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Mark Wahlberg's Catholic Priest Told Him No 'Brokeback Mountain'

That Mark Wahlberg turned down a role in Brokeback Mountain has been written about. Said Wahlberg in a 2007 interview:

Wahlberg  "I met with Ang Lee on that movie, I read 15 pages of the script and got a little creeped out. It was very graphic, descriptive - the spitting on the hand, getting ready to do the thing. I told Ang Lee, 'I like you, you're a talented guy, if you want to talk about it more...' Thankfully, he didn't...I didn't rush to see Brokeback, it's just not my deal... Obviously, it was done in taste - look how it was received."

Now, the National Enquirer reports that Wahlberg turned down the role on the advice of his priest:

"The 38-year-old reformed bad boy relies on his closest confidante and longtime religious mentor, the Rev. James Flavin, to help him pick and choose his parts. 'Mark is a practicing Catholic, and he never makes a final decision on a starring role until Father Flavin gives his OK,' an insider revealed to The Enquirer. 'Mark says he owes his career to Father Flavin.' ... 'Father Flavin pushes Mark to honor his religious roots,' said the source. 'Even though Mark was offered one of the leads in Brokeback Mountain, he passed because of the gay subject matter, which clashes with Catholic doctrine.'"

Of course, playing a coke and meth-addicted hustler with a 10-inch penis in Boogie Nights was fine.

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  1. This is old news. I believe EW mentioned this tidbit about Mark Wahlberg turning down the role in their original BBM cover story. I think Joaquin Phoneix was the other lead they were considering. I don't get the violence is good, sex is bad rationale.

    Posted by: Spongey | Apr 28, 2010 9:16:38 PM

  2. Yawn. The fuck has never had any talent that I could see other than body building. Next...

    Posted by: princely54 | Apr 28, 2010 9:21:42 PM

  3. He is one of the worse actors in Hollywood.Catholic what.His life before Hollywood send him to Hell without redemtion.In Matthews when Jesus is asked "how many times to forgive" He makes it clear 70X7=490.The 491st sin and all after that are unforgivables.Nothing but God is infinte not even forgiveness.All these catholics break the Commandments of food and work and dress in Leviticus and Deutoronimus and think that they are going to go to Heavern.BS.That what all is .Pure BS.

    Posted by: Oscar in Miami Beach | Apr 28, 2010 10:05:59 PM

  4. And what is it, Oscar, with so many Hispanics and Latinos now becoming these anti-Catholic born-again Christian loons?

    Posted by: JT | Apr 28, 2010 10:16:39 PM

  5. Let's not rag too hard on religion; let's not forget that some of the greatest social movements of all time were started in the church. It's the religion that promotes classist, status-quo ends that is misguided and wrong.

    Posted by: James Lavoy | Apr 28, 2010 11:25:27 PM

  6. I was wondering when people like Rascal would come out of the woodwork to defend their straight crushes. Typical. Wahlberg is an asshole who BEAT A MAN WITH A TIRE and left him half blind and still all these pathetic gays were defending him in another thread, and still willing to bury their faces in his buffalo ass. Only now that he's revealed what a homophobe he is, you're all finally willing to criticize him.

    Rascal's straight-worship is disgusting but at least he's consistent about it. He forgave Marky Mark for being a violent criminal and he'll forgive him just as easily for being a homophobe.

    Posted by: AM | Apr 29, 2010 12:29:06 AM

  7. That priest probably had sex with mark when he was a kid.

    Freaking homophobic HYPOCRITE Catholics!

    Posted by: FunMe | Apr 29, 2010 1:18:11 AM

  8. What a fukcin TOOL.
    Ang Lee is a genius.
    Marky mark is an irish meathead.

    Posted by: lakevubud | Apr 29, 2010 1:45:43 AM

  9. @AM

    Your effort to assign me some inane motive for my viewpoint other than that it might actually make intellectual sense is proof of how obtuse you are. If you knew anything at all about what I find appealing you'd know how laughable it is to suggest that I find anything about Wahlberg attractive at all. I agree with every douchebaggish characterization of him posted here, but that is quite beside the point about his freedom to reject participation in that which makes him uncomfortable.

    Posted by: Rascal | Apr 29, 2010 8:44:27 AM

  10. FYI Wahlberg wasn't practicing his faith or consulting his priest at the time in his life when he was doing Boogie Nights. He has had a renewal of his faith in recent years. Maybe you should do some research before you make sweeping generalizations and conclusions that are false.

    Posted by: PFSK2 | Apr 29, 2010 9:23:44 AM

  11. This article post seems to reveal between the lines the work of a publicist, keeping warm something really cold. MW has achieved pretty decent acting credits. Posing as a younger intolerant Mel Gibson isn't going to boost his career. Heath Ledger proved totally that good acting is about strong choices and working hard. Publicity directions like this no matter the forum just make a guy look desperate to keep his face noticed. MW will be perfectly type casted as a dim bulb hunk. Unfortunately, he will continue to be rich and famous for it. Better keep the abs and the ass, though, sagging will definitely not be the way to go.

    Posted by: John D.B. | Apr 29, 2010 10:53:00 AM

  12. Presumably Wahlberg was up for Ledger's role. We owe a debt of thanks to Wahlberg's dipshit priest. Ledger pulled off one of the most incredible on-screen transformations ever, and helped create a moving, iconic film. Wahlberg doesn't deserve to stand in Ledger's shit. Seriously.

    Posted by: romeo | Apr 29, 2010 10:57:14 AM

  13. Considering he jo a friend of mine in a gym in LA (but wouldn't let said friend touch him), think there is more to the issue...

    Posted by: rdg | Apr 29, 2010 10:59:11 AM

  14. Good for Wahlberg! It's nice to see someone in Hollywood applying his faith now and again. Wonder how long the lefty-cooks will tolerate his faith before they black list him.

    Posted by: Lisa | Apr 29, 2010 1:48:03 PM

  15. Mark who?

    Posted by: Bill | Apr 29, 2010 2:25:15 PM

  16. I used to respect him..not so much anymore.

    Posted by: Mark | Apr 29, 2010 7:21:13 PM

  17. Wow! It's interesting to see all the Catholic bashers out in full force this year! BTW, I've never met a pedophile my whole life...since this is the slur du jour. You guys really need to get a tighter hold on your'll eat you alive. I thought this was a conservative blog...not sure I'm interested in this anymore.

    Posted by: Lisa | Apr 30, 2010 12:55:50 AM

  18. 1. ang lee offered HIM this role???!!!!
    2.mark YOU CANT ACT!!!
    3.dont burn the mother f#$%^ bridges that got ya ungrateful ass to where it is
    4.national enquirer.....

    Posted by: sal(yeah yeah) | Apr 30, 2010 2:18:50 AM

  19. All I can say is thank god, because he couldn't act his way out of a wet Kleenex and would have ruined the film. Whereas Heath Ledger delivered the performance of the decade.

    And to Lisa, who couldn't think her way out of a wet Kleenex, how do you know you haven't met a pedophile priest? I mean, it's not like the Church bothers to tell anybody which of their priests are raping kiddies. They just move them from town to town as they get found out.

    If Al Qaeda had raped as many American children as the Catholic Church has, we'd have bombed the entire Middle East flat by now. We blew up the Branch Davidians for doing far less, over a much shorter period of time. The Catholic Church is a tax-exempt version of NAMBLA.

    Posted by: Jacknasty | Apr 30, 2010 4:00:20 AM

  20. Couldn't it be arranged for this very annoying and carefully-closeted homosexual to have an 'accident'?

    Posted by: Mrs Patrick Campbell | May 1, 2010 4:20:27 PM

  21. Didn't Miss Marky murder somebody a while back...and get away with it?


    Posted by: Mrs Patrick Campbell | May 1, 2010 4:21:41 PM

  22. Just stick with your Priest sooner or later some minister is going to be outed.
    Another thing he would not be a good actor playing a top or bottom LOL

    Posted by: Paul | Jun 3, 2010 2:07:04 AM

  23. I love it when a decent person gets you turd tampers all frustrated ROFLOL !

    Posted by: Michael | Mar 24, 2012 7:25:52 AM

  24. Nobody here thinks an actor deserves a moral choice in what roles he takes or does not take?

    Would anyone here want to be in a movie that made gay jokes?

    And if he goes to his priest for moral guidance, is that so incomprehensible?

    I never thought I'd see such a tidal wave of hatred on a website dedicated to acceptance and tolerance.

    Posted by: Andrew | Sep 25, 2013 3:47:18 PM

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