1. jason says

    Some of these attacky aren’t from conservatives, they’re from liberals. They’re from the type of liberals who think girl-girl is hot and guy-guy is gross.

    There are powerful elements in the media who pander to these sorts, knowingly or unknowlingly. These include the music industry, especially people like Lady Gaga, a woman who claims to be on the side of gays but consistently fails to depict male-male sensuality in her videos.

    The enemy isn’t always conservative. It’s the liberals, too.

  2. jason says

    They should have had the kiss-out in front of Democratic Party headquarters, the same party that refused to allow gay marriage in the state of NY.

  3. jason says


    I’m simply saying that the type of person who would bash a gay guy is often a young man who subscribes to the type of double standard promoted by Lady Gaga.

    It isn’t so far-fetched. Look at the magazine collection of any gay-bashing, chauvinistic male and you’ll find girl-girl action, not guy-guy action.

  4. Andalusian Dog says

    The Kiss Out was a lovely event, and it should happen every week. There were a handful of neighborhood naysayers (i.e., doofuses…. or is that doofi?) who shouted inane comments at the kissers, but there were many more who were sympathetic, interested to know what this was about, or who smiled as they passed. It was especially nice to see the family folk with their strollers, either smiling or simply going about what they would normally do, as though they almost didn’t see what was happnening. Many thanks to the organizers for making this intervention happen.

    The rally was a bit of a disappointment, especially after Sen. Squadron’s office had sent out a number of e-mails and reminders that there would be several NYC officials speaking…and who didn’t show. This includes Sen. Squadron himself, as well as Speaker Quinn. Representatives from their offices were there, but that does not have the same impact.

    I commend the officials who were good enough to give about half an hour of their time to show their support of the community and the victim during this troubling time.

  5. JT says

    Good for these people. But notice how the usual protesting Manhattan doofuses (doofi) like Andy Humm, Ann Northrop, and their ilk wouldn’t show up? Any protest that’s not against white Republicans or a church and they hide away.

  6. ZnSD says

    Jason, you’re an idiot. That is just about the lamest argument ever. Try to focus: there may be a tiny percentage of liberals who are prejudiced only against gay men and not lesbians (doubtful in reality since real lesbians are not all lipstick/poledancers) but the MAJORITY of our HATERS are RIGHT WING RETHUGS. Oh, wait, you mean you are too? You’re just a troll. Of course you are. Dumbass.

  7. Jeffrey Marx says

    It was JUST KISSING. Nice, happy kissing. America watches MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ and any other straight, hook-up, booze fueled trash, but THIS is an outrage? I bet you had your DVR set to watch ‘Jersey Shore’. I feel bad for self-haters who like to whine over these types of actions. Sack up and take action. Be out and proud and happy about it!! xo

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