Louisiana Senate Panel Kills Gay Adoption Bill

The Louisiana Senate Judiciary Committee killed a bill yesterday similar to the one proposed in the House by Rep. Juan Lafonta, which I posted about last week, that would have allowed gay parents to adopt children together, the AP reports:

Murray "Senators on the Judiciary A Committee voted 3-1 against the bill, siding with opponents from Catholic, Baptist and other church groups who argued the adoptions would encourage immoral behavior and violate the spirit of a voter-approved constitutional ban on gay marriage. 'What these children will learn from structures which are not moral or spiritual will only hurt them,' said Willie Wooten, a minister and founder of Gideon Christian Fellowship in New Orleans."

Gay people in Louisiana may adopt, but only as individuals, not as a couple. A gay couple must choose one parent while the other has no legal relationship with the child. The bill was authored by Senators Ed Murray and J.P. Morrell, both Democrats from New Orleans.

The debate was reportedly emotional:

"Kelly Bryson, of New Orleans, choked back tears as she asked lawmakers to back the bill so she could legally adopt a child she is raising with her partner. Bryson adopted one of her sons, William, when she lived in Maryland after Hurricane Katrina, but she's been unable to adopt the second child, Jeremy, since she moved back to Louisiana. She said without the legal adoption of Jeremy, she can't make health decisions for him and he doesn't have inheritance rights."

Screw you, said (all but one of) the senators.


  1. Disgusted American says

    why are TAX EXEMPT organizations having ANY say in this> WHY???? Im so sick of this Hateful,Bigoted,Discriminatory country….Know what LA….next time you have a Hurricane – see if I feel sorry for u.

  2. NancyBoyDrew says

    Good old Christian values involved in politics again. Don’t let those kids go to a good, loving home because of those same Christian values. Tax those religious organizations that want to become involved in political issues. I’m getting really tired of these so called “Christians”. No wonder they were thrown to the lions.

  3. Moon says

    Let’s face it. Most immoral acts & crimes were done by heterosexual people. How many people in the jail are homosexuals? How many people who took bribes / steal / rob are homosexuals? How many serial killers / rapists / molesters / abusers / those involved in beastailitly are homosexuals? How many who’ve hurt others’ feelings are homosexuals? This clearly shows that actions have nothing to do with sexual orientation. If sexual oreintation links to immoral acts & crime, then heterosexual should be eliminated from this earth. Look at those wars!

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