Glenn Beck: Obama Will Pick a Radical ‘Gay Handicapped Black Woman’ Who’s an Immigrant’ to Fill Supreme Court Slot

Said Glenn Beck on his radio show this morning about the SCOTUS opening:

Glennbeck“Mark my words, a radical is coming. Sotomayor. I’m sorry gang, but she’s a radical. He's gonna pick another radical. And it will cause all kinds of problems in Washington. It will split the parties. It will allow the Dems to say 'They just hate women, they just hate Hispanic, they just hate a Black. They just hate whatever. They just want to take away women's rights. They just hate gays.' That's what it will be. If he's smart he will find a gay, handicapped Black woman who's an immigrant, because that way he could just say, when...She could be the Devil! She could say 'I hate America. I want to destroy America.' And that way they'll only be able to say 'Why do you hate gay immigrant Black handicapped women? Why do you...hate that?”