1. Nicole says

    Pretty sure the original Merton is not Ben Folds despite the similarities. Either way, both videos are inspired and hilarious.

    Lesson: Be careful what you do on Chatroulette before it gets put up on a giant screen in front of 2,000 people and then turned into a viral video with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

  2. Baby Jane says

    You know that the guy who accidentally stumbled upon the concert was looking for something else- LOOK AT HIS BARE LEG IN THE PICTURE BY HIS ARM. I don’t think he’s wearing pants…

  3. wtf says

    Um, Nicole, you do realize the first Merton video was uploaded on the same account as this one? Ben Folds is Merton. Sorry babe.

  4. Matt McD says

    There’s speculation then Merton and Folds are one in the same, but I have my doubts. Either way, it’s awesome.

  5. Ryan says

    Sorry WTF, you have that wrong. The original by Merton was uploaded by PianoChatImprov; the live version by Folds was uploaded by OdeToMerlin. They are different user accounts.

    They are not the same person, hence Ben doing an “ode” to Merton. Their voices are completely different.

  6. pistolpetey says

    Not only is he not wearing pants, Baby Jane, but he’s on the toilet. (Notice the TP roll?) People really need to show some decorum….Pls.