Gay Man in Running to Be Utah’s Next Episcopal Bishop

The recently-confirmed Rev. Mary Glasspool of Los Angeles, and Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire are the Episcopal Church's only two openly gay bishops, but they could soon be joined by a third, the Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Barlowe"The Rev. Michael L. Barlowe — who married his partner, the Rev. Paul Burrows, in San Francisco in 2008, just before the fractious Proposition 8 vote banning gay marriage — is one of four finalists to replace retiring Bishop Carolyn Tanner Irish.
Reflecting the Utah diocese's diversity, the other three candidates are: the Rev. Juan A. Quevedo-Bosch, a Cuban-born rector in New York; the Rev. Mary C. Sulerud, who helps train new priests in Washington, D.C.; and the Rev. Scott B. Hayashi, who once pastored a church in Ogden but now ministers in Chicago…Each of the candidates is 'immediately engaging,' [Ric Tanner, president of the Utah church's Standing Committee] said…The selection of a gay bishop, however, would be the most controversial."

According to the paper, Utah's Episcopal church is on record supporting the ordination of gay and lesbian priests in committed relationships. The next step for Barlowe is what's known as a "walkabout" wherein the candidates travel the state visiting with parishes and members. Delegates from the Church then come together to elect a Bishop on May 22.


  1. JCT says

    If Barlowe is confirmed, he will be the second gay bishop to have served in this capacity, following in the footsteps of the Rt. Rev. Otis Charles, who came out later in life.

  2. Chris P says

    The diocese is pretty small with maybe 1500 people at church on a given Sunday. The other candidates are pretty strong and one has experience working in Utah which may be an edge. The Cathedral is maybe 20% gay, but it has not been a parish that leads the diocese.

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