of themselves as they typically do over such a potentially volatile matter here.

    2. FTW. Absolutely FTW: “Boy, this makes the recent Sean Hayes coming out story really lame. Hey Sean, this is how you come out with real will and grace!” … elegant. Classic and elegant. Kudos.

  37. John says

    Unless Ricky Martin has been a secret fixture at Mr. Burns’ castle all these years —

    There’s no comparison between his coming out and the white, Christian male Republican closet cases.

    Those folks are legitimate targets because they are congressmen, legislative analysts, lawyers, military officials, or other agents within the structure of privilege who actively participate in oppressing other LGBT people. He’s merely an entertainer who sang a song for his fan, George W. Bush, way back in 2001. That’s not the same as voting for the federal marriage amendment.

    He was never a homophobe.

    He never endorsed a homophobic policy.

    He never run for public office as a “family values” candidate.

  38. anon says

    Nice, but he’s no NPH. Okay, who’s left on the short list? Anderson Cooper? Anyone else?

  39. Kári Emil says

    He was my idol when I was about 12-13. Although my taste in music has changed drastically, I still think he’s amazing. Congratulations, Ricky.

  40. prisle2010 says

    I would like to think that RM came out in part because of the email I sent him about the death of Jorge Mercado. I’m sure that the hate crimes in PR and the world had something to do with it. He was becoming a hypocrite.

    His people here in PR love him and him denying who he is perpetuates to his people here in Puerto Rico that being gay is wrong.

    I realize everyone does it in their own time and while its better late than never…he should have taken a stand years ago against homophobia.

  41. JT says

    Congrats Ricky…we all knew…but we all accept it because unlike the suprisingly few self righteous bitterlings in here, we remember what its like to be there, no matter what age we were when it happened. (I happened to be 21)
    Enjoy the sunlight now Mr Martin…
    For said bitterlings (here’s looking at you Jack)…even if you think he should be stoned for not coming out on your schedule…he will still be much more famous, influencial, attractive and relevant than you…well after you have faded back further into the obscurity from which you came…so please, keep up the bitter jealousy…maybe you’ll meet a friend.

  42. s says

    Yea, here it comes. What a pathetic loser. He gets no sympathy from me. Where was he when it might have made a difference? Hiding. He’s a chicken. We fought too hard for our rights to bend over forwards or backwards for a trashy egotist like this because he finally admits what we knew all along. It’s like Tom Cruise coming out ten years from now, when he can’t get a movie deal anymore. It’s not hate, it’s just not celebrity worshipping. He’s an extremely minor singer at best, anyway, at least his material was pretty flimsy.
    We should honor the people who are out of the closet all the time, famous or not. Well, we do, but not enough.

  43. rich says

    hey dude this is great..im 16 n jes came out 2 my parents n my teammates..n it was way scary n all n i know what it feels like 2 live a lie n not be able 2 be urself..so props 2 u dude n best o luck in all u do!..i came across this quote from harvey milk n i think it says it all 4 people who r coming out” if you are not personally free to be yourself in that most important of human activities -the expression of love-then life loses all meaning”

  44. E-Z says

    I really can’t stand Ricky Martin’s music, but this is, as the Vice-President said the other day, a big fuckin’ deal.

    In the Spanish-speaking world, Ricky Martin is still a huge superstar. There is no other out Latin gay male international celebrity of his magnitude. There are a couple of lesser stars, like that kid from that teenybopper band RBD. There are a few old obviously gay queens leftover from the 70’s who still dance around the subject whenever they’re asked, like Juan Gabriel and Miguel Bose. But there was no Latin equivalent of, say, Elton John. Until today, that is.

  45. daws says

    I’m happy for him :) It’s something that should be done on his terms and not because of other people’s agenda. For those that have negative things to say about this, bottom line: it’s not your life. If you know what it feels like to come out of the closet, how freeing it is, just be happy for Ricky.

  46. says

    The really long exercise to get to the point was ironic, but kudos on him for getting out. As the saying goes, it’s never too late.

  47. OberonOZ says

    Just because some here appreciate Ricky Martin’s coming out, in his own time and when it was right for him, doesnt mean that we “drank the rainbow Kool-Aid”. Perhaps we are just being more tolerant than you are making yourself appear. Of course, everyone who disagrees with you MUST have drunk that Kool-Aid, or at least thats what you appear to be saying. So tolerant of you! :)

    Would it have been nice if Ricky had come out years ago – sure! But maybe it wasn’t right for him personally then, or maybe it wasnt right professionally. His choice. His life. He has never in words put down gay people or done anything to denigrate them. Its regrettable that he didnt feel able to come out and help others with his visibility. But its his life and he has to deal with it.

    There are many others out there in similar positions who for personal and/or professional reasons wont come out – and really, I cant blame them, cos Im not walking in their shoes. I dont know their lives. I came out early, my friends and family were on balance very supportive. I was lucky. Many are not. Each to their own time and place. Dont belittle that struggle just because YOU think someone else should have done something.

    Just because we may not agree with some of what you have said so negatively does not automatically equate to being someone who “loves the closet, defends the closet, supports the point of view of bigots who keep gays in the closet, and cannot tolerate any points of view that differ even the slightest from theirs – the fruits of your acquiescence continue to flourish”. Tolerant much? You set it up so that if we criticise you then we must have drunk the Kool-Aid! So, who here is not tolerating different points of view. Not all those slams you pointed out earlier were aimed at you. But you wanted them so you got them. Cos of course in 2010 we cant tolerantly accept that different people have their own path to travel. Sad, really. Bravo to Ricky Martin for finally coming to a place he felt comfortable in. Yes, it would have been great if he had felt able to do it earlier but it is what it is. Hopefully it spurs him on to greater things :)


  48. Christopher says

    Jack: oh, dear. Apparently no one has explained this to you. It’s fine to be a free thinker. Good for you! However, that doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t free to think you’re a bitter old thing.

  49. Jason says

    Let’s reflect on Ricky Martin’s cowardice:

    Q: What about the rumors that you’re gay?
    Ricky Martin: There’s not a lot I can do about that. I guess these rumours were started by people who don’t have a life, or perhaps it’s because they want me to be like them and I’m not. I try not to pay attention to any of these allegations. I could have been married with kids for years or have 27 girlfriends, and if people still want to go around saying that I’m gay, they will.

  50. Jason says

    BTW, a lot of us were able to come out when we were young (I came out when I was 16), even at the risk of our careers (I was in the Navy and now I go to Harvard Law School). Why are we congratulating him, after he insulted those who saw him for what he was, instead of someone who showed true courage and came out when it really mattered (like, say, Constance McMillin)?

  51. Chandler in Las Vegas says

    He also posted a letter in Spanish that is somewhat different that the English version. In it he said that being a homosexual was a great gift in his life. How was this missed by the all embracing, diversity enchantment of the big gay gabacho world? Come on mis hermanos putos and print a comparative translation of how Ricky feels as a big old Maricon!

  52. David says

    Bravo Ricky. Everyone has to come out in their own way and time. I have always been a fan, now I can say I admire you too!

  53. Keith says

    Congratulations Ricky! I recently come out, divorced my wife, and am now with the man of my dreams. My life has never been better. I hope you find your love as well…

  54. guywithaclue says

    OK, so I’m trying to rediscover Ricky music that I like and have always liked — and that now rings truer to me now that he’s been brave and admirable and come out. Ok, so here’s what’s on my iPhone right now (just purchased, ty :-)):

    -Private Emotion
    -Nobody Wants to Be Lonely

    Hmm, what else should be on this list? Are these and others destined to become instant gay anthems? :–) When does Ricky go on tour next in the states already?

  55. Angela Channing says

    While this was about as surprising as Nathan Lane coming out (and he was self aware of that fact LOL), this is very ground breaking for the Latino community. We do need diverse voices as we continue on a path towards equality. Perhaps Ricky Martin may remain reclusive. Perhaps he might become more of an activist, although he is under no obligation to do so. I hope he lends his voice to make life easier to gay and lesbian Latinos and Latinas.

  56. Sean says

    Congratulations Ricky! I know it wasn’t easy all this time, but now you’ve done it. we’re all with you, we’ve been there.

  57. Michael says

    Love you, Ricky. You did it on your own terms and in your own time. Your life is your own. What you’ve chosen to open up will free not only your own past but the future of many to whom you have been and will be, a role model. Courage and strength be with you, Ricky. Welcome.

  58. Davey says

    Way to go Ricky! You don’t owe any of these hags anything! Live your life on your own terms!!!

  59. Patrick says

    When I saw this post I was praying that the comments were still not working. Ah, well…

  60. KT says

    Now 45…I came out 5 years ago to the complete horror of my family. They have still not healed…..but I have…COMPLETELY! Fear not.

  61. So Left I'm Right says

    Waiting to exhale…and…finally! This revelation is less shocking than Clay Aiken coming out. But seriously, glad to hear the honesty, Miss Ricky. Good for you…

  62. says

    “Let’s reflect on Ricky Martin’s cowardice”.

    Yes, let’s. That quote sounds pretty close to the lies I and other gay men I know told people before we came out. I suspect a lot of people commenting here uttered the same or worse at some point in their lives. But no one’s holding Ricky Martin up as some paragon of virtue or bravery. And a past of self deception doesn’t take away from the accomplishment of overcoming it. Indeed, it accentuates it, for the deeper you are in the closet the harder it is to get to the door.

    Now I’m sure Ricky has a lot more of his particular road to travel before he comes to terms with all he is or has been in the past. But in the meantime I have no qualms about being happy for him for how far he has come today.

    Congratulations, Ricky Martin.

  63. el polacko says

    of course it’s not as though everyone didn’t always have strong suspicions, but reading his heartfelt statement still brought a little tear to my eye..and his pic got me all tingly in other places.

  64. fogmansf says

    Congradulations Ricky, as a gay man coming out in my later years I know how rewarding it is to say out loud to your self ” I am Gay”, and I don’t care hew knows about me.
    I know you have soo much more support now
    that you are being yourself, so let’s get more Music from you!

  65. Pitt says

    Congratulations, Ricky! Everyone in their time, and being a celebrity no doubt makes it harder than most. But it’s liberating, and now no one can hurt you for being “in.”

  66. I like real heroes says

    Whatever. When he was a pop sensation he pretended to be straight–out of a fear of hurting his record sales (motivated by greed). Now that he has been forgotten, he is trying to get his name back in the headlines to sell his book so he comes out of the closet (motivated by greed). It’s Sean Hayes redux. These two multi-millionaries couldn’t find the balls to come out even when they were so successful and so popular they didn’t have to work another day in their lives and everybody already assumed they were gay anyway.
    And people on here are tripping all over themselves to get in line to congratulate Mr. Martin on what a classy guy he is….if they can stop slobbering over how HOT he is long enough to pat him on the back.
    There is a teenage boy in Georgia and a teenage girl in Mississippi who have come out in terribly hostile environments in just the last week. They don’t have maids and personal assistants and agents and publicists. But they do have integrity and honor and guts. And my admiration. They make the celebrities look like spineless toads.

  67. TANK says

    Yeah, great, whatever. Reading some of these comments, I realize just how many closet cases (or former closet cases–into their forties! So who cares but them) are posting with positive (not the bad kind, ladies!) comments. All I can say is…ew. Nothing more gross than a man with a former wife…and kids…and martin isn’t even one of those (so he isn’t here to help you cope, gals).

  68. Steve says

    I really love the sentiments he expressed. And while some may roll their eyes at this being old news – okay, I did when I first heard about this – he is an international sex symbol. This is a huge, wonderful thing that I think will inspire more tolerance, especially in the Latin community.

  69. Eugene says

    Many of you are missing the point. Yes, his homosexuality isn’t newsworthy. What’s newsworthy is that he’s PROUD to be gay. He overcame fear and shame, and it’s a very good thing – regardless of when it happened.

  70. Alistair says

    “Whatever. When he was a pop sensation he pretended to be straight–out of a fear of hurting his record sales (motivated by greed). Now that he has been forgotten…”

    uhhmmm, You know he’s still one of the biggest latino producing artists? His coming out is a very big thing for a lot of people who have had no idea he could have been gay…

  71. nic says

    you are a good man, ricky. you have never hurt anyone. you have tried to build up in this world. my heart goes out to you, primo. como dicen los mexicanos: mucho salud, muchas pesetas, y mucho tiempo para gastarlas. peace and love, man.

  72. nic says

    good god, some judgmental, bitter queers (TANK and thankfully, only a couple of others) cannot resist looking a gift horse in the mouth. i hope that if Ricky reads this post and commentary, he will focus on the overwhelming positive response, rather than on the few unmerited and unwarranted, and frankly, demented comments.

  73. David C., Chelsea, MA says

    One commenter here stated that Ricky Martin never “denied” being gay.

    He denied it fully, every time he did a song or video where a woman was shown to be the object of his affection. He knew full well that middle America would see him as straight because of those videos. That is, until now, when he can disabuse them of that notion because of his need to sell a book.


    And no, there is no comparison to a gay actor playing a straight role. When someone sings a song, or makes their own video, that is much more an expression of THEMSELVES than acting in a movie or a tv show.

  74. Sam says

    I haven’t been this shocked since… well.. since Nathan Lane came out. I might have to take the day off today, I am not sure I can work now.

  75. HeBangs says

    How easy it is for some of us to forget that we had to come to terms with ourselves before we came out to others.

    Bravo Ricky and may your life expand with the whole new feeling of content.

  76. Joey says

    Like all of us who have come out, we’ve all had to face our truths and come to peace within ourselves. Many of us have also feared coming out in the workplace for fear of losing our careers, our bread and butter. Celebrity or non celebrity.

    We’ve all had to do this on our own terms and nobody else’s clock.

    I’m glad Ricky finally found peace within himself to do so. It’s and amazing feeling of self purpose and incredible freeing experience. Congrats Ricky!

  77. willysburg says

    It’s about time. You had to get in the headlines since you’re yesterdays news

  78. Blair says

    I am happy for him. He came out. That is all that matters. I suppose we all come out when we feel it is best for ourselves.

  79. Dan C. says

    I wish Ricky Martin much happiness. I do think it’s unfortunate to come out when he is no longer in the spotlight and I don’t consider this action brave. I also think his avoiding answering Barbara Walter’s question on his sexuality was a brave wayt o handle it. I agree with another writer who stated now that he has his millions, he is free to live his truth because he is not dependent on his fans supporting him.
    But then again, life is not as easy for out gay entertainers so I understand. Again, much happiness Ricky.

  80. says

    A little “Fuck You” money is a wonderful thing! Are you listening, Oprah? But seriously, what Ricky wrote was very touching and thoughtful. Mean queens go take a chill pill!

  81. DR says

    These comments are exactly why gay celebs don’t come out. Who the hell do some of you think you are that you think you’re entitled to have him come out on your terms? Seriously. Enough.

    The bitterness is appalling. Fine, great, some of you came out when you were young. Whoopie for you. He didn’t. Get over it.

  82. KJ says

    I’m glad to see most responses are positive. We all have our own journey, and I’m glad that I was able to make the choices I did when the time was right for me. Why some would think they know what is better for others, I have no idea, but such thinking becomes a mirror image of what we come out from.

    To Ricky I wish peace, love and light.

  83. jack says

    I was dismayed to learn there is deep bias against older people among some on this site. I am young myself, if you consider Ricky Martin young, but I have learned that that good folks commenting on here have some serious issues with age, with comments like:

    “bitter old queens”
    “self-righteous queen”
    “you’re a bitter old thing”

    The point of asking “why now” is that Martin did put gay people down with his decade-plus charade, raking in a fortune in record sales off an intentionally false ‘straight’ image. His profits would have dwindled had he not presented this lie. How much of his fortune was gained from people believing he was straight?

    His message over and over: if you are gay, you cannot be successful. Who on earth could praise that message? There is such a desperation on this board for everyone to lock-step accept his statement, with fingers in the ears and la-la-la-la for anyone who didn’t post a “positive response.”

    The issue is not telling someone when & where to do something very personal, but the making of millions and millions of dollars perpetuating a lie. For me, bravery does not come on an official website post from a Malibu mansion. This is not a realistic way to think of how coming out will be for the vast majority of us.

  84. says

    Good for him! We already knew anyways! He’s gonna lose quite a few fans, though, including my mommy… She’s pissssed

  85. jamal49 says

    So, are all the “why doesn’t he come out queens” satisfied, or will you find something else to be unhappy be about regarding Mr. Martin? Maybe you’ll get your undies in an uproar because he didn’t out his companion, or tell you specifically what he likes to do intimately. Whatever.

    Ricky, felicidades. Sea que revelarte fue una decision dificil para ti. Espero que esa te traiga la paz y la serenidad de las cuales verdaderamente te mereces. No cambia a nada. Seras siempre uno de los mejores musicos del mundo y los milliones de fanaticos (como yo) siempre te guardamos y te recordamos en nuestros corazones con mucho amor y mucho carino.

  86. ejerry says

    Ricky, Congratulations and thanks for your grace, courage and talent. As a man who struggled until I was 40 to find my truth and accept myself, I am happy that you have found your peace.

    As a hero of a culture that has been generally homophobic in its attitudes, you will help us overcome prejudice and provide a role model for many Latinos struggling with their identity. You have our support and best wishes.

  87. Bernardo says

    @ Dan Cobb.

    Yes, Ricky did deny being gay. Specifically…

    “If I were gay, why not admit it?… I am a normal man. I love women and sex. I am a real hot-blooded Puerto Rican, but I have never been attracted by sex with a man.”

  88. Mike says

    Yes, the decision to come out of the closet is a very personal one… however, when you choose to live your public life in a way that uses your (alleged) hetero sensuality to generate big bucks, you’re a shameless opportunist. Shame on him for choosing to deny who he was, all while picking the pockets of his adoring (mainly female) fans under false pretenses.

  89. jaragon says

    Good for your Ricky-coming from a extremely macho, homophobic, Catholic culture this was never going to be an easy step. Bien echo hermano!

  90. Den says

    Ricky Martin has come out. Fine, that’s good. It’s always a good thing when a well know person is honest to the public. But did he really have to wrap it up in that soverdramatic sickly sweet ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing’ sermon on the mount.

  91. 2201 East says

    Jack- MAR 29,2010-6:53:11pm
    Coming out is a very personal thing. You obviously must know him personally to make such comments as to be able to make such concise statements about Ricky Martin’s life. (There’s your jaded response so you won’t be disappointed.) Actually the truth is if you knew him, you might understand the reasons for his actions over the years. There is nothing wrong with expressing the truth as you see it. When you won’t allow yourself to at least consider there may be truth in how others look at things, that is jaded. A long look in the mirror might be appropriate for you at this time. Time to say some jaded things about me now but since I already have sympathy for you…

  92. tjones says

    True, Ricky Martin and his agent knew about it. They also knew that if Ricky had said to his legions of female teens, “Sorry, girls, your plumbing’s wrong, just when his career was taking off, a tremendous financial opportunity would have been lost. Put yourself in his shoes, however. Would you have turned down such fame and money?

    With that being said, overall, I am glad that Ricky Martin has come out, because ultimately it will make life easier for all of us.

    And, if anyone thinks that Elton John, George Michaels, and Ricky Martin and others have not paid a price for coming out, even though they are talented, famous, and rich, I would be willing to bet that you might be quite surprised at the stories they could tell you. The music industry is full of byzantine politics, intrigue, and rough competition. I know, a lot of other professions are too, but my understanding is that if you want to find out how ugly it can get, try this career. One false move, and down you go. All in all, these men are very brave. And rich. And, I like to think that they have helped us all.

    Congratulations, Ricky. And here’s my phone number….

  93. otto says

    The “way to go, Ricky” is such a bullshit, self-loathing argument. Any person who stays in the closet for any reason is perpetuating the idea that being gay is a bad thing…something to be hidden…ashamed of…denied….supressed…ridiculed. And undermines the fact in ignorant people’s minds, that we choose to be gay.

    Ricky Martin lied for years about his essence because it is still a financial concern to be perceived as anything other than “normal.” If anything, the onus is on celebs to come out and loudly ….it will make what is still a difficult journey easier for generations that follow.

    Ellen is the perfect case in point as far as changing perceptions. She was afraid at first, but has become one of the most loved, by all, public figures. Who doesn’t like Ellen? Proof that a lesbian can be embraced by mainstream Amur-hic-ka.

    If the apologists on this board who feel that it is impolite to out someone could see past their own deep rooted shame about gayness…and NO…there is no excuse for the closet….

    Stop impersonating a heterosexual. And stop making excuses for celebs who do.

  94. tjones says

    I guess that a lot of folks have a right to be angry about Martin’s late decision. After all, he is not as young as he used to be, the teenscream thing is over with, and he’s made his money. You could argue that he has nothing to lose. And, a lot of people have suffered tremendously and had neither the protection of immense financial security that he enjoys nor his incredible talent. Yet, these people chose still to come out. However, others did not or could not due to potential job loss etc.

    With all that being said, I would suggest that when someone like Martin comes out, you know that the culture is beginning to loosen up substantially. Maybe this will encourage others like him to take that step. I know that many have harsh judgements about Martin staying in the closet. While that is understandable, I would say that when anyone comes out, it is still a good thing–no matter when. So, all in all, I say: congratulations, Ricky.

  95. Jedi says

    Ha, Ricky Martin made the word “homosexual” cool again!

    Ggood on ya, by the way.

  96. says

    He came out, which is better than dying in the closet. We all have our own freedom of choice and at least he’s done it rather than not at all.

  97. jack says

    I’ve enjoyed reading the personal attacks on me, especially from the ‘who are you to judge’ crowd. I had no idea that coming out was a personal decision, so thank you everyone who went out their way to school me on that point.

    I wonder how many actually read and understood what I wrote (instead of seeing non-fluffy, non-positive words and immediately reacting). I don’t demand agreement with me in the same fashion as the Rainbow Kool-Aid drinkers. I’ll sum it up again:

    His message over and over: if you are gay, you cannot be successful. The issue is not telling someone when & where to do something very personal like coming out, but the making of millions and millions of dollars perpetuating a lie.

    There seems to be a certain pleasure taken in judging me with clever wording and phrases. I take no pleasure writing what I did about Ricky Martin. I’m surprised at the number of people who find no problem with how much he profited while peddling an ongoing lie. This is not a good message for young gays & lesbians finding their way.

  98. jonathan says


    I think Ricky is great! I admire his attitude and respect his points of view. Why should you know, who he loves? Just love yourself and be confident with your own feelings. I love him as a human beeing. He is great and cares about other people. Just let him live his life!! What does it matter if you love a man or a woman. The only thing that matters is that you love someone!!

    Stay cool