1. Z says

    I am really annoyed that Michael Steele is finally getting ripped on, not for being an opportunistic muffin, but because he happened to spend $1600 at a nightclub in LA. I have about 92 friends who have also been to Voyeuer. The way this place is made out as a sex club and and described as ‘lesbian’ and ‘bondage’ is totally salacious and dishonest. It’s one of the hottest night clubs in LA right now. Big deal.

    Now, spending all that money might be an issue, but focus on that rather the gay/sex/scandal aspect of it, which in this case, is totally fabricated.

  2. New jersey girl says

    I have been to Voyeuer many times. Make no mistake about it. It is a Lesbian Bondage strip Club.

    The caged dancers don’t really DANCE. They simulate sex acts with ‘toys’ like whips.

    This place is as lesbian as it gets. Trust me.

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