Jake Gyllenhaal on How He Got So Juiced


Last year, when these rippling photos of Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of Prince of Persia surfaced, director Jerry Bruckheimer insisted he didn't "juice up" for the role:

"No, he didn’t [use steroids]. No drugs! No drugs, he just worked really hard. Well he’s a cyclist anyway and he bikes all the time so we just had him do a little lifting, but he looks fantastic."

Gyllenhaal tells People his secret

[I] never did anything this intensive before [to change my body]. It’s a physical role. And when I commit to playing a part, it’s 110 percent. We worked really closely with David Belle, who invented Parkour. I worked with a lot of gymnasts. I started jumping off of a lot of things that were padded and learned the fundamental stuff, and then slowly started working on harder surfaces, really carefully. And I’d say, ‘OK, I’ll try it,’ and then I’d say, ‘OH GOD. OH, please.’ But then I’d get it, and we’d go a little further and a little longer and a little higher and just kept it up…It got a little bit dicey there near the end, when they saw that I liked doing things that were dangerous. I tried my hand at things that were pushing it a little bit. There was this big 35 foot jump that I did that got a little hairy.”


  1. RONTEX says

    And I’d say, ‘OK, I’ll try it,’ and then I’d say, ‘OH GOD. OH, please.’ But then I’d get it, and we’d go a little further and a little longer and a little higher and just kept it up…

    His quote sounds like an audition for a porn movie…or is that just the movie I WISH he made

  2. says

    He doesn’t look much more ripped or bigger than he was in Jarhead, not sure why everyone’s saying he’s so juiced and huge.
    He is a hottie, i’ll give you that.

  3. Jeff in NC says

    “I tried my hand at things that were pushing it a little bit. There was this big 35 foot jump that I did that got a little hairy.”

    I’ll give him a few things he can try his hand at, some things he can jump into or on to, there will be lots of PUSHING and PULLING, and I PROMISE, it WILL BE HAIRY.

  4. crispy says

    It’s like they’re not even trying to be convincing. Cycling, gymnastics, Parkour… none of those things build bulk like that. All of those workouts make men leaner.

    The Parkour thing is especially retarded because if you’ve ever seen a Parkour athlete or a freerunner, they typically look like skinny American Apparel hipster types. And why would a 6th Century warrior in the desert need to learn a discipline primarily designed for urban fitness?

    Jakey’s cute. But about as smart as bait.

  5. Pekemo says

    I don’t know what everyone is making such a big deal about. He doesn’t look like he bulked up that much. If anything he looks smaller than he did in Brokeback Mountain

  6. rich says

    o dude u r so full o shit! i play football 4 my high school n ive seen guys who r doin roids n they look just like u! he was in pretty good shape n all of the sudden its like 5 weeks late n hes toly ripped n way bigger u don get those kind o results that fast less ur juicin! come clean dude cuz sooner or later itll come out!

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    He’s not using steroids. If he was he’d be twice that size. Steroids DO WORK and the difference between use and guys that only work out hard at the gym and eat right is pronounced.

  8. Bart says

    Arnold Swartznegger also swore up and down he never did steriods. Come on… That boy looks a lot beefier than he did in any previous movie…and the cycling line, really? Do these dumbasses know cycling helps lean you out not bulk you up? The line from the producer (not director) Bruckheimer that he just did a “little lifting” made me laugh outloud.

    My guess, he was doing something. I’ve been a bodybuilder most of my life and know that the miraculous just doesn’t happen…especially in skinny white boys who suddenly add twenty pounds.

    But more to the point, who cares? The guy is an actor. Last I checked there was nothing in the SAG handbook about not juincing for a movie role. Why does everyone get so bent out shape over this shit? Guess what, they also use makeup in the movies…most of those folks just aren’t as pretty as they are on the screen. And sometimes they dub voices and have short actors stand on boxes.

    Again, who cares?

  9. Bill says

    People who look at his body and think he is doing drugs have no idea what they are talking about. His body is very achievable through workout and diet naturally. Go look at pictures of bodybuilders before 1930 and you will see how big and ripped they got with no drugs, poor diets and imperfect training.

  10. Brian says

    It’s interesting about him doing all the jumping for this movie….he’s never been one to do his own stunts. In BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, Jake had a stunt double for his big naked leap into the water, though Heath took the plunge himself.

  11. sparks says

    I’ve seen just about every interview he’s had and everything in print about him. Jake seems too level-headed and grounded to use those types of supplements. He has an excellent work-out ethic, exercises and runs routinely, and he has never really gotten much out-of-shape even when taking breaks from work.

    I’ve enjoyed watching him grow from a cute skinny kid into a very handsome and fit man. I don’t believe for a minute that his body (which isn’t even that beefy) is a result of anything except some extra work.

    BTW, his foray into parkour wasn’t about bulking up (that’s what the gymnastics were for)… it was more for developing more balance and center. And anyone who says gymnasts have lean muscle mass has obviously not watched men’s gymnastics in the past decade.

  12. Fred says

    Taking roids doesn’t mean you balloon up into the Michelin Man with huge bitchtits and tiny balls. You can control the dosing expertly and use other drugs too to get a less extreme result, but still one that is worth it.

    Hugh Jackman, Jake, Ryan R, Christian Bale — all those guys with crazy bods are getting some pharmaceutical assistance. You skeptics keep forgetting that they are transforming themselves in very short periods of time, not doing Beach Blanket Bingo weights over the course of a few years.

    Some journalist somewhere is going to write a career-making expose uncovering how trainers in H’wood hook up stars with product and get results. Only reason it hasn’t been published yet is because everyone in on the scheme has a huge self-interest to keep it going.

  13. sugarrhill says

    You people realize that his has nutritionists, trainers, and hours upon hours of free time to achieve this buffed up look, right? It’s not hard to believe his all natural. It’s his job to look good.

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