1. robert says

    Man I love this kid,and I have to wonder how many young people his age feel the same way. If he’s the future of this country then I have to think we’re in good hands!

  2. CKNJ says

    It does make you think that there is hope for our country, hearing a young kid like Will speak so passionately about someone else’s well-being and rights.

    I think the reason we have so many bigoted bleatings out there at the moment, talking us down, is because the bigots are going through last ditch attempts to get their hate enshrined before good, clear-thinking and fair-minded kids like Will sweep them aside and relegate them to the trash heap of history where they belong!

  3. sparks says

    Brilliant young man and impeccable character! I hope his parents are beaming with pride as much as I am. He’s obviously a bright kid but it’s pretty obvious his mom and dad have done an incredible job instilling REAL American values in him.

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