1. peterparker says

    If you go to her official website (just google her) you’ll find her biography in which she goes on and on about Jesus.

  2. Tyler says

    She consistently lacked anything remotely similar to being funny on SNL (not to mention being on one of the worst casts). Nothing’s changed.

  3. Jubal H says

    Because gosh, she’s just soooo to be taken seriously when she isn’t even a respectable comedian.

  4. BGKev says

    ? I actually liked her on SNL. I was very disappointed to discover she’s batshit insane a few years later.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “…when she says she is “honored to do anything for the Tea Party Movement,” even put out a video like this”

    Would you do a video showing Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck pulling a double penetration on you? …add in Alan Keyes in the front for a BJ to prove you’re not a bigoted ol’ gal.

  6. alguien says

    she really didn’t need to work too hard on SNL to pull off that “dumb blonde” routine, did she?

  7. Jon says

    “She consistently lacked anything remotely similar to being funny on SNL (not to mention being on one of the worst casts).”

    She was never great, but her singing “I Am Not A Bimbo” while standing on her head on the newsdesk was pretty damn funny. (And she was on with Jan Hooks, Nora Dunn, Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, and Jon Lovitz — in my opinion, one of the best casts the show ever had.)

  8. epic says

    i weep for your country….can you muzzle them or sumthing or make sure they don’t get out and fuck up the rest of the world we have enough problems…o wait Iraq and Afghanistan /cry

  9. secretlab says

    Well, her barely conscious, stupid blond shtick seems all the more appropriate now.

  10. john says

    I had to watch more of her ranting on Hannity and other FOX shows, she says the most bat-shit crazy stuff. I’m sad for her, she seems to be mentally unstable, watch her other videos where she tries to prove Obama is a communist, poor girl..even the republican dude on the show said that she didn’t have her “facts” straight and that he’s embarrassed for her.

  11. TPL says

    Oh, Vicki! You bubbleheaded, unfunny sow! If Obama were really a Communist as you say he is, you’d have been shipped off to a labor camp by now. Which, for you, might be a good thing in that it might help you get rid of some of that middle-aged spread. Lay off the Mac & Cheese, honey. Oh, and Jesus hates you.

  12. jamal49 says

    @Name, but nothing she said was actually true, either. In other words, she’s doing the typical conservative con-job and taking everything out of context, mixing it all up and then piecing it together and coming up with this crap.

    For the record, our President is not a “communist” (as if this blond bimbo or that other blond bimob, Glenn Beck, would actually know what a “communist” is).

    He didn’t “take over the banks and the auto industry”–he bailed their asses out.

    Nothing in his public record has ever suggested he’s a “black liberationist” (but, if fairness, equality and justice for all qualifies as a “black liberationist” then, by all means, count me in).

    Van Jones has publicly repudiated his youthful flirtation with “communist” politics and embraced capitalism (not the republicon “capitalism” where everyone is subservient to the Corporation, but the progressive idea of capitalism as being the tool by which social, economic and scientific progress advances the best interests of a democratic society).

    Finally, candidate Obama’s “spread the wealth” comment, if taken out of context of the answer he was giving “Joe the Dumber-I mean-Plumber, might sound threatening to a crybaby conservative’s ears, but, put into context, I have no doubt that what candidate Obama meant was “spread the wealth of opportunity around”, i.e. help small businesses have access to tax breaks and low interest inter-bank loans and lines of credit like the big corporations do.

    But, I digress. For you and your kind, it’s probably more comforting to believe our President is evil incarnate than to utilize nuance and context when assessing what Mr. Obama is actually doing that is good for America.

    THAT would require maturity of thought and intellect, something most whiny-cons can’t relate to because it’s too difficult.

    It’s easier to make stupid videos like the Blond Bimbo’s You Tube excrement above.

    However, the bimbo-vid DOES make one wonder why the tea-baggy wussy-cons are getting away with their seditious and treasonous calls for violence.

    I hope they will remember that millions like me also cherish THEIR 2nd Amendment rights and will be more than happy to use them on Tea-Baggers if the situation happens to arise.

  13. Josh says

    This video is the next logical step for a washed up “comedian” who is really only famous for her dumb blonde image. The Republicans can have her.

  14. Rocco says

    Hey Name,
    I know hon, those Republicants are too damn liberal for ya,huh? I’d guess you’re a Bircher and/or a birther.

    Look, you and Prednisone-Downs-Botox face had eight L-O-N-G years to enjoy Mr. double-digit IQ run our once great country into the ground.

    Obama is not perfect, far from it. But at least he is able to actually read the US Constitution and correctly define Communism.

    Miss Jackson, I think, has never been the same since she hit her head during a gymnastics routine gone wrong. At least her dad stopped touching her “that way” afterward.

    Now you run along back over to Faux News.
    Give Shill O’Reilly a big wet one for us, K?

  15. says

    “I’m not a republiclan, but, unlike Obama nothing she said was actually a lie.”

    Ha! That’s funnier than her video. If Obama is a Communist, then she is smart, and you don’t need spell and grammar check.

  16. says

    Isn’t it funny that SNL started being unfunny and/or hit-or-miss during the era that VJ was on the roster?

    I see her involvement with the Tea Party inspiring—just a couple more episodes and it will be totally irrelevant.

  17. Robert in SF says

    “…nothing she said was actually a lie.”????

    Wasn’t it President Bush who “took over the auto industry” by applying the TARP monies and restrictions to the auto industry, not President Obama, to bail them out?

    Such casual treatment of the truth, verifiable facts.

  18. Tom says

    I would feel bad for her, but I don’t think she is capable of realizing what a jackass she is. She was sort of funny on SNL. I’ll give her that much.

  19. George McGinnis says

    The content was bad enough but the singing, Oy Vey. That was horrible & she is a nut. Did somebody drop her on her head as a baby?

  20. Adam says

    I saw her stand up show about a year ago and it made reference to this a lot! It was odd and she was really off the mark on a lot of things. Oddly enough, the room seemed to think it was the most funny thing they had seen in ages. I had no idea she was so, well, out of it.

  21. rafi says

    Me too, BGKev. I loved her (and the rest of that cast) and was so sad/horrified when I stumbled upon her “fuck me, Jesus!” web site.

  22. JeffRob says

    Wow, ol’ bitch is crazy. My favorite part is “Does anyone read history?” Bitch, do you?!

  23. niles says

    There was another plump blonde chick on SNL who was funnier. Don’t remember her name though, but she dressed up as an Indian and did a commercial or something about maaize.

  24. Philip says

    It would be easier if they all would just say how scary having a black man as president is. The whole “communist” “marxist” crap is really tired.

  25. Patric says

    Niles, was it Melanie Hutsell, who also played Jan Brady? If so, agree that she was much funnier.

  26. El Brucio says

    Wow. She’s become rather …. strange in her old age.

    Even stranger is that, had I simply watched the video without reading the part where she is not kidding around, would have assumed that she was simply doing very bad satire in an attempt to restart her career.

  27. TANK says

    Funny on SNL? You’re joking, right? SHe was the white noise that was the backdrop for the more talented performers like hartman and carvey. Yikes. She never had any talent, and, given this idiocy, is as smart as a bag of hair.

  28. Andrew F says

    I was laughing at this, because I thought it was a satire. “Oh, blonde lady! You so funny.” And then the sponsor logo came on, and my smile vanished. She’s serious???

  29. xman says

    I was just on YOU TUBE and wanted to see the number of comments for this bat shit blond and there’s like 26 comments; ya thats ALLOT. NOT!!! come NOV if we dont get out and VOTE even those these are mid term elections this nut jobs are gone control both HOUSES and we wont have anyone to blame but ourselves.

  30. jerry says

    Jamal49 I like this thought
    “I hope they will remember that millions like me also cherish THEIR 2nd Amendment rights and will be more than happy to use them on Tea-Baggers if the situation happens to arise.”

    I hate guns, but was raised around them and know how to use them; and I think there are more of us then them.

  31. says

    We all know she’s unfunny and past her expiration date, but what I want to know is: WHAT did she do to her face. She looks like a rejected Miss Piggy prototype. (sincere apologies to the divine MP for the comparison…)

  32. BobC562 says

    Victoria who? I think I dropped a quarter in her guitar case when I was coming out of the downtown L.A. Courthouse.

  33. Patric says

    Excellent point, XMAN. You are exactly right. We may be frustrated now but things could be a whole lot worse 12 months from now; fortunately, we still have some opportunity to control that and we’ll only have ourselves to blame if we don’t seize that opportunity. There are Senate races like those in Ohio and Colorado where the choice between the Dem and the Repug candidates is quite clear for those who believe in equality.

  34. TANK says

    I think patric works for the DNC, or for the party in some capacity, as just about every post is message management and propaganda.

  35. FunMe says

    Who is this HAS BEEN?

    And absolutely, her eyes look BAT SHIT CRAZY!

    Just goes to show that she needs the LIBERALS (who write better words and songs) and GAYS (who can dress her up) better than she ever will as she is sooooooooo close to getting old and fat.

    Guess when you don’t have a career, even $500 for this is good enough for these losers.

  36. Chris says

    Notice that as the logo comes on, there is the sound of a gunshot in the background….very scary.

  37. chad says

    God she is a disgusting white trash bitch. She once said “gay people might do my hair but I wouldn’t leave my kids with them”. I thought she was kidding at the time but she wasn’t ,I’v hated her guts since then. I guess if Obama is a communist she and her tea-baggers are all Nazis or the Taliban or actually some kind of hybrid.

  38. says

    Now that the conservative movement is handing itself over to the John Birch Society, it’s hardly surprising that they’re calling everyone to the left of Herbert Hoover a communist.

    Jackson was a part of the first renaissance of SNL, though. (Its all-time nadir was right around 1981.) She could be funny back then, but this video is just tragic.

  39. says

    As a woman, I’ve always found this Barbie-wannabe twink to be an insult to those of us who have fought for equality all of our lives and who take being women SERIOUSLY. She’s the PERFECT tool/puppet/lap-dancer for the republicunts, because she embodies everything that they want their CALL GIRLS and CRACK WHORES to be: subservient, idiotic, and concerned only with THEIR pleasure.

    Dennis Miller WAS funny, but then he became a breeder and lost his fucking mind. Damned shame. But then, we have Bill Maher to thank for having created a “career” (cough!-tranny!-cough!) for Mann-hands Coulter. If he’d never put that beast on the air, shim wouldn’t be “employed” today, and would have to settle for its trust fund alone. Ironic, though, that shim is supposed to be so “successful” and “famous,” and CAN ONLY AFFORD *ONE* DRESS.

    I know, none of this is constructive or pro-feminist, but dammit, sometimes these bitches make me wanna pull my fuckin’ hair out. They are TRAITORS and therefore, wasting my motherfuckin’ oxygen. Women have been beaten, imprisoned, murdered, raped, you name it, FIGHTING FOR THESE STUPID BITCHES’ RIGHT TO SPEAK THEIR MINDS AND HOLD DOWN JOBS, but do they appreciate any of it? FUUUUUUCK no. They TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT, of all that feminism has done for the world, but then they, like that hypocrite poacher whore Palin, say that all OTHER women should shut up, stay home, and keep crankin’ out them babies, ’cause “there will always be a servant class.”

    I wish that I could run into Vaginaless Jackson out in public someday, ’cause despite my usually non-violent nature, I would bitch-slap her into last week. She needs to take her hypocritical republicunt advice for herself and SHUT UP AND STAY HOME. Just please baby baby baby PLEASE ***DON’T*** BREED!!!!!!

  40. Kevin says

    Victoria, I’m so glad to hear someone with a voice that commands attention,no matter what people say (the ignorant}. America is under attack.Our way of life is in flux. Every effort must be made to expose this cancer to our republic! We are a nation of opportunity! Not handouts. Tea Party on Dude! Kevin

  41. Rodney says

    This is so sad. I loved her so much on SNL. Too bad she’s all batshit crazy now.

  42. lgwolf says

    He took over the banking and auto industry?
    Reaaaaalyy? When did that happen. I thought he bailed them out.
    Jackson must be desperate for work because she’s left with pandering to the wingnutts at Fox who will greet her w/open arms.

  43. blart says

    She was always stupid and hideously unfunny, but at least she was once reasonably attractive.

    Now she’s just a fucking pig.

  44. blart says

    She was always stupid and hideously unfunny, but at least she was once reasonably attractive.

    Now she’s just a fucking pig.

  45. Madge says

    Better wake up sheeple and get in the know. I’ve seen many negative comments on here and actually, she’s telling the truth. However, being not Republican nor Democrat stop and look at all our freedoms we’ve lost. Look at the Patriot Act, the National ID Act (which tells YOU our government can identifiy us anyway they deem for our safety) Yikes, hope we all like our chip tag like Bertha. Now the Health Care shoved down our throats. Read the documents sheeple and quit taking the bought off news media’s word as truth. When you’re dependent on the government you’re in fact dependent. Think about that, dependent. By the way, I’m sick of hearing we’re a democracy, look it up sheeple we use to be a REPUBLIC.