1. Derek in Madison says

    Can I just say how absolutely wonderful it is to have you back, Andy?

    I’m not sure your realize how much a part of our lives you become. I had no idea until going the past week without you after work. I didn’t realize how much a habit it had become to scroll through Towleroad, opening countless articles while sipping a warm drink. There may have been Towleroad, but there certainly was no Andy Towle in it.

    Thank you, and please keep the wonderful variety of posts coming, so long as you’re able!

  2. LaBarbera for Committeeman says

    This is an affront to the civil rights of Christians. The Bible – the Word of God – doesn’t say anything about this nonsense about the earth being a “sphere” and traveling around the sun. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this sinful delusion is showing up on a “gay” website. What’s next, “light years,” “white dwarfs,” “pulsars,” “redshifted spectra” and other anti-Christian, anti-traditional values propaganda?


    Peter LaBarbera
    Americans for Truth about Homosexuality
    Republicans for Family Values

    *** “Don’t forget to vote for Peter LaBarbera for Central Illinois Committeeman. I’m a Ronald Reagan Republican! I live in a big house!” ***

  3. Trace says

    I dont know why I am so emotionally moved by this.. but WOW! It just reminds me of what an amazing creation we are part of and how much has so little to do with this tiny creature called a human being.

    Thank you Andy for bringing these things to us. You truly present to the world that being LGBT is more than just sex. We are complicated, complex souls.

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