News: Gabourey Sidibe, Otters, Earmarks, Trey Songz, PETA

 road  Mixner on Obama and LGBT rights: Situation bad, very bad.

 roadVatican slams NYT, defends Pope's handling of clergy sexual abuse cases.

Dew roadBedazzled bugs.

 roadMeanest April Fool's prank of the day.

 roadCongresswoman institutes transparency in earmarks: "This year, I am unveiling a new, transparent and open approach to how I receive, review and submit these federal funding requests: every requesting organization has been asked to make a short presentation, which has been recorded and posted online."

 roadIn the UK, gay weddings get the regimental blessing.

 roadNew blog: The Healthy Boy.

 roadGabourey Sidibe to host SNL.

 roadLeonardo DiCaprio to play J Edgar Hoover in Dustin Lance Black biopic: "The flick would follow Hoover from founding of the FBI in 1935 to his long tenure as director of the crime-fighting organization. He was reportedly a cross-dresser and a homosexual. It will be very interesting to see how Black writes that (if at all) into the script."

 road  Jennifer Hudson signs on as Weight Watchers spokesperson.

 roadA longish but strangely vague review of the new Scissor Sisters album.

Songz road  Trey Songz perspires for the April issue of Vibe.

 roadPETA head Dan Mathews grilled by the meat police: "There's just one reason I ever invite a group of men whose names I don't know into my hotel room. And I don't think you're here for that reason – or are you?"

 roadKim Zolciak and Tracy Young are no longer a couple.

 roadLevi Johnston ready to defy Palin with reality show: "Johnston, father of Bristol Palin's son, Tripp, tells eonline that his show is going to be about him and his 'closest guys' shooting the breeze in Alaska.
He said it will also show him trying to get a new girlfriend.
'I haven't dated since Bristol so that is going to be in the show,' Johnston, 19, said."

 roadCher goes surfing! Ok, paddleboarding.

 roadRafael Nadal lets balls fly at his nose.

 road  Geeks: Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" as an 8-bit masterpiece.

Ellencomic road Ellen DeGeneres comic book in stores now.

 roadNational Organization for Marriage pushing to make gay marriage a wedge issue in gubernatorial election: "The Republican contest to determine who will challenge California Sen. Barbara Boxer in the fall has focused so far on the bread-and-butter issues of the day — jobs, the economy and federal spending.
That's changing as the June primary draws closer. A national group opposed to gay marriage is trying to shift the focus to that lightning rod issue in the coming weeks, putting pressure on the candidate seen as the most moderate of the three GOP challengers."

 roadThe most heartbreaking otter story of the day.

 roadLady Gaga to sing the next James Bond theme?

 roadWillacoochee: Gay couple seeks to close book on unsolved 1993 hate crime against them.

 roadD.C. marriage applications skyrocket: "Marriage applications have skyrocketed since the District started issuing licenses for same-sex couples this month, with droves of gay partners expected to relocate to the city from states where they can't tie the knot. About 1,100 marriage applications have been filed in the District since March 3, according to courthouse spokeswoman Leah Gurowitz, nearly six times the average monthly count."


  1. TANK says

    The current franchise doesn’t understand how important the bond theme song is to the whole movie. It sets the mood…and they’ve had subpar songs since tina turner. In fact, since goldeneye, it’s been that and the chris cornell song…the only two worth listening to.

  2. crispy says

    I liked the Garbage song, Tank, but mostly I agree. And yes, Goldfrapp would be a better fit than Gaga. Although, honestly, I think they’re going edgier with the Daniel Craig movies… so a heavier alt-rock band is probably what they’ll ultimately look for than somebody as overexposed as Lady Gaga. My vote: Muse.

  3. GGREEN says

    Why would New Yorkers want the diarrhea inducing In and Out burger in Manhattan? Now a real cruel April fools prank would be telling the residents of the SF Castro that the assholes at Radio Shack have given up and Trader Joe’s is finally moving in.

  4. finkles2000 says

    I’m not the biggest Gaga fan (at all), but I’m a HUGE Bond freak, and I think Lady Gaga would be a great choice for the next theme. The last one (“Another Way to Die” from Quantum of Solace) was, in a word, atrocious. Jack White is awesome. Alicia Keys is awesome. But together? FAIL. Tank – Goldeneye was good, but I have to say that “Die Another Day” by Madonna is probably one of my all-time favorite Bond themes. But I’m a Madonna ho, so there you go.

  5. TANK says

    Really? Well, no accounting for taste, finkle. “sigmund freud” reference in the song…well, I think you have to be a big madge fan to say that about bond themes. I personally (and no disrespect intended) thought that madonna’s bond theme was one of the worst bond themes (if not the worst) in the history of the franchise…even worse than the man with the golden gun.

    I think muse would be a good choice, too, crispy…nice call. But there are better fits than gaga now…and goldfrapp because it’s been around for longer than gaga and because it would be a better fit than her given the type of music.

  6. says

    And I win!

    Opening the envelope we see:

    “I bet that pathological, predictable cockroach 24Play will once again crawl out from under his rock to demonize David Mixner with more lies because he dares criticize Play’s Lord & Savior Obama Christ.”

    Thank you, Play!!!!!!

    For those interested in the FACTS:

    David not only did NOT “give us DADT,” but he was one of the leaders fighting its conversion from the original ban. After he had helped raise millions to elect Clinton, he was banned from the White House and black listed among Dem Party loyalists by Rahm Emmanuel after David dared appear on “Nightline” to condemn Clinton’s caving to the homohating generals and politicos like Colin Powell and Sam Nunn. It wasn’t just social invitations and phone calls that dried up, but David’s political consulting business as no one wanted to defy Rahmbo.

    Then David got arrested for protesting DADT in front of the White House.

    Now David, who was a HUGE supporter of Obama all the way back to the primaries, is proving once again that, unlike some, he doesn’t place school girlish allegiance to a personality cult above gay rights.

    Perhaps if more had listened to David months ago, we would not still be at the mercy of our fickle Messiah as the clock tick tick ticks to midterms aka the “time of death” of DADT repeal.

  7. says

    Thanks Andy for the hot Black guy coverage!

    I’m a HUGE Bond fan and I haven’t really care for any of the songs since Duran Duran did View To A Kill. I think Ga Ga will be great if they let her really do her thing. You know, her telephone video is so over the fucking top that I have to love her. I hope she stays her crazy ass self as long as possible.

  8. Bill Perdue says

    Mixner isn’t lying saying that we’re getting tossed under the bus by yet another Democrat swindler.

    A Republican is a rightwing scoundrel with a christer theocrat attached at the hip. A Democrat is a Republican in drag.

    Homohating is a disease endemic to leaders of the Democrat and Republican parties. Those who can’t comprehend that condemn themselves to an endless round of political hysteria at election time in support of the newest ‘saviour’, the shiniest ‘lesser evil’, followed inevitably by betrayal after betrayal.

    Clinton and Obama were both touted as ‘leaders’ who’d get on board the fight for LGBT rights. The truth is no Democrat ‘leader’ gives a rat’s ass about us. Their contribution to us is limited to a few very minor sops to garner votes and give front groups like HRC and EQCA talking points.

    The mindless hysteria surrounding the election of right centrist presidential and congressional ‘liberals’ is largely generated by partisan Democrat front groups operating in our communities. They rely on thoughtless voters to fall for the ‘lesser evil’ scam and encourage them to project their values on slimy political hustlers like Clinton and Obama.

    That’s a losers strategy. In the case of Clinton it pushed us backwards. His campaign promise to end military discrimination and violence backfired and produced a law codifying that discrimination and its attendant violence. Later he championed a Republican idea, DOMA, and strong armed Congress into passing it, signed it immediately and then boasted about it on redneck christer radio stations to get the redneck vote.

    Clinton, far from being a ‘lesser evil’ was, from the beginning. a Dixiecrat. He led Congressional Dixiecrats and Republicans to pass union busting laws like NAFTA, deregulate predatory lenders, push us under the bus and embargo food and medicine for Iraq, murdering half a million Iraqi children. He may have been a disappointment to some but most of us see him as a disaster.

    Obama has a worse record on the questions of economic collapse and the looter classes attack on our standard of living, on promoting the oil wars and the deaths of American soldiers and Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani civilians. In terms of our struggle we’ve gotten little and probably won’t get much more. At best we can hope he won’t play and cards like Clintons DADT or DOMA against us.

    These betrayals are not based on personality faults in Clinton or Obama – they’re based on the fundamentally rightist nature of the parties they lead. The central leaders of the Democrats have only one strategic goal and that’s to do what it takes to get money from the looter rich and votes from the christian right.

    Lacking any semblance of decency or principle they’re in lock step with Republicans in an endless whirl of allemande rights. Supporting Democrats, any Democrats, is as suicidal as supporting Republicans.

    With Democrats like these who needs Republicans.

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