1. Zlick says

    From Beck’s fat retarded mouth to Obama’s big ears.

    The money’s on him trying to appease with a moderate, but if he nominates a lesbian woman of color immigrant, Beck’s right: who could say boo and get away with it?

    I think it may be the first time I’ve ever agreed with him. Pardon me, while I go brush my teeth or something.

  2. daftpunkydavid says

    ENOUGH!!! let’s stop paying attention to people like him, he already has a platform. nothing that comes out of his mouth serves to promote a culture of decency, of respectful disagreement, of civil discourse. why give him more publicity? we’re tired of crazy partisanship? well, we need to stop paying attention to crazy partisans.

  3. woodroad34d says

    Oh, Glen Prick….just like Dumbass Bush put a couple of corporatist, bigoted ultra conservatives on the bench and made one of them the Diana Ross of the Supremes.

  4. Jerry says

    And I, a radical mentally ill black gay man, will punch Glenn Beck in his fucking throat. I don’t think I need Senate clearance for that.

  5. Brian says

    Honestly, I understand the need to point out the follies of madmen, but do we need to give Beck even more coverage?

  6. patrick nyc says

    I’ve gone from giving a shit what these idiots say to enjoying watching them implode. This is making them nuts, Poor Beck, being a recovering alcoholic he can’t even have a drink to calm his nerves. Maybe Rush can give him a few oxys to help.

  7. ichabod says

    “Obama Will Pick a Radical ‘Gay Handicapped Black Woman’ Who’s an Immigrant’ to Fill Supreme Court Slot”

    I sure as Hell hope so…

  8. Craig Banikowski says

    What bollocks…..just more of the vitriolic shit we’re used to – i will do everything I can to ensure everyone knows…in Colorado Springs….what a bullshit artist this “creature” really is….subject matter expert – that would be any ole’ asshole that Murdock proclaims marketable….

  9. Craig Banikowski says

    Oh…and one more thing….do you feel the space around your head getting smaller? It’s called asophyxition……your asshole actually starts taking hold of your head… its’ angry…you are using your mouth way way too much….I’m sure you are used to it – only this time it’s fatal….good luck Beck…..

  10. Zach says

    Andy, I think the picture of Beck weeping is much more revolting than the Pope feeling up the kid.

  11. says

    Someone needs to do unto Glenn Beck as he does unto others.

    Just to watch him spontaneously combust, I hope our next Justice is a 35-yr old (who’ll spread satan’s socialism for the next 50 years) blind lesbian muslim (who wears the thing) with no legs whose lover is a big bad butch jewish eskimo.

  12. TANK says

    I agree, zach. It’s totally more revolting. I mean…the first thing one thinks about when they see the pope photo is what poor taste in make out buddies the pope has. This? How many infants needed to be ritually sacrificed.

  13. Jon Brian Blake says

    Oh good lord – please put this man out of his misery. I’m so tired of hearing his voice. Whatever he has to say… it’s tiring…

  14. nic says

    let him speak. every time he regurgitates his bile, he puts another nail in his coffin. that little crybaby sheds tears at the drop of a hat. way to go, asshole. you are breeding a generation of bleeding-heart rightists.

  15. anon says

    Very few nominees get rejected or forced to withdraw their nomination. The last three were ones appointed by Reagan, Bush I and Bush II.

  16. David says

    Hadn’t heard about that Beck was a recovering acoholic.

    Perhaps there should be a little (nationwide) drive – Send Booze to Beck –

    packaged as if coming from adoring fans, of course.

  17. bobo says

    he is just begging for a hardcore, ass-banging hate-fuck. the more stupid shit he says, the more i wanna fuck his brains out. drill baby drill. dont worry beck-baby, i won’t respect you in the morning.

  18. lgwolf says

    I wish the press would do some digging on Beck’s past and get him off of the stage once and for all.

  19. P says

    How can someone with this little intelligence possibly be allowed to have his own radio show? He’s just so childish! If he thinks Obama and his colleagues are ‘radical’ then I think his head would explode if he ever paid a visit to Scandinavia!

  20. Arthur says

    Listen carefully to this tirade In the strange world of right wing Republican rhetoric, they have made sure the President cannot nominate a white male to the Supreme Court. Only a minority, who will actually be a moderate, will have the cover to be confirmed.

    The party of white male hegemony has quarantined the opposite of their unstated goals.

  21. Charles Roland says

    I agree with Beck on this one. Some of Obama’s choices seem like reverse discrimination to me. And I don’t know why so many gays are in love with this president. Although he’s better than many of this predecessors, he doesn’t really support the important gay causes. He has done nothing about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and he is against gay marriage. The out, loud, and proud gays who openly support Obama do so only because he is black. It’s just another form of discrimination. Not a good time to be a straight white guy.

  22. patrick nyc says

    Wow CHARLES. How many times did your parents drop you on your head? Racist much?

  23. octobercountry says

    The reason so many gays are “in love” with this president, Charles, is that any Republican would be much, much, much worse.

  24. Zach says

    “Some of Obama’s choices seem like reverse discrimination to me”

    Psst… there’s no such thing as reverse discrimination. There’s only discrimination.

    ” And I don’t know why so many gays are in love with this president. Although he’s better than many of this predecessors, he doesn’t really support the important gay causes.”

    Are you new here? Most gays expected Obama to repeal DOMA and DADT the day he assumed office. There’s been little but hostility directed towards him the past year.

    “Not a good time to be a straight white guy.”

    In the West, anytime is a good time to be a straight white guy. White guys in general exert a disproportionate and increasingly unjustified influence on geopolitics and economics.

  25. BART says

    you know what they call fear of the unknown? Paranoia. Welcome to the Republican mantra…”I fear, there for I am Republican.”

    Glenn Beck knows a lot about retarded, being as such. Who cares what this circus clown has to say about anything.

  26. says

    “I agree with Beck on this one. Some of Obama’s choices seem like reverse discrimination to me.”

    Which choices exactly? Name one. And, Charles, why are you so concerned about STRAIGHT white guys? Just curious.

  27. qjersey201 says

    Well let’s see. America is about 66% White. So white men, who are only a third of the population are still WAY over represented on the court.

    I personally would rather see a disabled lesbian Asian woman.

  28. ty says

    Charles, it’s always a good time to be a straight white guy. There is a silent code that promotes breeding and disparate gender relations. Why do you think we have overpopulation and global climate change? Not the gay’s fault…

  29. David Lawless says

    My ideal candidate is Glenn Beck’s nightmare… Yes, that sounds about right!

  30. jamal49 says

    @David Beck is a recovering alcoholic AND cocaine addict. As with Bush-Boy, Beck-Boy’s brain-neurons got just a tad FRIED from all the synaptic surges his vices caused.

  31. Acronym Jim says

    Misogynist: check
    Homophobe: check
    Racist: check
    Xenophobe: check
    Ablist: check

    Who knew? Oh wait, who didn’t know? Let’s hope Beck has jumped the shark with this one. Probably not likely since most of his tea-party constituents hold the same views (I refuse to call them teabaggers as it gives teabagging a bad connotation).

  32. JJ Tw says

    Charles Roland is a moron. How’s that white male conservative grievance thing working out for ya?

  33. Tom says

    How amazing would it be if the “moral” majority in the country woke up one morning and suddenly realized what pigs they all are.

  34. says

    When there were Anti-Bush and Anti-War protesters during the Bush Presidency – these people were labeled ANTI-AMERICAN and TRAITORS! Guess what folks – the rules haven’t changed – if you are Anti-Obama you are Anti-American. This President deserves the same respect that was DEMANDED FROM US from the previous President!

  35. Tarc says

    As usual, there is one fact in that sea of lies: Obama will be nominating the most liberal of the top tier candidates. It’s likely to be Wood, a white liberal, old family female with an impeccable reputation. Personally, she should have been his first nimination; Bush loaded the court with a moderate Republican and an extremist fundamentalist conservative (on top of an already too conservative mix). The result? A highly ‘activist’ court – on the conservative side.

  36. says

    Haha. He’s missing any shred of tact, but he’s absolutely right. After Sotomayor’s nomination, most criticism was deemed as racist, sexist, or generally intolerant because she was Hispanic and a woman. Her status as a symbol of diversity took precedent over her abilities as a judge.

    What’s more concerning is all of the comments wishing Beck personal harm or death. Compassion is a two-way street, even if that means recognizing the freedom to express and embrace ignorance, as Beck so often does.

  37. Zach says

    “most criticism was deemed as racist, sexist, or generally intolerant because she was Hispanic and a woman.”

    That’s because it was. Almost all media and Republican attention was consumed on the “wise Latina” nonsense. If Republicans deigned to bring up substantive issues, then maybe there might have been substantive discourse. But in the absence of that, the media was happy to jump onto the sensationalist bandwagon, and everyone else was dragged along for the ride.

  38. Casey says

    The dems don’t need to nominate someone like that to show ‘(Republicans) just hate women, they just hate Hispanic, they just hate a Black. They just hate whatever. They just want to take away women’s rights. They just hate gays.’ – They do a fine enough job of showing us that on their own, thanks.