1. Gleeful says

    Sue’s the best at attitude, posturing and posing (albeit in track suits), so the leap to a Madonnaesque Vogue isn’t that far fetched!!! I love it. Maybe she’ll wear her costume to her wedding!!!

  2. Jon says

    The episode this week is not the all-Madonna episode. That’s actually coming up on April 20. The biggest clue is that the title of the 4/20 episode is “The Power of Madonna.”

  3. Drew says

    Me and the DVR happily await the Madonna episode. Still, I’m pissed at FOX for screwing up my entire DVR schedule overall… They run American Idol late and Glee early with 2-minute advance starts/ends, so my DVR is cutting OTHER primetime channel shows like Lost, Modern Family, whatever, all due to the timing overlaps. Stupid FOX.

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