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News: Hegans, Midge Costanza, Alligator, Ted Kennedy, Syracuse

 road Recording artist Dave Koz teams up with Emeril for new show.

 roadSome male vegans want to be called "hegans" because their masculinity is threatened.

Costanza  roadLongtime lesbian politico Midge Costanza dies. As aide to President Jimmy Carter, Costanza handled the first White House meeting with gay leaders. The AP de-gays her obituary. Karen Ocamb has a personal recollection.

 roadBrad Pitt finally talks about his hideous beard.

 roadTea Party figure Dick Armey says slurs used by health care protest teabaggers were "deplorable": "We don't tolerate it...It's not the character of our folks, not the character of the tea party movement."

 roadHarris poll: 24% of Republicans believe Obama is the Antichrist.

 roadEqually Wed: a new same-sex wedding magazine.

 roadJason Derulo working with Madonna.

 roadUK Christians doing all they can to stop same-sex marriage ceremonies from taking place in churches: "They are worried that new laws, part of the Equality Bill, will mean clergy could be be prosecuted if they refuse to carry out the ceremonies. Currently gay partnerships cannot be registered in places of worship. The government has said the ceremonies are voluntary and no-one will be prosecuted for refusing to hold them. However, critics say that the change is another attempt by gay campaigners to elevate civil partnerships to the same status as marriage."

Hardtargets  roadHard Targets: Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes takes a look at a new exhibit on sports at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio. Part two.

 roadThe Condomed Crusader?

 roadCondomania: 50 states and 20 cities ranked by penis size.

 roadItalian policemen tell gay bashing victim: "If you had kissed a woman nothing would’ve happened to you."

 roadAlligator found swimming with whales 20 miles out to sea: "Unfortunately, the fate of this mysterious ocean alligator is unknown, since researchers left the scene shortly after snapping a few photographs. 'Considering that we were in an inflatable boat 20 miles offshore, we didn’t want to risk having the gator inadvertently puncture the boat,' said Foley."

 roadBeyonce has a new half-brother.

 roadBritish PM Gordon Brown flustered over question about who he'd go gay for.

 roadKellan Lutz is a mean, Greek running machine.

Kennedy  roadTed Kennedy's son Patrick leaves note on gravesite: "Dad, the unfinished business is done."

 roadPFLAG to honor Liza Minnelli: "Pflag National, a group for parents, families, and supporters of gay people, is naming Liza Minnelli the second recipient of its Straight for Equality in Entertainment Award, which recognizes an ally of gay rights who is not herself gay."

 roadSyracuse University to pay $1000 to gay and lesbian employees using the university's domestic partner health insurance benefits to offset inequality in taxation laws.

 roadBristol, UK to hold first Gay Pride festival: "There are about 40,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people who live and work in Bristol, making it one of the largest urban 'LGBT' populations in the UK. Beginning on August 14, a diverse range of events has been lined up across the city including a film festival, club nights, talks, shows and community events. The highlight of Pride Bristol 2010 is Pride Day on Saturday, August 21, when a large free festival will be held in Castle Park in the heart of Bristol."

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  1. Can somebody please explain to me why Kellan Lutz is so heavily featured here? I don't consider him particularly remarkable in looks or talent yet everyday there's some mention of him. Kellan Lutz eats cereal for breakfast. Kellan Lutz breathes same air as average person. Kellan Lutz wipes front to back. Blah! And you think Gaga gets too much pixel time at Towleroad. At least her stories are "interesting" (for better or worse).

    Posted by: Steven W. | Mar 24, 2010 4:37:11 PM

  2. 1. Same sex "marriage" id against the law in GB, too, so use of the term undercuts those who are fighting there for full equality.

    2. While understanding her caution while working for President Carter and his sexist, homophobic gang of Southern not-so “good ole boys,” I remain very disappointed that the marvelous Midge Costanzadid not later come out publicly, as I do regarding Barbara Jordan.

    Still, what she contributed is undeniable, and I will always treasure her kindness, ribald sense of humor, and the photos taken with her at the White House in 1977 when she invited my roommate Leonard Matlovich for a private tour, and he took me with him. And will always be grateful for her creating the situation from which came one of the few personal photos I have of him.

    Rest in peace.

    Posted by: Michael @ | Mar 24, 2010 4:57:25 PM

  3. Steven W said: "I don't consider him particularly remarkable in looks"

    I don't agree and apparently neither does Andy. If you don't like items about Kellan SKIP them. No one is forcing you to read them.

    And no, there can not be enough Lady GaGa.

    Posted by: Vince | Mar 24, 2010 9:44:00 PM

  4. Oh vince, kellan will never sleep with you...never. le sob...

    Posted by: TANK | Mar 24, 2010 9:50:39 PM

  5. @ Vince -- I do skip over them. But it's kind of hard not to notice the name repeatedly showing up in these multiple article posts. AND the fact that his picture is often posted without comment. You know...Kellan sweating while walking upright like a human. But far be it from me to keep you from your stroke material. I say if there's going to be meat heads featured at least switch it up.

    Posted by: Steven W. | Mar 24, 2010 11:24:47 PM

  6. Pioneer Midge Costanza gets three short sentences in a lengthy round-up?! Have you no sense of proportion? Or of history? Now would be an appropriate time to quote Vice President Biden to describe Midge. At least you made room for a photo.

    Posted by: Wuzzy | Mar 25, 2010 12:42:43 PM

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