1. SONNIE says

    I CAN”T believe this! That is so so SICK!! Poisoning those kids’ minds with that sort of SHIT!

  2. Maverick69 says

    You do coke and kill people Tony, That’s “wonderful” Tony.

    She does seem to have a future.

    Otherwise, This should never have been done with children regardless of who directed this.

  3. Seb says

    Why can’t it be done with children? Is there a suggestion that them acting this out will turn them into killers or perhaps worse, make them pottymouthed?

    Perhaps people don’t like it because it holds a mirror up to adult entertainment and we don’t like seeing ‘innocents’ acting like that. If that’s the point that’s being made, it’s a great clip.

  4. Timzilla says

    Infinitely better than a Christmas play and so much more honest and real. “You know what capitalism is? Getting fudged!” These are valuable lessons we should be teaching children.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Shocking, until you realize it’s reported to be directed by Lady Gaga “Telephone” video director Jonas Akerlund.
    Sorry Andy. When you step in shit, it doesn’t smell good no matter who is behind it.

  6. Rami says

    Awesome. And seriously, who says that? That Scarface is “one of the alltime worst movies?” Who says that? Seriously?

  7. Alex N says

    More on point would be a discussion about referring to Jonas Akerlund as Lady Gaga’s Telephone video director. Lol.