1. New Jersey Girl says

    Oh, and Mick? You ARE and idiot. You ARE insane. Anyone who believes in sky fairies and a 6000 year old earth IS a complete MORON.

  2. Happily Married says

    Interesting how much he backpedals when really questioned about his statements. It is easy to be a bigot until confronted with logic.

  3. BD says

    I think what is most remarkable about interviews like these are the way politicians now walk on eggshells to try to be as respectful as possible, when you know deep down they do not want to be. This is not nearly enough recognized as progress. It isn’t where we ultimately want to be, but ten years ago, someone like Mike Huckabee would never have engaged Rosie O’Donnell or tried his best to not disparage gay people (while ultimately doing just that). The fact they feel they can no longer bully us openly is a big deal. Good job Rosie for taking him on.

  4. Mark says

    Props to Rosie for taking him on. She did a fantastic job of putting the real arguments on the table and carried herself well. She has definitely redeemed herself in my eyes. The only shame is that most of her listening audience probably already agreed with her. Hopefully more news outlets pick up this discussion.

  5. walter says

    if he believes in the bible so strictly when was the last time he had a shrimp cocktail, lobster or even a good ham hock.
    he believes in what he wants and that suits his needs. selective interputation. christian my ass bigoted homophobe

  6. Academic2 says

    I’m not gonna judge them, but I will let the state judge them.

    What an asshat–I am so glad he’s moved to Florida. I hope his influence on Arkansas politics diminishes soon.

  7. says

    He tries to push a “let’s agree to disagree” resolution to the conversation, but the fact is, that’s completely incompatible with his actions. He isn’t agreeing to disagree, he’s actively working to push his ideals on those who do disagree.

  8. Jonathan says

    Have you seen Mike Huckabees kids? HE would have been better off with puppies.

    Mike was a complete failure as a parent, and for him to judge others is the height of hypocrisy. Christians specialize in Hypocrisy, and selectively quoting their Bible to support their prejudices.

  9. Bob R says

    Huckabee is another cafeteria christian who selects verses and chapters from the Bible he chooses to believe and ignores the rest. He’ll select only a portion of Leviticus dealing with “man shall not lay with man, etc” but I’ll bet he wears blended fabrics and eats shell fish, etc. He and all wealthy people completely ignore Matthew 25: 31-46 and I’m sure he never sent his wife outside the village every 28 days or stoned his disobedient children. Sadly, these people are delusional and there is little hope of reasoning with them.

  10. Rin says

    People are homophobic in general. I hate to admit that, but for some reason they are. That’s why they cherry pick through scriptures that are intended for a people on the lam that NEEDED breeders, that’s why they said no jacking off, either. If it weren’t the Bible, I am sadly convinced it would be something else.

    China is homophobic and they’re communists, for chrissakes.

    Humans are so fundamentally flawed that it makes me sad sometimes.

  11. BobN says

    It’s too bad they didn’t meet face-to-face. Huckabee could have gone over to Rosie’s house and met her “puppy” Connor.

    I saw him on TV the other day. He’s TALL for a 15yo. Looks like a good kid.

  12. BobN says

    “People have to make their own decision…” on a ballot to ban adoption by gay people.

    Got it, Hucky, got it.

  13. don says

    “I’m not going to judge you or judge anybody else”. How were Huckabee’s original comments on this subject not judging? I guess he’s right — he’s not going to judge. He doesn’t need to because he’s done that already.

  14. dennis says

    Okay, so now we know that Mike Huckabee is opposed to forcibly removing adopted children from their gay parents. And we also know that Huckabee opposes any new adoptions by gay parents. We also now know that Mike Huckabee knows gay parents who have adopted children. Huckabee believes that those same gay parents love their children as much as heterosexual parents do. How do we know this? He said so. But if Mike’s gay friends–the ones with the adopted children–wanted to adopt another child, he would be opposed to this. The bottom line is that Mike Huckabee will continue to work to prevent gay adoption. Who cares if he is being polite and non-judgemental. He still does not want any gay person to adopt a child and will work to prevent this.

  15. TANK says

    and if all christians are cafeteria christians (which they are)…then mike huckabee’s just another christian. You’re bigoted against christians, BOB R! How dare you attribute bad behavior to christian beliefs…or any behavior to beliefs…beliefs have no connection to “reality”…ever…they don’t cause behavior.

  16. TANK says

    And because people are homophobic for a lot of reasons, religion can’t be one of the biggest…that’d just be crazy talk…and bigoted!

  17. Michael says

    “…there are people who think that I’m an idiot, that I’m insane…”
    Yes, there are!

  18. says

    This is classic Rosie, confronting the real issue, asking the tough questions and not letting him get away with his hypocrisy. While the ladies over at The View behave as though “Mike couldn’t have possibly meant what he said…” I feel that Americans are beginning to finally appreciate Rosie.

    A side note: I heard this interview yesterday and noticed that Towleroad and Queerty were not covering it and so I emailed them to ask why. I’m glad it’s up now.

  19. Glen Weinzimer says

    Rosie, I loved your controlled discussion and logic as you talked with Mike Huckabee, I appreciate that you stayed on message and remained calm as he wouldn’t directly answer your question which was so obvious what and how he felt. Kudos to you, I miss you on the regular Network Circuit.

  20. Bill Cooney says

    I’m amazed at how Chucklbee can speak out of both sides of his mouth. And, anyone who thinks he’s “an idiot and, that he’s insane” are right!

  21. David says

    I hate when people blame his religion for his views. I am a gay Christian and have two very loving and supportive pastors for parents who would do anything to assist in this ongoing fight for equality. Mike Hackabee is hiding behind his religion because he’s shifting blame for his ignorant views to God. But NJ Girl? Do NOT insinuate that anyone who believes in God is a complete moron.

  22. TANK says

    Right, david…that’s great reasoning. Don’t blame sexism for the unequal treatment of men and women…that’s just an excuse for bad behavior!

    Don’t blame racism for racist beliefs and behaviors…that’s just an excuse for bad behavior…

    At what point do we say that religion is meaningless, then? It’s all just behavior….

  23. says

    “I hate when people blame his religion for his views.”

    I agree with you to a certain extent, David. People like Huckabee hide behind their so-called religion and manipulate it to excuse their bigotry, ignorance, and intolerance, while also using it to excuse their own moral and parental shortcomings. Some of the strongest supporters of marriage equality in VT were religious heterosexuals.

    That said, the religious as a whole in this country–and worldwide–simply have a despicable record on gay rights. And many fundamentalists are, sadly, morons. Religion is fine for those who believe, but it intrudes on secular life far too often, and not in a good way.

  24. dennis says

    TONSOFT, you are right on the mark. Unfortunately, Rosie didn’t pursue this opening which could have gone as follows:

    RO: “Okay, Mike. We are in agreement! From what you just told us, you have gay friends who are parents of adopted children.”
    MH: “Yes, I did Rosie. Janet and I have known these two men for many years.”
    RO: “And you approve of the loving home they provide for their adopted kids, right?”
    MH: “Rosie, I can’t really go there. It’s not about me approving or judging their lifestyle. They are free to live the lifestyle of their choosing. It isn’t about that . . .”
    RO: “But you agree that they are good parents and love to their children as much as we love our own.”
    MH: “Of course, Rosie. They are such great parents.”
    RO: “Now, if this gay couple–these friends of yours—wanted to adopt another child, would you support this? If not, then could you explain how you reconcile your support of legislation to prevent gay couples–like your friends–from adopting?”
    RO: “On one hand, you know a gay couple who has adopted.”
    RO: “You know that they are good parents. You’ve told us that, today.”
    RO: “But then you support groups out there who are against gay adoption. You supported legislation to make it illegal for gay people to adopt children. I don’t get it, Mike. I just don’t.”
    [Rosie O’Donnell finishes her monologue, sits back and waits for Huckabee to answer]

  25. Will says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but we’re supposed to have “Separation of Church and State”. He is now on record as having governed based on his religious beliefs.

    So….yeah. What should we do? Is there a policy for dealing with these idiots once they go on record as being a bigoted a**wipe?

  26. David says

    Tank by suggesting we blame racism for racist behavior, doesnt that mean we should blame homophobia for homophobic behavior? Your logic fails you, my friend.

  27. Carolyn says

    I have to say I was very impressed by both parties. I can not believe the comment about Huckabee being an Evil man. He was very nice due to that is who he is. Just as Rosie was very pleasant also. There are times that we will just have to agree to disagree and we don’t have to be enemies because of that. Tank I am curious to ask your definition of a Christian? Rosie I commend you on the love that you have for Children I wish many others could have your love and passion for children. I am also a follower of Christ and I too agree with Mike. Like I said before we can agree to disagree without becomming enemies.

  28. TANK says

    “Tank by suggesting we blame racism for racist behavior, doesnt that mean we should blame homophobia for homophobic behavior? Your logic fails you, my friend.”

    Er…we can’t blame homophobic beliefs for homophobic behavior, can we? There’s no connection at all between homophobic beliefs and gay bashings…That’d just be craziness…to you. For those who know that behavior doesn’t just happen in a void, beliefs cause behavior. It’s indisputable. Perhaps you meant to write something else. And the thing about logic is that it’s never failed me.