1. Robert in SF says

    I am not impressed with President Obama’s handling of this interview.

    Quite frankly, members of the Republic party and “conservative” pundits have their talking points down! They can whip one or more out about any given subject. It’s amazing!

    We need to address these talking points with our own, with the same simplicity and outrage and thier distoritions and lies. Something to fight back with, in indignant repuditaion.

    For example, the President should have stated, response to the badgering about his views of “deem and pass”: (Unlike the previous administration) We respect separation of powers in my administration, and as such, if Congress wants to implement the same procedural process as the members of the Republic party have done so many times before in voting up/down on a 2 for 1 bill, then so be it. From my time in the Senate, when the Republic party senators used this same process to vote up/down on combined bills, I didn’t object because I know that this is a procedural issue that doesn’t affect the substance of the outcome in any way. Sometimes it’s needed to indicate that Congress doesn’t like the initial bill enough to pass it, but with the provisions of the amendments, they do. So they use a procedural process to vote for what they want.” Simple… declarative…and yet filled with zingers that need to be made apparent to the Fox viewers.

    And so on, in that same style, with all kinds of research and facts shining through, countering the talking points and jibes and out right lies.

    Quite frankly, President Obama needs a devil’s advocate for prepping to deal with the likes of the Republic Party members and Fox…someone in the White House who will attack and spin and harass him in prep for this kind of discussion.

    For example, President Obama should have had an “extemporaneous” answer to the attack about what Senator Obama said about passing health care with 51 votes….should have had a pocket *BLAM* he could whip out and say “Here’s the difference, in case you hadn’t really been paying attention….”

    We need to get out shit together…including the constant attacks we suffer in trying to get DADT repealed, equal rights in marriage, ENDA, etc. Know their arguments against us, and KNOW THE RESPONSES!

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