Bolivian President: Eating Estrogen-Rich Chicken Makes You Gay

Bolivian President Evo Morales caused laughter to ripple through the audience at a conference on climate change on Tuesday when he suggested that eating hormone-injected chicken caused men to deviate into homosexuality, Spero News reports:

Morales "[Morales] claimed that the presence of homosexual men around the world is a consequence of inadequate nutrition. According to Morales, this is due to eating chicken saturated with feminizing hormones 'The chicken that we eat is chock-full of feminine hormones. So, when men eat these chickens, they deviate from themselves as men.'"

Morales also blamed European baldness on genetically modified foods.

Agence France Presse reports: "Spain's National Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals sent a protest letter to the Bolivian embassy of Madrid, calling Morales remarks 'homophobic.'
The president of Argentina's homosexual community, Cesar Cigliutti, said: 'It's an absurdity to think that eating hormone-containing chicken can change the sexual orientation of a person.' … 'By following that reasoning, if we put male hormones in a chicken and we make a homosexual eat it, he will transform into a heterosexual,' he added, in online comments."

According to Spero, "The conference was billed as the First Worldwide Peoples’ Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth and organized by the South American nation’s government as defense of environmentalism. The conference assailed capitalism as an assault on Mother Earth, which many Andean peoples refer to as 'Pacha Mama.' According to Morales, genetically altered foods and Coca-Cola are 'symbols of capitalism.'"


  1. bill says

    Well all I can say is that judging by the picture, he obviously has eaten way too much hormone injected chicken!

  2. Paul R says

    He’s a former peasant farmer with little formal education. He’s also called for legalizing cocaine, just to piss off the US. I view him as a source of amusement.

  3. TJ says

    I’m really disappointed at how this story has been reported. Even in this English translation it only says ‘deviates from men,” which could mean a number of things, but then every news site translates it as “turns men gay.” Evo Morales has been an unwavering supporter of gay rights and has ensured that LGBT rights have been enshrined in Bolivia’s new constitution. I’m disappointed that a site that I like as much as Towleroad (among others) couldn’t do a better job at looking into this story and instead had to jump on the bandwagon of ‘Oh look at this uneducated brown person and the zany things he says!’

  4. andres says

    You gotta thank god for these men that bring in some humor to serious stuff. I mean, even his mother must have laughed at him.

  5. James says

    The Chips comment and the Coco Chanel comment literally had me in tears.

    You guys are on fire today.

  6. joe says

    TJ – Morales is another Chavez stooge: another wanna-be petty dictator waving a socialist banner. FAIL.

  7. Arturo Beeche says

    Evo Morales is a nearly illiterate labor leader who managed to get himself elected President of Bolivia by the masses of uneducated peasants who back his labor activities. Although his efforts on behalf of Bolivia’s millions of working poor and indigent are laudable, he is, at best, a holder of a third or fourth grade education…hence, pronouncements like these are no surprising!

    He is representative of that noxious Latin America social mix…lack of education, ignorance, religious idiocy and deep seed homophobia, all tinged by misguided culturally obscurantist lack of knowledge.

    As a Latin American I have always been extremely critical of this ignorant mix which can also be found among the educated classes – which in itself is unforgivable.

  8. Kugel says

    JOE. “Chavez stooge” is ridiculous. Like it or not, these guys are democratically elected leaders, not Castro. How do you classify Lula?

  9. Richard says

    WOW, Mr.T is looking awful!

    The line that caught my eye was “The president of Argentina’s homosexual community, Cesar Cigliutti,…” They have a President of the homosexual community? Well I would like to take this opportunity to make the announcement that I am seeing the nomination for the office of President of the Gay Community of the United States of America.

  10. jamal49 says

    Evo, mi querido, STFU. Admittedly, Quechua and Aymara are notoriously homophobic and you, querido, as a descendant of both noble races, are notoriously an Hugo Chavez ass-wipe. But, get real, Evocito! Take your idiotic “chicken” theories about gay sexuality, mix them with some coca leaves and a bit of lime and CHEW, pendejo!

  11. GregV says

    TJ’c comment makes a very important point.
    I looked up several Spanish-language news sites and nothing in quotation marks says anything about homosexuality. Unless he said anything that is not quoted, it is only the scandal-seeking journalists who have spiced up the story with that.
    “Deviating from maleness” could, to him, refer to undescended testicles or low sperm counts, for example.
    He may indeed, have meant to imply something about sexual orientation, but I wouldn’t assume that.
    This reminds me of the fact that the New Testament of the Bible in its original languages says not one word against gay people or same-sex relationships, but some modern rewriters have decided it would spice it up to assume that’s what Paul could have meant and so just added the word into his letters.

  12. Fabio A. Pabon says

    It is true, I was in Kansas eating chicken at “chicken anny’s and “chicken Mary’s” and ever since I had them chickens all I want to do is fuck man in the ass!! dammm!!
    I even want to fuck the pope, he turns me on!!and he looks like he needs some good butt fuckin…..! I want balls in front of my balls!! Uffff! Kentucky fried chicken really turns you in to a sisi!!

  13. Fabio A. Pabon says

    Hey!! fools, and the reason why he has so many chains is because he is also the president of the Bolivian Hip Hop club!!